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  1. O

    Verizon note 8 on straight talk won't receive texts ...please help!

    Can't receive texts on my note 8 from Verizon...ported to straight talk. On my 3rd sim card. Voicemail notifications will not show either. All app permissions are checked. Have good service....for the love of all that is good please help!
  2. G

    Verizon's New Anti-Theft Policy Could Be a Pain

    Verizon is taking extra steps to safeguard its devices from theft, though it could inconvenience its customers in the process. Here's what Verizon users should know. Verizon's New Anti-Theft Policy Could Be a Pain : Read more
  3. T

    Will I lose my apps?

    If I change SIM cards, I’ll lose my apps, right?
  4. M

    iPhone 5- AT&T to Verizon?

    My brother gave my mother his old iPhone 5 model md638ll/a that he had with AT&T. I wanted to add that phone to my Verizon account. I called Verizon and they said I can't do it because it's not for use with Verizon service. Is there any way around this?
  5. N

    How does a person sign up for Cellco DBA Verizon at present time?

    I just noticed that almost everyone on my phone contact list has just signed up with Cellco Partership DBA Verizon wireless lately how did they do that?
  6. J

    I get my Sims card to work in my Samsung VK 18 for G from Verizon

    I have a San sung VK 810 for G from Verizon I cannot get the Sims card to working I don't know if I'm doing something wrong I am not tacky at all please help
  7. G

    No Way to Huawei: Verizon Reportedly Joins Phone Ban

    Verizon is reportedly following AT&T's lead in deciding to abandon Huawei smartphones. No Way to Huawei: Verizon Reportedly Joins Phone Ban : Read more
  8. G

    Verizon's BOGO Sale Includes iPhone 8, iPhone X Discounts

    Verizon's new iPhone sale drops the price of the iPhone X to $300, but with a catch. Verizon's BOGO Sale Includes iPhone 8, iPhone X Discounts : Read more
  9. PhilipMichaels

    Testing Firm: T-Mobile Is the 'Operator to Beat'

    T-Mobile put in another strong showing in OpenSignal's latest testing of network performance, winning five of six categories including fastest 4G speeds. Testing Firm: T-Mobile Is the 'Operator to Beat' : Read more
  10. M

    How can I unlock a sim locked Verizon Android

    Can't access a proper network can't receive or make calls just saying searching for services
  11. 8

    Can I use an unlocked Verizon phone on at&t network

    Have an unlocked Verizon device can I activate at&t network on it
  12. H

    Cricket verizon help

    My cricket phone crashed( nothing new).. I have a LG 4g/lte... when I insert my cricket Sim card it allows me to make calls but it won't allow my data access... What do I need to do to get my data working and get my messages and games back on track? Plz help....anyone?
  13. R

    Find out if my Verizon Motorola. gp

    Don't understand what thread is
  14. G

    Verizon Hikes Protection-Plan Premiums, Cuts Deductibles

    Verizon is hiking monthly rates for its Total Mobile Protection plan, but it's not all bad news, as deductibles are taking a dive. Verizon Hikes Protection-Plan Premiums, Cuts Deductibles : Read more
  15. E

    Verizon phone with sprint sim how to get internet connection on my s8+

    Trying to get internet on my Verizon s8+ phone with a sprint sim and sprint service.the sprint phone I had burned up on charger. Sprint tried ##72768# but my phone can make calls and text on sprint service but only internet when Wi-Fi is available
  16. S

    How do i use my verizon sim card on a straight talk LG stylo

    I have a new LG stylo from straight talk it never been used I want to put my Verizon sim card in it
  17. B

    Switching from Cricket to Verizon

    I just saw the new Verizon offers and compared them to Cricket. Cricket is OK on the east coast but the signal in Florida is lousy. I pay Cricket $55 a month and as I read the web page Verizon is $40 for the same setup with a stronger signal. Your thought please Thanks
  18. A

    Why is Verizon still charging me for my daughters ipad

    I still have a high bill please answers me this why are u guys still making me pay for my daughters iPad Apple iPad please respond glacious
  19. G

    Verizon Breakthough Will Supercharge Phones in 2018

    Verizon and Qualcomm are working on a new technology called Massive MIMO that should significantly boost phone speeds in 2018. Verizon Breakthough Will Supercharge Phones in 2018 : Read more
  20. M

    Verizon Galaxy note 4 unlocked can it be used on boost mobile

    Can a Verizon note 4 be unlocked and used on boost mobile network
  21. O

    New unlocked phones on Verizon Towers

    Will a new unlocked moto x4 run on Verizon Towers with Straightalk?
  22. H

    straight talk galaxy grand prime text messages not sending or recieving verizon line how to fix phone?

    Galaxy grand prime text messages not sending or recieving verizon line how do you fix it ?
  23. F

    Fully charged and now unable to turn on my flip phone Verizon.

    It was working fine and now I can’t turn it back on.
  24. I

    Verizon 4G LTE Tab 4 problems suggestions?

    My Verizon 4G LTE Tab 4 will not let me access the menu or even settings. When I power it on it only has one app on it and will not let me click anything else. The hard reset pulls up fine but when I chose “wipe data/factory reset” it will restart my tablet without pulling up the “Yea- delete...
  25. R

    I need a network code from Verizon so I can use my Straight Talk services

    I have a Verizon phone with Straight Talk Services how can I use my Straight Talk with my Verizon phone I need a network code
  26. C

    does anyone actually know how to get verizon off of my samsung galaxy cdma phone with a sim card, but it will no accept codes

    I have a samsung galaxy core prime cdma verizon phone with a sim card. You can not put codes in it, it will not work. It is disconnected from verizon service, would like to get it unlocked to use on another service, all I get are lies and run arounds from samsung and verizon Thanks
  27. G

    If I unlock a gsm phone will it work on verizon

    If I get a unlocked cell phone will it work on the Verizon network?
  28. M

    Samsung photos to LG Phobe

    Trying to transfer photos from deactivated Verizon galaxy J1 to LG phone?
  29. S

    Samsung smart tv and basic Verizon cable

    I hooked my Samsung HD smart tv up to a Verizon basic Fios box. The picture is ugly and in black and white. How do I fix this?
  30. C

    Info on unlocking Verizon phone

    Can I have my Motorola Moto Verizon phone unlocked to use a Pre Paid phone card if I still owe Verizon money for the purchase of my phone? They shut my phone off, but can still use if I am by a place that has Wi-Fi...
  31. C

    Factory unlock Verizon

    My boss paid for the phone and was paying my bill till I ran up a big Bill the phone is paid for and I'm pretty sure he paid it off but not positive another SIM card will work but all you can do is make and receive calls
  32. A

    Solved! how to recover lost data/searches/contacts

    broke ellipsis tablet lg /verizon can i retrieve data from sims card?. Power doesnt stay on very long,
  33. G

    Verizon Is Bringing 5G to Five Cities in 2018

    Verizon is rolling out 5G wireless residential broadband to 5 markets in 2018 using millimeter-wave spectrum, and it's promising "unprecedented" speeds. Verizon Is Bringing 5G to Five Cities in 2018 : Read more
  34. R

    At&t galaxy s7 edge need to unlock it

    At&t galaxy s7 edge can't get at&t to help and Verizon said buy a Verizon one can anyone help I'm having enough trouble truing to root my note 3 model n-900v which is ridiculous
  35. E

    Unlock Verizon phone

    How do I unlock a Verizon phone
  36. S

    Unlocking LG Verizon

    Looking a safe way to unlock my LG
  37. J

    how to unlock my htc destiny from verizon

    i want to unlock my phone so i can use a diffrent carrier on it
  38. J

    Find out code out code for deactivated verizon phone

    Find out code out code for deactivated verizon phone HTC one
  39. B

    Can I take my Verizon Motorola Razor SD card into my new phone to access files? And is it possible to recover deleted mags & p

    Can I use my Motorola Droid SD card in a new phone and access all pics and files? Is it possible to also recover deleted pictures and/or messages?
  40. S

    I was given a brand new Verizon Samsung S5, never used and unlocked. Sprint told me to go to Sprint store and someone there w

    Need Help. Verizon Samsung S5 and Sprint told me over the phone to bring it in, needs Spring Sim Card. G into store and told since it is Verizon Samsung S5, not compatible, but 6's on up are. That true?
  41. C

    Unclaimed funds, need to get an old record for Cellco partnership dba Verizon wireless

    I'm have some Unclaimed Funds from 2007 or 2008. I thought it was with Verizon, but actually it's Cellco partnership dba Verizon wireless. To receive the funds I need proof of residence for that time, however Verizon would be the only proof I have everything else was in my mom's name then since...
  42. L

    when putting my simcard into my new samsung8 a message comes on saying it's not from verizon?

    when putting my simcard into my new samsung8 a message comes on saying it's not from verizon?
  43. T

    Does the new Google Pixel 2, factory unlocked, have a CDMA signal?

    I currently have the Straight Talk service and noticed that Verizon came out with the Google pixel 2. I'm looking at a brand new, factory unlocked, straight from the Google Store Google pixel 2 phone. Does anybody know if this has a CDMA signal so that it will work with Verizon towers? Thank you...
  44. K

    Help with Galaxy s7

    I am having a bit of a problem. I have a Galaxy s7 that was a Verizon phone. It was switched over to Straight Talk. I updated the phones O.S with Samsung's software on my laptop. Phone works great, except if I restart my phone or power it off for any reason, when I turn it back on, I can not...
  45. J

    Verizon HTC ONE M9 phone.

    I have a Verizon HTC ONE M9 phone. I would like to know if it possible to unlock it. Thank´s.
  46. H

    Attempting to add data to a Verizon account. I'm on moto. no help. Any Ideas anyone? OR ADVICE?

    What else can I say. HELP... SLOW SPEED A DATAMARE!
  47. C

    I have a verizon galaxy j3. Can I use my at&t sim

    I have a Samsung galaxy j3 verizon phone , can i use my at&t sim?
  48. T

    I'm still using the old Verizon grandfathered unlimited plan

    I'm still using the old Verizon grandfathered unlimited plan, because I have been thinking that they may raise the prices if/when they offer 5G. The idea is I may get a better deal if I keep my old plan. Does this make sense or not?
  49. G

    Verizon's New Prepaid Family Pricing Still Isn't Cheap

    Verizon's new Prepaid Family Accounts offer discounts on multiple lines, but they're still too expensive compared with the competition. Verizon's New Prepaid Family Pricing Still Isn't Cheap : Read more
  50. M

    Verizon Cloud photo recovery problem

    I and no longer with Verizon and my phone is locked and actually I don't even own that same phone anymore but it lets me download on Google Play Store the Verizon Cloud app and I get to the end and says can't be accessed at this time. And it's been saying that everyday for 5 months does anybody...
  51. S

    Refund not received from Verizon

    I placed a order for new devices and service with Verizon and paid the taxes for both devices but cancelled order before they were shipped yet Verizon is giving me the run-around about my refund
  52. P

    so i have a lg verizon android havent used it in about a year no longer even with verizon simple need the old mobile phone num

    wantin to hook it up for my daughter have the imei number but thats about it any thoughts
  53. S

    How to clear some card verizon

    How to clear sim card
  54. E

    can I unlock my Verizon iPhone from a contract to use as a Verizon prepaid phone, if I still owe money?

    I owe money for my iPhone (device payments) and for the stupid contract I was on. can I take my iPhone and use it as a prepaid now? or is it just now possible since I owe Verizon money?
  55. J

    Channel button changing volume on sound bar?

    So I know this is going to seem odd but my Verizon remote is changing the volume on my new sound bar. The problem is that it's not with the volume button. Its with random other buttons like the skip forward and the channel buttons. I Have tried to reset the remote but it still affects the...
  56. I

    see about an sd card

    where can i go to see if my verizon phone has an sd card already installed
  57. C

    Unlock my Verizon tablet

    How do I unlock my Verizon tablet to a work with any carrier SIM card I have an AT&T SIM card I need to put in the tablet so I can use it