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  1. G

    Solved! Trackpad doesn't work after unplugging mouse

    Hi, I have been using an Amazon mouse with my new GS65 Win 10 Home laptop and whenever I unplug the mouse the trackpad doesn't work. Also, is there a setting somewhere that will smooth the pixels of movies on Netflix? I rewatched Good Will Hunting just now and the image was made up of square...
  2. K

    How to blanket decompress an entire hard drive with mixed compressed and uncompressed files

    Hi Everyone, I think I've got a computer virus that compresses things against my will and I was wondering if someone on this forum could help. TLDR at bottom :) I first noticed when media files (youtube videos, Amazon radio, offline WAV, mp3 and mp4 files) would not play back correctly. When I...
  3. D

    Solved! DTS-HD master is?

    DTS-HD master is? A. An audio compression file format B.Discrete Fourier Transform. C.Dependent Function Treaceability. D.None of the option please which of this correct?
  4. T

    Need help compressing a 256 GB video

    I made this video for school and it ended being over 25 minutes long with close to 300 pictures. The total size of it 256 GB and I can't upload it to YouTube despite being verified. I am not sure how to compress it. Any help or software suggestions would be greatly appreciated Some background...
  5. A

    Looking for a USB/ethernet camera that gives raw unompressed images (not necessarily footage)

    Hi Most webcams compress their video feed onboard or at the driver level. This means that they can't give an uncompressed image, even a still. I don't necessarily need a video feed, but I need maximum detail from some monitoring cameras I plan to set up. My question is: Does anyone know of...
  6. B

    How to uncompress video

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a software to uncompress mp4 video for my short films? I’m very frustrated with the compression, some areas of the video is blocky and pixelated and no, its not digital noise. I use Wondershare filmora as the editing software and a Panasonic g7 Incase that...
  7. ebmurray21

    programmes to create/edit .gif

    I want to create and edit gifs, could someone please recommend me free programs to do this with. I would also like the programs to be able to compress the files. I'm a bit of a newbie if you haven't guessed already. Cheers!
  8. G

    I have a WinRar Password issue for any contenders. Be warned of futility!

    All right, ready for some fun? TL;DR You need to read this to understand my situation, sorry not sorry :p A few months ago, I hid a txt file within a picture thanks to a CMD (there's a ton of guides online, not the issue). It worked well, and to see the file I had to add the picture to an...
  9. po6pwn

    How to compress a large number of photos

    I've accumulated a lot of photos over the years on my HDD. Most of these are backups from my phone. I have literally 1000's of photos which I don't really want to delete. How can i compress these photos efficiently so they take up as less space as possible. I don't really need the photos but...
  10. H

    PCM and Bitstream: Which is more common?

    Hi everyone. I have been doing some research for a dissertation I've been writing, trying to find out whether surround sound will ever take over and become more common compared to stereo systems for gaming. I've been looking into audio formats used for surround sound and by far, it seems that...
  11. tojonegi

    Compress an already compressed pdf file?

    Hello everyone :) I just finished making my portfolio. And it has about 36 pages, so 36 different psd files. I went on to export them all as JPGs at level 6 medium quality. (the cumulative size of all pictures were about 45 mb. Then I used Photoshop again, to compile those pictures in a PDF...
  12. SyncroScales

    WinRAR, WinZip, etc. Which program?

    Hi. I don't know which forum to place this in. I am considering buying WinRAR. I was wondering if there is another program or a freeware/open-sourced software program that does the same thing. Pay or free. I am mostly using these programs for opening and uncompressing files. There are times...
  13. S

    doubt about transform................

    Many hardware architecture transform cores are designed to support mpeg1/2/4 ,vc-1,AVC,AVS standards etc.These standards(MPEG1/2/4,VC-1,AVC,AVS) are already video compression format.i have the doubt for what purpose these transform core design used for? Is this transform used for again...
  14. ZenShredder

    HD Video Being Compressed & Causing Artifacts

    Hello, so recently I did a clean install on my laptop of Windows 8.1 onto a WD Black 2 drive. After finally getting everything set up and good to go, I've ran into a major issue that I've never had problems with and have no idea where to begin on fixing. Before I jump into this, here's my specs...
  15. Wayfall

    Compressing Frap videos

    Hello I have recorded a few of my lets play Dishonored videos for my new youtube Channel but 15 minutes of game-play set at half size at is 5-6gbs. Youtube takes 4 hours just for one to upload due to the size and my internet speed, i'm lucky to get 3-5mb/s. Could you recommend a program that...
  16. T

    Acronis true image back up question.

    Hi. recently backed up my 2 separate 500gig hdds (running in my main pc, one system and apps and the other data) using acronis true image 2014, I backed up to a single 1tb drive and I choose the normal default compression level. I wanted to check if I have done everything correctly before I...
  17. P

    MP3 "lossy" compression algorithm doubt

    Hi everyone, I just had a doubt about the .mp3 compression method. I know that when you compress a raw sound file, like a .wav, with the mp3 algorithm, some chunks of data are discarded. (It may sound kinda stupid), i.e when you convert an mp3 file to a wav file, it will not have the same...
  18. goku1234567890

    Best compression program!!!

    Can anybody suggest me the best compression program there is. I have a lot of files and personal data which i converted into a .iso file and deleted the original data. Now my space is filling up so i need to compress that .iso file. I heard about KGB achiever but it does not compress files...
  19. K

    How do I find out the details (bits / compression) on a TGA (Targa) image file?

    I need to find out if a *.TGA (Targa) file I have is 16, 24 or 32 Bit and wether it's uncompressed or compressed (RLE). I was told that information is available in Windows by right-clicking the file and choosing Properties, but I don't see those details. On "General" tab I see only the...
  20. viveknayyar007

    PC Turns Off Automatically after Compressing through WinRAR

    Well!! If you are facing such issue, believe me it is not actually an issue. In fact it is one of the configuration options that WinRAR has. This option has been made available in WinRAR in order to allow the users to sleep sound if they have initiated a lengthy compression process, and are...
  21. viveknayyar007

    WinRAR Takes More than Usual Time to Compress

    Although there are several other compression applications available out there on the Internet that are easy to use and have efficient approach when it comes to compressing the contents professionally, WinRAR is the one that is still most commonly used by both home users and incorporate...
  22. viveknayyar007

    Original Files Are Automatically Deleted after Compressing through WinRAR

    WinRAR is a software application that is highly in demand nowadays. Although there are several other file compressors available in the market, WinRAR is the one that is still used by most end-users due to its easy-to-use interface and various compression methods that the application provides...
  23. S

    Best compression software

    I'm trying to compress a game worth 30 GB but i can't seem to find really good compression tools which can reduce the size as much so that i can upload the file...any ideas/methods/softwares that might help me out?
  24. ECaarnage

    Compressing Dxtory Videos and Best way to Send to others

    Hi I would just like to know the best way for my friends to compress their clips from Dxtory, which are about 28GB or more for 8 mins of footage. I was thinking of getting a cloud storage and getting them to upload it to the cloud storage. But clips that size are just too big. How could I get my...
  25. MajinCry

    Program to split AND name 8192x8192 .raw(16bit) Or even .tiff

    Alright, here it goes. Lookin' for a program that can split a .tiff file (No compression = No loss in quality) into segments. The file in question is a 8192x8192 heightmap in .raw 16bit format, but am willing to convert it to a .tiff, then convert the resulting pieces back into .raw using...
  26. B

    LA3a tech help needed

    I have an LA-#A Urei that doesn't have a bias pot. T4B was bad. Replaced several 10uf caps and now my bias voltage is at 23 volts. Before changing caps it was at 13.5. Also when I turned the limit pot all the way up, the meter would peg and I would get a bunch of hum. The unit is passing signal...
  27. MaxSoyer

    How does the compression work ?

    hay how does the compression work ? i mean when we compress a file .. why it gets smaller in size ? what really happen to the files ? :??:
  28. Z

    Best Video Compression Options for Tablets

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone can recommend me a software (paid or free) for the best available video compression for tablets. 32 - 64 gigs is not a lot of room so I'm looking to maximize my storage realestate without sacrificing too much video quality (I don't need 1080p on a 10 inch...
  29. squareenixx

    Rar archive compression

    So I downloaded a rar file which was 699mb and I extracted it out and it was only 636mb. Within the Archive is a folder with a lot of .png's So then I compressed it myself to see if it would got up but it didn't it stayed exactly at 636mb. So what is happening was it just that someone was...
  30. 1

    Hypercam compression

    When I make a recording with Hypercam and latter play the recording with VLC media player I get this message - No suitable decoder module, VLC does not support the audio or vidio format "undf". What does this mean and how can I fix it. Thanks Ron
  31. P

    Super Maximum and extreme compression software tools

    Super Maximum and extreme compression software tools Super Maximum and extreme compression software tools I have created a backup of my Hard disk partition of 60 GB upto maximum through Norton Ghost i have many other PCs on the network whom i want to take images of. I used notron ghost 10.0...
  32. E

    Multi movie compression software

    I know there is software in the Phillippines that will compress 12-15 movies on one disc Is there a program that will do that here? Thank you
  33. Tamz_msc

    Best Compression software?

    What do you guys think is the best compression tool?I use 7-zip and find it pretty good.
  34. P

    Need help with Hypercam 2 and video compression.

    Hi. I recently decided to use Hypercam 2 and while by itself the video quality isn't too good. I heard that using xvid video compression would increase the quality to that of fraps. So I downloaded the codec and installed it, yet I have no idea where to go from here. It didn't automatically show...
  35. Blckhaze

    Best compression software for video?

    Hi, Fraps video recorder is making 3gb video files for every 90 seconds on adverage. I'd like to be able to have a 10 minute video at 100mb roughly, at the highest quality video and sound possible. Can anyone tell me the best compression software to pick up? Free or for purchase under $100.00...
  36. G

    Electronic drums kick distroting the mains

    Hello, We are running our electronic roland drum module straight in to the pa and you can't get the kick drum sound to a decent level before it begins distorting and we are not clipping at the board ? Any ideas ? Active direct boxes, compression, preamp anything.
  37. C

    Norton Ghost 14

    I got Ghost 14, and it is backing up my C drive under windows mode!?!? When I used Ghost 8.3, I must go to DOS to backup, because you can access all the files then. But how can Ghost 14 just back my drive up when I'm using Windows??? If I back this up, and restore it later, it is like...
  38. R

    7-Zip very slow

    I've upgraded to a Intel E6400 system recently. Overall the computer runs great. However, the compression program I like, 7-Zip, totally sucks on it. The average decompression speed is 3300Kbps. My old P4 3.06GHz averaged 13-18Mbps. I'm using the latest version of 7-Zip and have the newest...
  39. G

    Directv's new satellite questions

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Directv is launching two more satellites in 2007. A satellite Directv just launched is supposed to be operational this fall. At some point, Directv is supposed to be moving from an MPEG2 compression technology to and MPEG4 compression...
  40. G

    Mpeg4.. what cameras?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Are there any other cameras besides Olympus C-770 that has mpeg-4 video compression available ..? (in the same price range :)
  41. G

    Reduce the high image compression in Kodak DX6490 camera

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Is there any way to reduce the high image compression in Kodak DX6490 camera. - Sanjay
  42. G

    Passive crossovers and speaker impedance

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi, what would be the likely effect of someone having replaced a 4 ohm bass driver with an 8 ohm one in a 2 way 4 ohm passive crossover speaker? Specifically, this is a Peavey (sorry about that) 1 x 15 plus compression driver box where the...
  43. G

    Help! nasty clicks and pops during digital recording

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi, Here's my problem: whenver I record vocals to a digital medium, I always get these annoying artifacts - clicks and pops. AAARGH! They seem to occur especially around "f" and "v" sounds. Here's what I've tried with no luck: - recording...
  44. R

    Compression question

    Archived from groups: (More info?) My Oly 5060 has a set of the somewhat usual Raw, TIFF, SHQ, HQ, SQ1, and SQ2 options. Here's my question: Why would SQ1 1600x1200 in the high as opposed to the normal position turn out larger files than my usual setting 2592x1944 in the...
  45. B

    That Radio Sound - Compression & Limiting

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I don't know whether I'm asking for something you folks consider industry trade secrets, but could somebody explain to me how that big, boomy, bright, full "radio sound" is achieved? My ears love uncompressed music as much as the next...
  46. G

    Drum submix compression

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Please give me a few basic guidelines about drum compression. I am primarily a live sound engineer but alot of bands ask me to me to record them because they are happy with the live mix. I've got an indie-rock session and I am most likely going...
  47. G

    Memory compression

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I have a Dell Axim X5 with Windows Mobile 2002 and I need to free space. The available memory space seems to lessen although I have deleted files. I think the databases need to be be decompressed to save the necessary space. Is...
  48. H

    Converting MPEG

    HI I have an MPEG at 1.5Gb and want to try and find a way to put on a typical 700Mb CD-Rom. Is there any compression software to do this or is there another Format like AVI i can convert the MPEG to and then Compress? Thanx
  49. S

    11 times compression & almost perfect quality!?!

    I read the review of Divx 5.0 and enjoyed it, though I still can't get my head around the suggestion that a DVD can be ripped and compressed almost 11x without losing quality! How is this done? The smallest I've managed to get a movie (112 mins) is 1.4Gb, and even then the quality wasn't that...
  50. S

    Compressing avi files

    Hi guys, first off I'll just say that I know very little about various compression techniques for video files. That said, I need a way of compressing an avi files into a smaller format (mpeg2 or DivX?). I need to be able to do it with a shareware or freeware program, and I would prefer a loss...
  51. G

    What fromat???

    Hi. I want to transfer all my old video8, hi8 and Digital8 tapes to standard CD medium. I will get a new system for to do the job, but I want to know which format will get me the best compression -- I understand that Mpeg4 -- if done properly is the best compression. I also want to be able to...
  52. M


    I'm just getting into video capture and am totally confused by all different formats/ compression etc.Anyone know a good site in layman's English please?