Android Verizon LG G3 done for?

Oct 8, 2018
I have a LG G3 Android cell phone (Verizon about 5yrs old).

I've only had a problem with the phone getting hot while CHARGING in the car. I had used a charging cable (not original Verizon) & the phone started to get hot. (about a year ago)

I recently used a "fake" cable & the same, in fact trying to get directions from Waze was impossible, as the phone couldn't keep up the charge to the directions.

I just went to Walmxxx, & the employee checked & gave me the correct generic cord for charging. I tried it in the car, & yes it charged but was hot on the plug & the phone.

In my house I have been using a generic cord 2a, as opposed to the 1.8a Verizon. Been using this for at least a year. No problems, charging in the house. So I decided to get another one to put in the car to use to charge.

Just back from a trip, I took the new white 2a cord. (this is the same as the 2a cord I've been charging phone with in the house for a year) I plugged the cord into the car to charge the phone. The phone was getting hot, so I unplugged. The phone was then dead, wouldn't turn on. I pulled off the back, & pulled the battery & re-installed. That worked until I put the back of the case back on, it shut the phone off, & wouldn't restart.

I was able to charge with wall charger with the back of the phone OFF in about 8 -15 min increments, before it shut off or, got hot. The phone ended up just never coming on or taking a charge.

I also tried several times, (once the phone was on), to put the back of the case on, as soon as I did, the phone shut off.

Now that I'm home. I've been reading on here. I pulled the teeth out, that worked, phone came on & shut off shortly afterwards. I held down the power & down volume, same worked short term.
Plugged in to computer to charge, sometimes it vibrates like it is charging, other times nothing.
( I had a 25% charge, then got up to 34%, but now I can't get far enough powered on to see).

On the back of the phone, the battery is warm, more so across the top of it, the power button is a bit warmer, the sim card holder warmer (to the right of power button & above right of battery) & the hottest part is above left of battery, there are 2 sets of gold pegs sticking out from the black plastic part of the phone.

If I need a new battery fine, if I need a new ORIGINAL charging cable fine, or ugh I may need a new phone. Just don't want to spend money on battery & cable for nothing, cause you can't return.

New battery? & or New charging cable?


New Phone?

thank you!

p.s. I think this all stems from car charging, & not using an original Verizon cable? cause all 3 times I've tried charging in car (w/different cords) it's gotten hot. So I just quit trying charging in the car. Any answers for this as well?
Oct 8, 2018
Thanks for the reply. No smell, battery not swollen. Put new battery in, tried new ac adapter, new charging cable. Plugged into computer. Same results every time. Either nothing, or a vibration. (doesn't matter if ploughed into computer or wall charger). IF I can get the phone to turn on, its on for about 16 seconds. Shows the LG logo, but never makes it to my home page. It has a charge of 68%.

Guess the phone is toast
Oct 8, 2018
Just a FYI, while researching on my phones problem, I believe it could be a "bricked phone". I also found a person/business on eBay that has a JTAG device to do diagnostics on a variety of phones. Prices were very good, & great reviews. I'm not affiliated with this in any way, I'm just throwing an option out there for others. I couldn't get some stuff off/out of my phone, but just finally did tonite. Otherwise my phone was heading his way.
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