Question i want password for bios.exe bios file for acer 0722 laptop downloaded from acers official website?

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Jul 15, 2021
I own a acer aspire one 722 laptop and i am facing battery 0% charging issue on it. After watching lot of youtube videos i realized that flashing bios is my last resort.
Unfortunately when i downloaded bios zip file from acers official driver page they provided 2 choices:
1). Dos
2). Windows > bios.exe file
i already tried flashing using their windows pile .exe installer
and my problem is still not solved so i tried to extract that .exe file which is asking password to extract its content while in youtube video person had different acer laptop but similar installer .exe file which he was able to extract without password. So is there any way i can unzip this file and why would acer put password on bios flasher .exe?
Offcourse i understand acer themselves locked the bios file so people dont get hands on it but still i want to.
i am attaching the images of the .exe file its for insiyde bios i guess.


and this is the driver page for acer a0722 laptop


Your only hope is to get the password from Acer. No one here can assist you with this matter.

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