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  1. F

    1 month problem

    how could i fix my asus smart gesture if this problem always pop up when im trying to install it? "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the set up did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor." this is always poping in...
  2. A

    Problem with Asus Smart Gesture

    My asus souchpad is not working. I already try to uninstall asus smart gesture. And when i want to install i can't install asus smart gesture. In the box say "There is a problem with this Windows Installer Package. A program run as part of the setup did not finished as expected. Contact your...
  3. C

    Reformatted my Acer Aspire E15 , but windows installer couldn't detect any drives after failing.

    Hi i recently acquired a 2nd hand Acer Aspire E15 E5-575G it was a bit slow so i decided to reformat it , and while windows 8.1 was installing the laptop stopped at "getting files ready at 21%" and i had to restart it, now the windows installer says no device drive found, what should i do?
  4. M

    Can't boot into windows installer cd

    When the message comes up saying to press any key to boot from CD, I hear the CD load but it just sits at a black screen, please help, my old install doesn't boot so I need to install over it to keep the files
  5. W

    Laptop restarted mid-restore.

    I have a lenovo y700 AMD fx8800p with pre-installed windows 10 on it. It suddenly restarted on it's own, when it turned back on it offered to restore so i did. Restore is finished and it's installing back windows but mid installation the laptop restarts. Now every time I open it stops on the...
  6. M

    Laptop stuck looping on install of windows

    My acer aspire one cloudbook 14 was running slow so the guy at the shop told me to factory rest the laptop and remove all the files so i did and now the laptpp has been stuck installing windows for a week and a half. Please help, i need it for school work.
  7. L

    Samsung Magician RAPID Mode error: Windows Installer service failed to start

    Hello there! I just installed the Samsung Magician software in order to get more performance out of my SSD. But i ran into a problem, when i try to enable RAPID Mode a error message comes up saying that the Windows Installer service failed to start and it wont enable RAPID Mode. I tried going...
  8. P

    Windows always fails to update and now I'm stuck while trying to reset my PC

    I usually solved the problem by resetting my PC after a failed automatic update but now its stuck and I have tried rebooting the internet and restarting, the screen won't change
  9. A

    How to remove syshost.exe?

    Today I started task manager and saw this process syshost ............ i tried to end the program message poped-up that unable to terminate the program ...then i went to it's location which is C:\Windows\Installer\{A4D6E64C-F511-4F97-F321-32B8D1F5A2D1} ............ i tried to delete it and...
  10. secretumpiratica

    OFFICE 2016 Installer Freezes at 90%!?

    I am running a x64 Windows 7 Home laptop, and I am trying to install Office 2016 Pro on it. The installer freezes around 85% every time I try to install it. I have tried literally everything I can think of with nothing changing it... stopped printer spooler service, sfc scannow, AV scans...
  11. F

    Asus notebook Remove the HDD and pre installed OS

    Hello I got a laptop that was supposed to come with an 128 ssd with the OS installed in it. Surprise surprise! The store i bought it from removed the ssd and let the 1TB (5.4k rpm) in, and made a partition where the OS is installed. Can i destroy the hdd and get a 500 GB samsung ssd and buy a...
  12. M

    Gateway laptop, wifi wont turn on, fn keys not working.

    Im going out of my mind trying to fix this laptop. Yesterday i got my gateway laptop, believe the model is NE56R52u, to a reset and set it up to be my own. It had windows 10 on it and it was working fine. Today the wifi wouldn't turn on. I looked around and i reinstalled the windows 7 i got with...
  13. D

    Problem reinstaling windows

    Hi! Recently i have buy an ASUS laptop r556l with windows 10 preinstalled this windows have run 1 month and now its crashed. I have try to change the windows with a cd windows7 with what i have succesfully changed 10 times at another laptop. But this time, at this laptop, stop after i click...
  14. A

    Restore Windows 8.1 Bing

    Good day to all members. I badly need help. I upgraded my Laptop Asus X453MA to Windows 10. After 15 days, my PC got infected by a virus. I decided to reset the laptop and after that, my restore files has been deleted and I cannot restore it to it's Original OS, (Windows 8.1 with Bing). - It's...
  15. C

    windows installer question

    some of the old programs on my laptop can not be unstalled because the windows installer can not be found. How to I fix that? I am running windows 7.
  16. S

    laptop stuck at windows logo after update and also stuck in windows usb installer

    after windows update it stuck at logo and stuck at windows automatic repair screen and stuck at windows installer usb (cannot run repair from windows installer and from itself) and i found it should be hardware problem or bios because it happens on every windows version i used ( fake 7 , fake...
  17. P

    Trojan Horse Crypt4.BBEW Possibly Damaged Computer

    Hello, I recently discovered 3 Trojan Horses, all with the name "Crypt4.BBEW". All of them were located in the file path C:\Windows\Installer\9cbf203.msi. I found some issues very similar to mine on the forums, but none of them seemed to have the same problems as me. Also note that before I...
  18. J

    Trojan Horse Crypt4.BBEW?

    I ran a AVG scan at 9:55am ET today and had 0 viruses. I ran a AVG scan at 4:00pm ET and had these 3; Trojan horse Crypt4.BBEW (C:\Windows\Installer\29c62e.msi) Trojan horse Crypt4.BBEW (C:\Windows\Installer\29c62a.msi) Trojan horse Crypt4.BBEW (C:\Windows\Installer\29c632.msi) AVG says it...
  19. M

    how do i insall windows installer on my android tablet

    i need to insall a learning program for my son thanks all.
  20. 6

    I'm having some trouble with uninstalling a program that I never put on my machine called pro PC cleaner.

    I'm having some trouble with uninstalling a program that I never put on my machine called pro PC cleaner. I've tried uninstalling it in safe mode but it come up with a error message saying windows installer was not loaded correctly. Though I have in stalled all the necessary windows updates. It...
  21. U

    Can't install iTunes

    I had iTunes installed, then created a new account in Windows, deleted my old account and iTunes broke. I uninstalled it, tried again and it errored every time I tried to open it (it wouldn't list itself as an installed program). Then I tried again and the icon did nothing when I clicked on it...
  22. T

    Intel/MSI Driver want to install every time I start my PC!

    So, I was having problems with my USB 3.0 ports, and long thread short, I got directed to this link: where I downloaded the "Intel USB 3.0 Driver" and that helped with most of the problem, but my problem now, is that every...
  23. I

    windows installer keeps asking for cd when try to install software from a external drive

    I have software that I copied to a extenal l drive to install it on a laptop with no cd drive. Every time I start the install process it after i put in my product key code then it click install it ask for the cd to be put in the cd rom drive. Now I have installed this program on 2 other of my...
  24. D

    Itunes 11

    I,m having trouble installing itunes 11 on windows 7. During the installation an error message pops up saying "Windows Installer package is missing a program to complete installation" Does anyone have a solution to the problem?
  25. D

    Having problems installing itunes 11 on windows 7

    During the install a message pops up saying "There is a problem with this windows installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run." Does anybody have a solution to the problem? Thanks
  26. V

    Difficulty with SQL Server 2008

    Not sure if this is the right forum but I am running out of ideas. I am trying to install SQL Server 2008 Enterprise. I get this error. I am taking a class and I need SQL Server 2008 installed for it. I am running Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. C Drive is a SSD drive and D is my HDD. I have...
  27. C

    Windows 7 installer - corrupted files

    I just ran a boot scan with avast anti-virus and during the long process, it said: windows\installer\1beea8.msi|>|>DWDC20.DLL ERROR 42127 {CAB archive is corrupted} windows \installer\afced.msp|>QFEGDR.Cab|7 system_dll_amd64 ERROR 42127 {DLL archive is corrupted}...
  28. D

    Restoring iphone

    Hello again Thanks for help with Windows installer. I have an iphone 3g which is in restore mode. i.e. itunes with connector. I keep getting unknown error 1015 at about 75% restored on verifying fimrware. Any suggestions? I have tried logging on as another user but to no avail. Apple...
  29. C

    JRE Error 1723

    Hey guys. I really need your help. After being stupid and deleting my main java folder java on my laptop has been ruined and I cant uninstall or install it any more. When I try to install the new JRE it comes up with the 1723 error even though I have windows installer 3.0 on my laptop! :( if...
  30. R

    Diver Whiz-How do I uninstall it.?

    I need to get rid of this Driver Whiz. I have tried system restore, but even that does not get it off. Now every time I start my computer this Windows Installer keep poping up.
  31. panchy

    Itunes problem

    I own a Windows 7 64-Bit system, and recently i upgraded my Itunes with a new patch. Problem is, the system will not play the itunes. i tried to reboot, figure out the administrator settings, go into safe mode and even look into the main system root drivers and all, but nothing works. I've tried...
  32. S

    Tray app problems

    Hello, windows installer stuck in a loop
  33. F

    Problem re Roxio Media Experience

    Hello, Every so often, I've been seeing a "Windows Installer ... Preparing to install" message after boot-up. It sits there without doing anything; moments later, it's trying to install Roxio Media Experience. I click on Cancel to make it go away. After another re-boot, it pops up again...
  34. G

    DVArchive Problem

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Someone please tell me what I am doing wrong when trying to install DVArchive. I just dowloaded the Windows Installer version. It added the start menu icons, the program file folders and files, and the icon in Add/Remove programs, but...
  35. G

    DVArchive Problem

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Someone please tell me what I am doing wrong when trying to install DVArchive. I just dowloaded the Windows Installer version. It added the start menu icons, the program file folders and files, and the icon in Add/Remove programs, but...
  36. T

    Office asks for cd for each user!! PLEASE HELP!!

    i have to setup 50 new computers with office 2k. i installed the os. then office. i hooked one up to the network and logged on and when i launch any of the office suite apps, i get this error: error 1706: no valid source could be found for product microsoft office 2000 sr-1 premium. the...
  37. L

    Autocad Architectual Desktop keeps installing

    This is confusing. When i start up a few of my programs on one of my systems, Autocad tries to insall itself. It starts up the windows installer, which I must cancel 3 times to open the programs fully. Anybody else ever get this glitch? --------- If the Scatman can do it so can you... ---------