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  1. K

    How to blanket decompress an entire hard drive with mixed compressed and uncompressed files

    Hi Everyone, I think I've got a computer virus that compresses things against my will and I was wondering if someone on this forum could help. TLDR at bottom :) I first noticed when media files (youtube videos, Amazon radio, offline WAV, mp3 and mp4 files) would not play back correctly. When I...
  2. G

    I have a WinRar Password issue for any contenders. Be warned of futility!

    All right, ready for some fun? TL;DR You need to read this to understand my situation, sorry not sorry :p A few months ago, I hid a txt file within a picture thanks to a CMD (there's a ton of guides online, not the issue). It worked well, and to see the file I had to add the picture to an...
  3. po6pwn

    How to compress a large number of photos

    I've accumulated a lot of photos over the years on my HDD. Most of these are backups from my phone. I have literally 1000's of photos which I don't really want to delete. How can i compress these photos efficiently so they take up as less space as possible. I don't really need the photos but...
  4. P

    batch file to run local from remote location

    hello everyone, i have batch file that compress all the folders where it located and create self extract file (exe) the command that execute is for /d %%X in (*) do "c:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" a -sfx "%%X.exe" "%%X\" i'm trying to simplify the process for some teacher to run batch file from...
  5. N

    Program to auto-zip Files on a Server and File them Elsewhere on the Network

    Hello, As a part of some weekly maintenance, I must check a web server for failed emails. I usually have to go into the folder on that server, compress/zip them, email them to myself and then file them away in a designated location for someone else to deal with. I'd like to know if there was a...
  6. tojonegi

    Compress an already compressed pdf file?

    Hello everyone :) I just finished making my portfolio. And it has about 36 pages, so 36 different psd files. I went on to export them all as JPGs at level 6 medium quality. (the cumulative size of all pictures were about 45 mb. Then I used Photoshop again, to compile those pictures in a PDF...
  7. yatys93

    Audiobook file compression

    Anyone got any suggestions? I have a couple audiobooks that are over 2 gb, which is fine on my PC but kind of sucks on the iPad :P
  8. I

    ISO file decompression?

    Hello...what is an ISO file and what utility would I use to decompress it? Why is an ISO file compression used instead of say a ZIP file? Are there any advantages to ISO file compression? Thank you.
  9. Spitfire_x86

    I want a DiVX log file!

    Does anybody knows how to create a log file for two pass DiVX encoding? If anybody encodes 2 pass DiVX movies, please send me your "C:\divx.log" file as soon as possible. My e-mail address: <A HREF="mailto: "> </A> Let us know <A...