Super Maximum and extreme compression software tools

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Oct 17, 2010
Super Maximum and extreme compression software tools

Super Maximum and extreme compression software tools
I have created a backup of my Hard disk partition of 60 GB upto maximum through Norton Ghost i have many other PCs on the network whom i want to take images of.

I used notron ghost 10.0 which on its maximum compression created an image file of "18Gb" of a 60 GB backup drive whose used space is 38 GB No my problem is that i have such 30 pc on my network and i want to make the image of the main partition to a External media so that its safe for life time but maximum a DVD size is of 8 gb so i wanted it to compress it to maximum 7-8 gb

I tried rar winzip but it dont compressed it

!!!!hUREEY WHAT WAS THAT!!! 9mb TO 3GB super compressed file

I had downloaded a Multi Windows Installation dvd from a torrent from a website whose size was 9 mb when i downloaded i found an rar file in compression when i extracted it rar took 30-50 minutes to uncompressed it and it extracted resulted a 3.9 GB ISO image file form it when i witted a dvd the file was ok and intact i dont know which software it was compressed from On the torrent it was written its super compressed.

1. Can any one tell such software which can super compress the file or tricks through which i can compress
2. can any one tell me tools utilities which can take snapshot or create images of Hard disk partition in minimum size
3. Any Backup utility that can create a auto back cd dvd and a partition can be recovered automatically just by booting the cd


Aug 21, 2009
Firstly, that torrent is likely a fake. There is no compression algorithm that can compress 3.9 GB of unique data down to 9 MB. I really doubt that windows iso you downloaded is legitimate.


No-one in their right mind would create unique images of 30 computers. You create one image that you can use on the computers and just backup the files off the other computers. If you have 30 computers on the network you should be using centralized storeage of user files, and backing up the user files that way.

For drive images, I have never seen any software that compressed more than 2:1


Nov 23, 2009
Its true. I had an file which was something around 4MB.. extracted to something like 4.5GB. I think it was a Prince of Persia: Two Thrones image. Got it from a friend.

The only thing i know of that can do such a compression is KGB Archiver. But most of the time corrupts the archive because of the extreme compression. Give it a shot.
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