Dec 7, 2013
So, I was having problems with my USB 3.0 ports, and long thread short, I got directed to this link: where I downloaded the "Intel USB 3.0 Driver" and that helped with most of the problem, but my problem now, is that every time I start my PC, the drivers try to install. The way I installed them, was it downloaded in a WinRAR file, and I had to go in and find the application to launch it. Then, when it tried to install a second time, I deleted the download file, *not the installed System32 files*. But I really need to know how to stop this, because I need my 3.0's working, but I'm not going to live with this the rest of my PC's life.

(EDIT) I now see the file listed as a startup program, don't ask me how it got that way, but would that eliminate the problem if I unchecked it? Or would that just hide the problem?