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    forgot my password for Acer aspire 5532 how do I get on to my laptop

    Forgot password and can't use laptop Acer aspire 5532 windows 7 how do I get on it
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    Forgot password toshiba

    cant get past password on my labtop
  3. C

    pavilion icore i3 reset

    Forgot password HP pavillion icorei3
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    toshiba D855-S5307 forgot password

    I just bought a toshiba D855-S5307 used. But new from a pawn shop. It is a brand new computer but has info on it and when i reset it a lock screen came back up on owner. So my question is how do i reset it but erasing all user data. But keeping windows 8.1 installed. Thank you.
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    Pattern lock recovery

    My Moto G 5.0.2 mobile's pattern is forgotten. Even though i tried its still saying Wrong password. We are not getting any FORGOT PASSWORD options to recover from GOOGLE/MOTO accounts. Plz reply us....
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    Recovery-- forgot password

    I have a Toshiva Satellite laptop. I recovered it to its factory out of box state. When I try to turn it on, it's asking for my password. I can't remember it. What can I do to fix this without buying all kinds of other software? Thanks! Kristi
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    Forgot my password

    I have an iPhone 5 and I have put a password on my phone, I forgot the password and I don't know how to reset it. I need your help! I hope it works so I can go onto my phone and text,call,email and use the normal things and activate properly. Hope you can help me.
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    forgot password gmail android

    samsung GALAXI Aci
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    how to reset your password on a SCH-R680 samsung phone

    My phone is a dark red and it is dead and i dont have a charger to charge it and i forgot the password to it and it does not have a forgot password botton please help
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    i am locked out of my Acer laptop forgot password

    When i turn my Acer laptop on it is saying harddisk security what can I do
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    acer v3 hdd password bypass

    forgot password now i cant even use it
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    factory reset laptop

    I forgot password need to reset laptop cant get into nothing ask for password when turned on
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    reset password on acer travelmatec110

    forgot password on my acer travelmatec110 havent used it for long time dont no what to do
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    how to reset phone if forgot password

    forgot password help
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    I forgot password for samsung GT-S7562

    I forgot password for my cell home screen. I remember only app lock password for internal application.
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    Default password for samsung star 3 duos

    what is Default password for samsung star 3 duos if we forgot password how to reset it............ Kindly resolve it on both the situations....
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    MS Word Password protection

    How to bypass password protected MS word documents? I'm using 2010 and need to access some very important word files which I password protected and forgot the password.
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    how to change google password on tablet

    Forgot password unable to remember it. Please help.
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    Is it worth fixing my laptop's BIOS?

    I recently set a password on my laptop's BIOS and I forgot what it was. Unfortunately I did not have it written somewhere and I can no longer access my BIOS. I wanted to install Ubuntu/Linux and be able to use other operating systems. I can't change the boot device without the BIOS. I read that...
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    My Gateway laptop is asking fof a hitachi passwird and i dont know what it is

    forgot password to computer and tried to reboot it but now its askung for a hitachi password and and idk what that is
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    forgot password for my samsung notebook

    I have tried 15 times to log in to my Samsung 2.0 notebook. I cant remember my password at all. can anybody help?
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    Bios password issue

    My coworker brought me his laptop to fix (sony vaio pcg-71315L). He tells me it just wont boot. Easy fix right? NO! When I turn it on the post is just the vaio sign and then goes to a blank screen with the flashing curser at the top left. I tried to get into bios but there is a password. I have...
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    compaq presario 1200 xl400

    forgot password how do you reset
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    i have a dell laptop and i can not login because the laptop won't accept my password even through it is correct! someone anyon

    my laptop won't accept my password when it is correct and right now i am using a friends laptop so um i can't login to my computer and that's the only problem with my laptop.
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    WD myPassport Essential inaccessible after Laptop Hibernate

    my external hard disk of make 'WD MyPassport Essential" has got locked after left connected it on the laptop (Windows 8) without safely removing the hard disk and then hibernating the laptop. After that, when I powered on my laptop, only VCD is visible in My Computer and I am getting password...
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    forgot my bios password

    forgot bios password for toshiba tecra 8200 laptop is there a backdoor password
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    Need solution of Password forgotten

    I have simple pattern in SAMSUNG Galaxy Cooper (S5830). Children drawn mis-pattern more than 5 times then the mobile is locked. I try to unlock from google account and password. But it is unsuccess. May be I forgot password. How I solve this problem ?
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    Samsung account forgot password

    user password
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    Forgot password

    Hello, i have changed my Qmobile E-56 and now i have forgot that password. plz help me how to recover?
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    LOCKED out of acer aspire5732 z forgot password hint how can i get back in

    how can I get into the system without the password Ive tried everything
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    Samsung mobile account forgot password

    so forgot the password in my cell phone
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    Locked out of acer netbook forgot password

    I can't get into my acer laptop Because I don't have my I'd or password. How can I get into my computer with out password?
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    Locked out of acer netbook forgot password

    i need some help with my laptop i had forgot my password because i keep on changing it i don't know why but please help me thanks
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    Forgot password

    I cant remember my password help please
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    Forgot password macbook

    i forgot my password for macbook laptop how can i by pass to open it and take off the password so i can just log in without having issues
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    Donated Packard B.,Win XP, Prof. Ed.owner purchased 07-18-2003, He forgot passwo

    Hello, Prof. Edition owner purchased 07-18-2003, He forgot password can't remember. Only available is password for dial-up service to connect. What to do, open PC , how??? Please help. UPC 7 35858... Pack. 10-23-2002. Thanks !
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    Acer aspire one support unlook harddrive

    harddrive locked forgot password
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    Forgot password

    Hello, how can i start my Toshiba satellite L500 laptop i forgot the start-up password
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    Locked out of acer netbook forgot password

    Hello, Help, Acer netbook locked and forgot password,using windows 7 starter
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    Windows xp

    forgot password can i retrieve it from my desktop