Question infinix phone stuck in a loop where it keeps asking pin. and none of the application is opening

Jul 15, 2023
After the recent bank application was not opening
i restarted the phone to make it work.
but than
when i restarted
i entered the pin
after the pin, Phone opened and then locked again.
I again entered my pin. It opened and then locked again.
it was on the loop, asking me to enter the pin.
it says: "required a pin after the restart"
and then I tried my fingerprint.
the phone opened without getting locked again.
when it was open
I could not open any app. No widgets were working. On tapping any app it keeps on saying that "app not installed".
Nothing is working except the call app.
And if i lock my phone. it takes me back to the screen where it says a pin is required after the restart.
I even run in safe mode but same thing.
Now another problem is after safe mod my phone is on airplane mode.
But the good news is i can open the settings application and use the developers mode as well.
but in the settings application I can not open the search bar or the settings application crashes. or the system update
I reset app preferences but nothing happened.
My data and a lot of other things are on this phone. I need a solution to this problem which does not involve erasing data.
i saw a video where it says that if you clear storage of XOS Launcher, Apps will open. But after i did it, Now my phone is stuck on, "setting up XOS Launcher".
Note 11 infinix
(I broke my screen recently, the screen on my phone is from note 12 G88).