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    My Acer Laptop was stuck on the logo after the automatic windows auto update.

    My Acer Laptop was stuck on the logo after the windows auto update. My laptop was running slow so I decided to reformat it and was changed from windows 7 to windows 10. As I am using during my work time, it suddenly shut down and there's an automatic update. And there it was already stuck on the...
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    New Acer laptop shutting down unvolentarily after 30 mins. what do i do?

    My (Practically brand new) Acer E1 laptop, is shutting down almost exactly 30 minutes, even in the BIOS menu. I have ruled out that it is not being caused by over heating, and it is not a bad stick of RAM either, nor is it a virus. The laptop is running Windows 8.1. It has been doing this ever...
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    WINDOWS 8.1 Not Responding

    Hi. my laptop was working normally. upon rebooting it, it displays the log in plane allowing me to enter the password and username. thereafter, it indicates 'please wait', which is subsequently followed by 'windows not responding'. please help coz this problem has made me to delay in delivery of...
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    how can I fix it

    Some of my keyboard are not working,others are not working right if press y it show z and the @ is not working