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  1. P

    Unlock Moto e5 cricket to verizon

    Need to unlock my cricket Moto e5 cruise and use on verizon
  2. S

    Will AT&T sim work in 4g lte tablet?

    i have a Verizon 4g lte tab, and an AT&T SIM card. Will this tab work w the sim?
  3. M

    How do I watch games outside my network area with Verizon NFL app?

    How do I watch games outside my network area with Verizon NFL app? I don't want to watch the local team, my favorite team is in another state.
  4. J

    Verizon phone to straight talk

    I am currently on Verizon plan. Can I use my galaxy s7 fot straight talk prepaid
  5. F

    Straight talk question

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6, it was purchased through Verizon. I upgraded a few times and now have an 8. The 6 is paid off, longtime ago. Do I still need to call Verizon to have them unlock it? Also does it have a removable sim card?
  6. K

    Straighttalk phone to verizon phone transfer...

    My brother has a Samsung Galaxy S7 on verizon and is planning to upgrade. I have a Samsung galaxy S3 on straighttalk and would like to use his versus pay more money. How would I (if possible) go about transferring my phone account to his old one? Thanks.
  7. L

    LG old Verizon flip phone

    Bought new Samsung flip phone and old lg flip phone is shut off. How do I take pictures out of the old phone onto desk top Pc. Verizon said they could’nt do lt. Pluggeg phone in Pc and it said the driver can’t be found!
  8. L

    How to ativate a simple card on a trec phone

    Activate a tracphone with a Verizon SIM card
  9. D

    Block outgoing texts Verizon

    How do you block out going texts on Verizon?
  10. H

    Verizon Android cannot receive MMS from T-Mobile users

    I have been having an extremely odd problem with my phone and I'm at a loss after countless hours of troubleshooting and no resolution from support on either sides. For as long as I can remember, I have been unable to receive MMS messages (group and picture) from anyone on T-Mobile. Calls and...
  11. E

    better service carrier

    I live in Hull MA and have Verizon Cell Phone Service. I am been having problems with dropped calls. There support said that I needed a Signal Extender at my home with a cost to me of $250 along with that I would have to have computer service in the home . Is there any other carrier that I...
  12. D

    Network unlock Verizon galaxy s3 and use my Obama gov. SIM card with assurance wireless

    I ave a california life line (Obama) free phone thru assurance wireless would like to use the SIM card in a Verizon galaxy s3 phone how can I switch the network
  13. T

    Unlock Verizon phone

    How do I unlock a LG Verizon 4gLte phone.
  14. C

    Unlocking iPhone 6plus

    I have a Verizon iphone6 plus that i purchsed through verizon a while ago. I switched it to straight talk. After a while i got off straight talk and want to go back to Verizon but straight talk has a lock on it and won't release it. Is there a way to unlock my phone?
  15. N

    My phone service is off, now heading to collections. Is there a way I can add my phone to someone’s current Verizon contrac

    My phone service is off, now heading to collections. Is there a way I can add my phone to someone’s current Verizon contract?
  16. S

    Was sent Samsung 4G LTE and it does not allow me to use any sim that we have in Ghana's

    Looking for solutions to help me use another sim apart from the Verizon sim
  17. F

    How do I connect my Verizon LG phone to my gateway plasma tv that isn't a smart tv

    My tv isn't a smart tv how do I use my phone which is a Verizon LG to stream movies. I'm not that computer Davy.
  18. R

    Tablet Unlocking codes

    Need to unlock my Asus tablet from Verizon .it has sim card with phone number. Also have a Moto Z Force I'd like to use on a different network plan.
  19. A

    S5 Verizon phone, with a At&t Straight Talk Sim, Coverage is Great

    I have an S5 Verison phone, with an At&t Straight Talk Sim in it, I have better service than my husband who has an At&t phone with Straight Talk At&t Sim in it. Question is WHY do I have BETTER service than he does?
  20. D

    Same thing as above, I tried calling a number and got that “welcome to Verizon wireless the number has calling that prevent

    Tried call my friend and got the “Welcome to Verizon wireless the number u dial has calling restrictions that prevents to completion of your call. So I used s friends phone and got the same message. What is going on?
  21. J

    What apn setting do I change to get Verizon iPhone as a1662 to work on simple mobile

    I have Verizon iPhone se a1662 trying to get apn setting to work on simple mobile
  22. S

    Verizon caller restrictions

    I have a friend who is in the Army and everytime I call I get a welcome to Verizon message that says this caller has restrictions on his phone. We have been friends for a very long time and I know he would not block me. I am really starting to worry about this friend I have not been able to...
  23. C

    Will my simple mobile hot spot work on a verizon note 4

    My simple mobile hot spot keeps stopping on my verzion note 4
  24. P

    How can I retrieve my photos from my previous phone? They were supposedly transferred in the Verizon store where I got th ed p

    Cloud-photo transfer/backup. How can I do this on my own. I'm already logged in to the Google cloud.
  25. PhilipMichaels

    How to Buy the Budget-Friendly Moto G6

    Motorola's midrange phone goes on sale at Verizon, where it will cost $249. How to Buy the Budget-Friendly Moto G6 : Read more
  26. M

    Can I use same number on 2 active phones at the same time? One phone on Verizon and one phone on straight talk

    Looking for Information on same cell number on two active phones on different Networks
  27. F

    Im getting the welcome to Verizon restriction. Message from every phone i use what does this mean

    I'm getting the welcome to Verizon calling restriction Message from every phone i use what foes this mean
  28. O

    Solved! Switching from Verizon to Boost

    I have a Verizon ellipsis 8 tablet with no SIM card...can I put in a Boost SIM card since I have boost phone service
  29. L

    I'm trying to activate my sprint phone on my Verizon. It already say they were compatitable

    I'm switching my cracked Note 5 for Sprint Galaxy s6
  30. E

    Unlocking lt gt4

    I cannot remember the password for my Verizon Motorola G4
  31. N

    My laptop does not list hotspot in available networks

    My laptop can't connect to hotspot (Verizon). First I could see the hotspot in the list of available networks. Signal strength 100% since the phone was right next to the laptop. But it would not connect. Other devices like my tablet are connected and work fine. I restarted the laptop, restarted...
  32. T

    Solved! I have a Simple Mobile sim but for a Verizon Wireless S5, how can I get it to work?

    I had purchased a cheap Simple Mobile phone when I lost my Verizon Phone. Now that I found it, S5, I want the Simple Mobile plan, but on the Verizon phone. What are the steps to get past the "not a Verizon Wireless sim" screen notification? I need my good phone!
  33. K

    Verizon phone number/sim to Boost Phone

    I had a prepaid verizon iPhone 5s until the iphone 5s broke and I bought a Boost mobile phone will I be able to have boost switch my phone number to this new phone?
  34. B

    Trac phone broke have a new Verizon need contacts from Trac phone

    Trac phone broke got a Verizon need all contacts transferred into Verizon from Trac phone
  35. G

    Save $300 on the Best Android Phones at Verizon

    You can save on the Pixel 2, Galaxy S9+ and Note 8 without having to trade-in your current phone. Save $300 on the Best Android Phones at Verizon : Read more
  36. M

    Solved! help with switching phone carrier

    i just bought a motoe4 off and i thought it was a verizon wireless prepaid device but when i received it, it was through US cellular. Can i switch that phone over to verizon
  37. C

    Android Software won't update with RedPocket service!!?? Help!

    I am currently using an LG G5 phone (which is unlocked, and was previously used on the Verizon network), and my carrier is RedPocket Mobile. I've had the service for months now, but Android has yet to update. I checked the version of Android on the phone, and it is only Android v 6.0.1. When I...
  38. T

    hello every body

    Có bao giờ bạn tò mò tính cách cũng như con đường tương lai qua dáng lông mày của mình? Chúng ta đều biết lông mày là một bộ phận của gương mặt. Trong nhân tướng học, thông qua hình dáng của lông mày, có thể dự đoán vận mệnh của người đó. Lông mày có xoáy là một trong những dáng lông mày thường...
  39. N

    Network unlock Verizon Motorola

    How do I network unlock verizon Motorola g4?
  40. G

    Verizon Is Taking 50 Percent Off iPhone X, Galaxy S9

    Verizon's latest smartphone sale has one major catch. Here's what you need to know. Verizon Is Taking 50 Percent Off iPhone X, Galaxy S9 : Read more
  41. J

    Verizon to At&t

    I have a verizon galaxy that was gave to me but I have a att chip how do I unlock the phone for any carrier
  42. S

    Solved! remove photos from Samsung SM-B311V phone

    I would like to take the pictures of my DEAD FATHER off the crapy Verizon Samsung flip phone model number SM-B311V how can I do this as I want to include the pictures of our last trip together in a memorial slideshow?
  43. N

    Why when I try to challenge my friends it tells me my friends have to update to Verizon phone

    When I try to challenge my friends it tells me they need to update Verizon phone how do I get past that so I can challenge my friends and still play my game
  44. L


    How to get passed sim Puk locked on Samsung note 4 by verizon and need cell number how can i get it from same phone?
  45. L

    Solved! Can i see a picture on how to put a sim and sd card in my LG tabet

    Verizon. LG vk810 4G tabet i need to drr s picture were thr sim andSD card go
  46. PhilipMichaels

    Prepaid vs. Postpaid Phone Service: What's Better for You?

    While the line between prepaid and postpaid phone service is blurring, some differences remain. Here's what you need to know. Prepaid vs. Postpaid Phone Service: What's Better for You? : Read more
  47. G

    Whoops! Samsung Made This Major Galaxy S9 Mistake

    If you ordered a Sprint Galaxy S9 from Samsung, there's a chance you got the wrong SIM card. Whoops! Samsung Made This Major Galaxy S9 Mistake : Read more
  48. D

    Problems with Boost/Sprint

    I've been with Boost for the last 6 years after trying at&t, us cellular, straight talk/verizon, and virgin mobile. I'm in a rural area and due to my specific location I'm in a dead zone when it comes to at&t and straight talk/verizon, when it comes to internet. After 6 years of great service...
  49. K

    Can I swap the mainboard between AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S6 GM920 variants?

    I have a completely broken LCD/Digitizer on an AT&T SM-G920A with photos I'd like to recover. I acquired the Verizon variant, (SM-G920V) of what I believe to be the same exact model S6 in "Black Saphire." I was wondering, rather than remove the screen assembly from the new SM-G920V, and try...
  50. B

    Switch to virgin mobile

    I have a Verizon galaxy tab can I switch to virgin mobile
  51. T

    Unlock verizon k20v

    Unlock for metropcs
  52. L

    how to get the correct letter when texting (abc); wanting b

    I am trying to text on my flip phone (LG) from verizon . How do I get the letter "b" when texting from the (ABC) button on phone??
  53. D

    how to get an unlock code for a legally owned verizon lg lte phone

    I want to use a different carrier and need to unlock the Verizon service first, unlocking services don't have it !!
  54. T

    Verizon Galaxy S5

    I would like to know how to unlock my Galaxy S5 from Verizon so I can use it with metro pcs
  55. E

    Emergency LTE data on Verizon?

    I’ve been searching for this over the last couple years with no luck. The goal: backup access to LTE data on the Verizon network (or possibly AT&T), used very infrequently (once every few months). Example: I’m heading to the Black Hills National Forest in June, will be there for a week. My cell...
  56. I

    My lg is requesting Verizon sin card

    My lg vs870 is requesting Verizon sim card
  57. J

    My motorola moto g4 cannot be reactivation by Verizon after I, unsuccessfully, attempted to switch to straight talk. What to d

    I bought an unlocked Motorola moto g4 from Best Buy about 9 months ago. I had prepaid Verizon service on it for a while, but then let my service lapse for about 4 months. After verifying my phone's compatibility with Straight Talk, I attempted a few days ago to activate service with a bring your...
  58. Y

    My phone moto g play is showing that my sim card is not from verizon wirelesa

    My moto g play is showing that sim card is not from verizon wirless