Visible Review: Is This Carrier's $40 Unlimited Plan Too Good to Be True?

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Jan 25, 2019
I live in San Diego on an east facing slope in the shadow of two cell towers. My experience has been over the last 15 years that my 4g/LTE speeds have never been higher than 10-15mbs at best, and only if I stand outside in the fron tyeard. With this said, I need WiFi calling and I can use my AT&T MiFi for about 5mbs when cable is down.

I received my SIM from Visible today (1 day delivery), inserted sim, after installing the app, connected to WiFi and waited for about an hour to completely provision the service. Afterwards here is what I had issues with:

2) Call quality was sufficient but had R2D2 and warbling audio.
3) Texts worked as it should.
4) Ran data tests, could not get a result on FCC TEST app, no networks found.
5) OOKLA app reported no better than 1.5mbps up or down, and twice couldn't locate a network. Also the network found was AT&T not Verizon with Roaming turned on.

So Data was totally unusable and a non-starter.

Bottom-Line in comparison:

1) AT&T MiFi with unlimited 5mbs limits was still faster and more consistent than Visible.
2) GoogleFi was still faster and more consistent than Visible on both the Pixel3xl and my MiFi.
3)Verizon mobile was still better than Visible when we had their service a few years here at the same location.

I understand that your mileage may vary, but don't be afraid to try it demand a cancellation and refund on the same day if you have the same issues I did today. I had better luck with Walmarts MVNO than this one. Period.
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Jan 30, 2019
Thank you for your fine review of Verizon Visible.
Perhaps I missed it but I don't recall in the review any mention that Visible includes a hotspot in their $40 per month plan.
My experience with Visible has been, for the most part, quite satisfactory since I signed up 7 months ago. Apparently the Visible app states that it is good for one electronic device only but frequently I find myself using it on a desktop, laptop and streaming tv (Roku) at the same time. Without a doubt 5mbps is not for everyone. But I find it serves my needs....browsing, email, youtube tv and movies ...just fine. I average close to 300GB of data usage per month. Visible has enabled me to enjoy substantial savings over my now cord cutted I now enjoy hotspot powered internet and Verizon phone service all for 40 bucks a month fees and taxes included.
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