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  1. M

    How can I unlock Toshiba laptop forgot password

    How can I unlock laptop Toshiba I forgot password
  2. Y

    Forgot password of my s2

    Restarted my galaxy tab s2, to find I had forgotten my pattern lock. I cant hard reset since I restarted and can't power off without passcode. Any help?
  3. C

    Forgot password. I dont remember

    I forgot my password, I don't use my tablet for the last 6 months.
  4. A

    Help Forgot password

    I forgot my password to my Dell Vostro desktop, because i haven't used it in awhile, how can i get in it?
  5. M

    Forgot password I lose phone

    I have lost my phone and forgot my Facebook password
  6. J

    Laptop Locked bios

    How can I reset my bios in a 2530hp laptop. I forgot password now unable to to change is. Plz help
  7. M

    Bypass Google account

    How to bypass Google account when forgot password to it. On a ZTE z899vl
  8. M

    how to disable safe mode from androids phones when forgot password

    I found an android phone on my way home one afternoon, i checked and there was no sim card inside, safe mode was activated and also it has a password. I could not access the password of the phone and was told to try again after sixty minutes which is one hour. Right now i'm really struggling...
  9. F

    Can’t get into laptop,forgot password

    Open laptop and enter wrong password , can’t get pass this stage just keeps asking for password
  10. R

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Just found it after about a year of looking for it. I do not remember the password for it. I n

    Forgot cell service....need pictures
  11. A

    How change Facebook password without email

    I forgot password my Facebook account What i have to do
  12. L

    forgot password for voicemail

    forgot password for voice mail, how do I get a new one
  13. D

    Got new phone and used old number but can't login because I forgot password

    Can't login to Facebook on new phone. I have the same number but forgot password but fb won't recognize number
  14. S

    Factory reset toshiba cm-2 laptop satellite a200

    holding o does nothing but beep. Forgot password and are locked out, no disks either
  15. R

    Forgot my password. How do I get into me hp laptop?

    Forgot password for my laptop. How do I get in?
  16. N

    Unlocking Bitlocker enabled drive

    My laptop had Windows 10 upgraded from Windows 7. It was hit by a virus named Ransom. By the time I tried defending the Ransom virus, it had encrypted the C: and D: drives. I had reformat the entire hard disk and install Windows 7 as the OS. The external hard disk is bitlocker enabled. Earlier...
  17. J

    how do I find my lg stylo 3 and I'm locked out ta my google account

    How do find my lost lg stylo 3 when I'm locked out ta Google account forgot password Battery is charged I think I left it on top of customers car
  18. C

    Forgot password how can I get into my lap top with out it

    Password I had does not work, in order to get in keeps telling me to put in disk or usb to redo the password,
  19. M

    Huawei P9 Lite-forgot password, how to unlock safe file

    Keyed in correct security prompt repeatedly but rejected each time, that it is in error - how else can I unlock or reset password?
  20. K

    Lost passcode cant get in my phone what can i do

    Forgot password cant get in phone what do i do
  21. D

    Reset password rca cambio notebook

    forgot password and need to reset it
  22. M

    Forgot password, no disk space to reset

    Forgot windows password,not enough space to reset to factory settings. Help
  23. R

    Forgot password in Excel 2013

    Hi guys, i forgot my password in an excel 2013 document, and I cannot find a way to open it. Do you have any steps on how can I use my file again?
  24. N

    How to reset password acer arise one with Windows 7

    Forgot password acer arise one
  25. B

    Facebook account disabled

    Yesterday I got my FB account disabled and I don't know the reason why. How long does it take to get back my account?
  26. gdetherow1966

    Toshiba Satellite L875-S7308

    Forgot password for my system settings in bios . Can this be reset ? And if so Please help me with instructions to do so . I have a Toshiba Satellite L875-S7308 serial number is 9C215736R my part number on my laptop is PSKFLU-00E006
  27. K

    How do i unlock safe folder. Forgot password

    Have forgotten password to access my files in safe folder. How can I access my files which can't open now? Huawei P9
  28. M

    Forgot password to log on laptop.

    I changed my password to log on to my laptop and cannot remember it. I had recentl run system recovery so I have nothing to lose but would like to just log in. Can anyone help?
  29. M

    Forgot password on my Acer aspire how do I reset it

    How do I reset password without flash drive
  30. S

    Forgot password on old laptop

    Hi, I have a HP laptop (HP350) that I haven't used for a number of years. I pulled it out today as it has all my sons baby pics on it and I want to transfer them to an external hard drive. However, I have forgotten the password to access it. I think the laptop is running home vista It...
  31. J

    Paypal password forgotten

    Forgot password for paypal. Answers to qurstions are oncorrect.
  32. G

    Forgot samsung password

    Forgot password for samsung account on galaxy s6active phone and original email i signed up with is no longer good
  33. E

    I forgot password for my laptop and the F8 method isn't working

    Hi. So my laptop ain't reading my password or I forgot it and I checked on the Internet and I saw the F8 method to safe mode but it isn't working for me... What can I do please?
  34. T

    RCA Voyager Welcome screen won't let me touch screen to go "next"

    This is a fairly new tablet and I already reset it because I forgot password. Now I can't touch the Welcome screen to set it up again. No touching
  35. C

    forgot login password

    I have forgotten my login password for Inspiron 5955 laptop. There is no "forgot password" on the log in screen so I cannot request a new one. Does anyone know how to reset the password? One suggestion is to go to Microsoft account to reset but I cannot get there because I can't log in. Also, I...
  36. G

    I have a WinRar Password issue for any contenders. Be warned of futility!

    All right, ready for some fun? TL;DR You need to read this to understand my situation, sorry not sorry :p A few months ago, I hid a txt file within a picture thanks to a CMD (there's a ton of guides online, not the issue). It worked well, and to see the file I had to add the picture to an...
  37. M

    forgot password C55t-A5222 windows 8

    I have a AC522c-A522 I acquired from the from the estate of a friend who recently passed away. Of course when I boot it up it asks for a password which I do not have. I just to need to reset back to factory default. I have tried completely shutting down the laptop and powering on while holding...
  38. G

    Microsoft Just Made Signing in a Whole Lot Easier

    Microsoft users can log into their accounts by using the new Microsoft Authenticator app for Android and iOS. Microsoft Just Made Signing in a Whole Lot Easier : Read more
  39. C

    my aspire cloudbook 14 laptop will not go pass the start up screen

    i turn my laptop on and it starts and then goes black and starts again A01-431-C8G8
  40. Q

    FB Session Expired

    I got an message on my FB page indicating "session expired" then I was locked out. When I tried to put in my password I was immediately notified my account was disabled with no corresponding email notifications. I go through the 'Forgot Password' process too with say notification of my account...
  41. C

    lock out of my ASUA laptop forgot password/virus

    I'm locked out of my ASUS laptop I forgot the password and it has a virus. can someone help me
  42. H

    my computer won't allow me to enter because I can't remember password

    Needs to access my computer. Forgot password
  43. E

    forgot password to windows tablet running windows 10

    forgot password to my windows tablet running windows 10
  44. B

    What if I can't remember my password

    When I turn on the computer I can't do anything without my password and I can't remember it
  45. C

    Forgot password. On starttup

    I have a Toshiba satellite P55-A5200 and I can't remember my pass word to open can I bypass this to get windows to open
  46. B

    How to get password for Alcatel one touch prepaid phone

    Forgot password to Alcatel one touch phone
  47. T

    how do i gett back in to my mega i forgot android device password

    password i forgot it to ty mega i used android device man.and forgot password
  48. L

    Google account frustration

    Need assistance with Google account. I cannot access it as I forgot password. The account is still active on my cell phone as I can access videos and gmail there. However, when i try to access on my tablet and home computer, I cannot. The blue screen keeps coming up asking me for my...
  49. J

    Forgot password on dell laptop , Need to create a reset password cd for free But where

    Forgot password on dell laptop , Need to create a reset password cd for free But where Tried removing battery with no luck when I put it back in , its says Email and or password failed
  50. E

    i forgot password to my ASUS laptop ..can someone please tell me what keys get me into BIOS or BOOT screen

    ASUS LAPTOP locked .wont even display past the asus logo..just blue and grey box with ENTER PASSWORD''
  51. W

    I have a Desk top and I forgot my password can anyone help there is no back up either

    I have a desktop 560 dell I set up a pw and I can't remember it pls hlp
  52. M

    im a bonehead

    I have forgotten the password for my acer insirion 5200 wnd i dont have disks. Is there away around this?
  53. A

    Android 6 Marshmallow forgot password

    I have forgotten my password of my Nexus 5, currently on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. There is no 'forgot password?' option in the screen. I tried using Android Device Manager and sent a new password to the phone. However, Google says the phone already has a password, and it won't be replaced. Any...
  54. 7

    forgot password on my wd passport ultra

    hello i forgot password on my wd passport i have important files on this wd so icant format my wd serial number # WXQ1E94C29J5 please someone help to solve this promblem
  55. G

    HELP forgot password

    I tried alt & F10 but that didn't work to restore my computer. I cannot get in to my computer. Please someone help me with getting back into my computer. Thank you very much for any help that you can provide.
  56. G

    Forgot Password Help

    I tried the alt & f10 and it didn't work. I can't remember my password and can get in. Do you have any other suggestion.
  57. S

    forgot password for folder lock 7.5

    i have forgotten the folderlock password and im using windows 8.1 folder lock version 7.5 please help me how to retrieve back my files.i have totally forgotten my password and cant remember at all. i need my files please help
  58. A

    How to Open CMD as Admin On the Log Screen ?

    I want To Open the Command Prompt as Admin , while im on the Log onn Screen where the PC ask's for the Password For the Account User !! Any HOW !! iS IT POSSIBLE
  59. B

    Toshiba satellite win8 forgot password

    A new problem for me. A customer brought in a Toshiba Satellite with win 8 and he doesn't know the password. I have a bootable utility on CD that will allow me to reset the password but Win 8 has "fast boot" enabled and I can't get to the boot menu without turning fast boot off. I can't log...
  60. C

    Forgot password ( LG OPTIMUS. L70

    Forgot my password LG. OPTIMUS LG for signing in Google