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  1. jasonlame

    Solved! LG Q6 in boot loop with a small pop up window/screen after hard reset

    I have a LG Q6 android phone. Yesterday I decided to hard reset my phone. Then when I did that, the phone first displayed a screen containing Erasing and then the restarting process keeps happening again and again. The process won't stop and I noticed that during this process a kind of pop up...
  2. azzan1122

    Question infinix phone stuck in a loop where it keeps asking pin. and none of the application is opening

    After the recent bank application was not opening i restarted the phone to make it work. but than when i restarted i entered the pin after the pin, Phone opened and then locked again. I again entered my pin. It opened and then locked again. it was on the loop, asking me to enter the...
  3. S

    Question Samsung-SM-J727V, Android version 8.1.0, how to activate the SanDisk SD Card?

    Please can someone say step-by-step on how to activate the SD SanDisk card on this phone? When i put in the card, what do i do next? How do i set up "storage" so that photos, videos, and files will be automatically saved to the SD Card? Thank you for your time.
  4. A

    Question Lenovo K10 note

    Hi, my Lenovo k10 NOTE phone arrived to the service with blocked home lock pattern. It doesn't work even hard reset using side buttons phone when I connect to PC it doesn't show up. Do you have any suggestion or idea?
  5. S

    Question Broken Phone - Need Advice on Data recovery

    I was recently in a car accident and my phone (Galaxy S9 Plus) was a casualty. I've taken it to a repair shop that replaced the battery and the screen but still couldn't get it to power on. His next step was to order a motherboard which would take some time and cost roughly $230 for the whole...
  6. R

    Question A lot of photos and videos disappeared, nothing is working to recover it

    Hi, yesterday while looking at my gallery I noticed that a lot of photos are missing, for example, my Italy trip photos and videos are gone, not all of them though, there are some left, but videos are all gone. I didn't delete or move them, didn't touch them at all, it just disappeared. I've...
  7. T

    Question Can't update Android 10 and MIUI 12 on Xiaomi Redmi 9A

    Hello. My phone is Xiaomi Redmi 9A. The MIUI version the phone has is MIUI 12, and when i click on "check for new updates", it says there are no new updates, despite the fact the latest MIUI 12 version is MIUI 12.5, and not MIUI 12.0.10 Stable. The Android version is Android 10 QP1A...
  8. P

    Solved! Insignia Flex10 NS-P10A6100

    I have a tablet model NS-P10A6100 that won't boot. When it go on it will display INSIGNIA power by android screen and the change for just INSIGNIA that fade in and out in a loop that never end. The tablet won't go off either. If I press and hold power it stop but when I released power button...
  9. S

    Question recover data after factory reset android (rooted)

    i am trying to recover data after a factory reset on a rooted android Samsung edge s7 (AP_G935F) but everything i try just will not detect the phone or only shows the things currently on it... any recommendations on programs that actually work? root checker app shows it is rooted and some...
  10. rihan65

    Solved! which output port of amplifier is safe to recording with android phone?

    which output port of an amplifier is safe to record with an android phone?
  11. D

    Solved! Is any chance to change Android System Language on US Version Phone

    The factory unlocked US version android phone with snapdragon qualcomm chipset was purchased in USA. I am not able to change the android system menu from English language to Russian language. The MoreLocale 2 program was not assisted too much ( the some of apps names were change to required...
  12. A

    Question Android Location Tracking

    I have an android phone and my ex has access to my Google account which is linked to the phone. She has changed the password and I am suspicious that she is tracking my location. I can't remove the phone number from the google account because she changed the password. If I remove my google...
  13. 1slavicc

    Solved! How can I use my mashita DVD-ram on my android tv installed on my PC

    I use an Acer Travelmate with Mashita DVD-ram UJ8HC built in. When I put a DVD, it recognises the DVD, but not to play with it, but as a storage device. How can I use my built in DVD player to play DVDs on my Acer Travelmate with Android TV 9 installed.?
  14. Jurgesi

    Solved! I cant decide about buying an iphone or and android

    Hello, I wanted to ask a question, I am a student that is looking for a phone, i like iphone xr and samsung a52 but i cant decide wich one should i buy. If i buy the iphone i will get it used in good condition for 340$ but if i get the samsung I will get it new for the same price. Please...
  15. S

    Solved! Which phone should I buy?

    I am planning on buying a smartphone. Among these which should I get? 1: Oneplus Nord N10 5g 2: Xiaomi Poco x3 pro 3: Realme 8 pro Note:I don’t need very high cameras.Normal camera for the phone would be fine. But I need a phone which will give me long lasting good performance.
  16. C

    Question How can I connect mouse and PC to phone at the same time?

    Hello, I am an automation tester and I need a special connection between smartphone, device, and mouse. Could I connect a mouse to the phone, meanwhile controlling the phone from a PC from Android Studio via USB? I need to handle this scenario to make tests faster. Thank you a lot. ~...
  17. J

    Solved! Will a Samsung Note 8 take advantage of the speed of micro SDXC UHS-II V90 U3 memory card?

    Will internal write/read go at 250/300 MB/sec? Will transfer using USB port go at 250/300 MB/sec? Will any android phone do either of these?
  18. A

    Question Brighten streaming video

    Much like equalizer apps modify the audio from streaming sources (eg. Spotify, Pandora), is there a video app solution for video streaming adjustments such as brightness, color tone, etc ? Just to be clear, I do not want to know about apps that can modify local video files - there's a ton of...
  19. H

    Solved! Is it bad if i dont turn my phones screen for about 3-4 hours?

    Is it bad if i dont turn my phones screen for about 3-4 hours? I want to use my phone as a Sim Dashboard, and I don't know if I use it for about 3 hours will I damage it somehow? Like the battery, screen or something else? It's a expensive phone and I don't want to damage it, it's my main phone.
  20. S

    Solved! Samsung J7 Sky Pro. How to use the SD card as internal or how to force apps from internal to SD

    This question was asked before. I've seen the response and it doesn't work. I want to listen to more solutions. I can't believe there is no way to use the SD card as internal memory!! The solution I read was going to the SD settings and format as internal. I don't have that option. I can only...
  21. Unknown_Email

    Solved! Cannot delete files from SD card.

    Hi everyone. I have had an issue with my SD card in my phone running Android 8.0, not rooted, (Huawei P10 lite, purchased before google stopped supporting Huawei) where it appears that I can’t delete anything from it. The issue first presented when I tried to load some more audiobooks into my...
  22. barryallen82

    Solved! Advice Needed: Need a *SMALL* Android Smartphone

    Hi there, I am in the market for a new phone; and am not at all fond of these massive 5 - 6" + behemoths that dominate the market. I'd very much appreciate suggestions for Android phones in the 4.2" to 4.8" size range. My spec requirements are modest: 1.5 - 2 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM will be...
  23. S

    Sharing cellphone internet to Dlink 882 router

    I have: W10 enterprise Verizon Moto G7 Power Dlink DIR-882 router I need to share the Verizon internet service to the 882 router<->users.
  24. The Perfect Stranger

    Question Mini Projector stuck on logo screen. Please help

    Dear friends, I got a mini projector, DLP - TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, MAGIC - IMAGE M10, that is all what it says in the box. I had recently forced it to shutdown, and now when I turn it on, it shows the android logo and stuck there forever. I have bought a USB male-male cable and tried to connect it...
  25. tomelks

    Solved! How to connect old stereo to android phone (YAMAHA TSX-130)

    Hi guys, I have this audio system in my house for years and it's compatible only for USB jack, old iPod jack or CD. Since all of these inputs are old and not compatible with youtube music I thought I can try and make something out of this 500 $ system (at the time).... I opened up the box and...
  26. K

    Question Audio barely audible on phone's speaker but fine on earpiece - multiple phones!

    I am facing this really weird phenomenon. This is from a YouTube live stream that I produced. There is a long chain with too many components to find fault with and I seeking suggestions and brainwaves to narrow down the search. The current situation is that watching live and playing back the...
  27. matledsf

    Solved! How can i disable safe mode in volume down key stuck position?

    My mobile's volume down key already stuck. Now i restart my mobile and it goes into safe mode. How can I disable safe mode now?
  28. G

    Solved! Phone keeps opening tab/displaying ads on its own

    Been dealing with this for a few weeks now, but my phone will randomly open Chrome (and, if I'm already in Chrome, a new tab) to some website about downloading a crypto browser app. Then two days ago, I also started getting some drop down ad on my screen itself of some not-Facebook ad (It's...
  29. lunarsunlight

    Question Best apps for Android Auto?

    The Android Auto revamp just got rolled out. I really like the sleek UI. It makes navigating so much better and easier. Right now I mostly use Android Auto as another navigation screen, but I'm wondering if I'm missing out on anything. Are there any recommended must have apps? I already have...
  30. MartyMcfly999

    Solved! I need to write emails while driving.... Help!

    Does anyone else find the need to "write" emails while driving? I'm not saying take your eyes off the road, but I am looking for a great mobile assistant, ideally something that would integrate well with Android Auto or Apple Car Play. Just picked up a new Toyota Rav4 that features both Android...
  31. mememan2578

    Question Android Auto Podcast Addict

    I love podcasts and listen to them everyday throughout my commute. Does anyone know of any good apps to use with Android Auto? I was using Podcast Addict but it won't play. I hit play, but no dice. Maybe it's my connection? I'm not sure and nothing helps with troubleshooting. What are the best...
  32. tvd8809

    Question Problems with Google Assistant Audio Level

    Just got a new car and it has Android Auto. I'm a big fan! It's really made my commute to and from work significantly better. I am having some small issues though. I don't get why the audio levels are all over the place with Android Auto. It will be way too loud when hear the OK Google assistant...
  33. B

    Solved! my android act weird, pausing videos, turn on by itself, keyboard turn off when texting

    so recently i woke up , i notice something weird is happening to my phone , im using samsung j7 price, i woke up , i watched a video on youtube and it pause by itself, even video in gallery, and when my android screen turn off , it turns on sometimes, and i text my friend , while im typing...
  34. U

    Solved! Huawei mate 10 lite problem with power button

    i press the power and volume up button to open boot manager. it successfully open. but after 10 - 20 seconds screen went blank, and nothing shows on screen. i am pressing power button but no response on screen. what could be the problem with phone?
  35. scwolves10

    Question RCA Tablet stuck in boot loop after factory reset

    It's an RCA RCT6203W46 Tablet and it was working fine before the reset. Now, it only goes to the RCA logo screen and it just restarts if I try to turn it off. It won't go in to Recovery Mode using the power and volume buttons like it did before. It won't go into safe mode either. The tiny Reset...
  36. Clairenee

    Solved! I left my Lenovo charging for 5days. Will it safe?

    I accidentally left my lenovo phone charging and i'll out for 5days. What will happen? Will it burned my house?
  37. zach183323

    Solved! Help Android Stuck In Fastboot

    My Google Pixel 3a is stuck in fastboot and wont exit. I tried installing magisk and when I tried to reboot the phone it got stuck in fastboot mode
  38. gottalovethehockey

    Solved! Google Play Services failure after factory reset?

    Hi, My son forgot his password for his nextbook nx16a8116k pk. I factory reset it, twice. Upon starting and setting up the wifi, it says ‘google play services has stopped’. I attempted to clear the cache and restart the tablet, but that didn’t help. I tried to update the firmware, but it says...
  39. L

    Solved! Which phone should I pick? (Budget android)

    So I'm looking to get a new phone for Christmas. I have a couple in mind, but I have no idea what phones are good and so on. So I'll list a few here. My budget is 150-230€. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro - This ones a bit expensive but seems like a really good phone...
  40. N

    Solved! What are the best Android themes to use?

    I want to change my mobile android style. I used the Android Lollipop version. I want to change the keyboard, home screen, app icons, etc ..... Do you have any new themes to use? Help me out.
  41. A

    Solved! Is android any better with security now or is Apple still the market king?

    Actually I'm thinking of buying a new phone. But I'm confused if I should go with android or give iOS a try. Because there are so many modern phones in android industry as compared to iOS with that ugly notch. However I'm still concerned about the security issues. What are your suggestions?
  42. A

    Solved! I have a tight budget and I'm thinking of buying an iPhone. Which model would you recommend?

    I have a tight budget as i just have an ordinary job. I'm thinking of changing my phone and buy a refurbished cellphone. Should I give iPhones a try? Are they worth it or is android the best? If Apple is a go for you, which model would you recommend? iPhone 8plus or iPhone X or the XR?
  43. DJFiefs

    Solved! How to reset a phone that keeps restarting and cant access hard reset settings because volume buttons wont work?

    How to reset a phone that keeps restarting and cant access hard reset settings because volume buttons wont work?
  44. Simon778

    Question Oppo A37 problem

    I have an oppo A37, and sadly the phone does not have eye protection mode like other oppo phones and does not have app icon notification. My security centre does not function too. when I press privacy permissions, the app immediately closes. Does anyone have a solution for this?
  45. phonemanu

    Solved! Honor 4x continously rebooting and not booting

    Honor 4x continously rebooting and not booting - since HUWAEI stopped providing the smart key to step in to the fastboot environment could not reset the phone or to do anything with the dev option or root mode, i dont need any data from the phone , just have to make it working , for now it is...
  46. M

    Solved! Free Internet?

    Hello, I have free 10 GB internet for Instagram, facebook and deezer every month, but just for those three apps. Is any way to use that internet for other apps? Telenor is my provider. photo
  47. admin

    Nokia Is Undercutting Everyone with a $160 Android Pie Phone

    HMD Nokia thinks they can make a dent in the US market by going low cost with its Nokia 3.1 phone. Nokia Is Undercutting Everyone with a $160 Android Pie Phone : Read more
  48. admin

    Motorola's Long-Lasting G7 Power Gets a Price Cut

    Motorola's unlocked smartphones are now on sale. Motorola's Long-Lasting G7 Power Gets a Price Cut : Read more
  49. A

    How to Block Phone Calls On Android

    Desperate for a way to stop those pesky robocalls? Here are several options you can try to block phone calls on an Android device. How to Block Phone Calls On Android : Read more
  50. C

    Solved! Touch screen has gone weird

    So my touch screen on my S8+ has stopped responding but only in certain ways. I can unlock my screen using my code on my screen, use my home/pull up used apps/use the back buttons at the bottom of the touch screen. I can even use it to turn off or restart the device. However, the main home...
  51. admin

    This $245 Phone Makes You Wonder Why the Hell People Spend $1000 on a Flagship

    A new high quality, low cost breed of phones are about to deepen the $1,000 flagship sales slump. This $245 Phone Makes You Wonder Why the Hell People Spend $1000 on a Flagship : Read more
  52. admin

    Don't Wait For Amazon Prime Day: Galaxy S10 $100 Off Right Now

    Our favorite Android smartphone is on sale for a limited time. Don't Wait For Amazon Prime Day: Galaxy S10 $100 Off Right Now : Read more
  53. admin

    Honor 20 Pro Hands-On: Four Cameras and a Unique Look

    The Honor 20 Pro is the top model in Honor’s newly unveiled 20 Series of flagship phones. Here's what we think of this 6.26-inch handset and its four rear cameras. Honor 20 Pro Hands-On: Four Cameras and a Unique Look : Read more
  54. C

    Review OnePlus 7 Pro Review: The Android Value of the Year

    Buy it. For less than $700, the OnePlus 7 Pro offers a gorgeous design, stunning display, powerful performance, solid cameras and a stellar version of Android. You can'’t buy a better phone for the price. OnePlus 7 Pro Review: The Android Value of the Year : Read more
  55. Raked85


    Trying to figure out how to get back deleted texts. I was able to restore a lot of MMS messages sent through text (pictures & long messages that were converted to MMS) but I can't get actual text messages restored. I read the "mega thread" about lost data and it says: I contacted my service...
  56. PhilipMichaels

    Discussion Galaxy S10 Plus vs. Note 9: Which Samsung Phone Has the Best Camera?

    The Galaxy S10 Plus and Note 9 both boast excellent cameras. We pitted the two phones against each other in a photo face-off. Galaxy S10 Plus vs. Note 9: Which Samsung Phone Has the Best Camera? : Read more
  57. P

    Solved! Mobile hotspot has no internet

    I have a Tracphone A502DL had worked fine for months but after the last update, when I turn the HotSpot on my computer, it connects (and says it's connected) but there's no internet. I get no errors, even on the browser, but it doesn't connect. I'd reset it but I don't know how or if that would...
  58. Mark Spoonauer

    News Galaxy Fold Fiasco Is Worst Possible Start to Foldable Phone Revolution

    The Galaxy Fold breaking is a huge problem for Samsung, but it also casts a shadow over the entire foldable phone category before it gets off the ground. Galaxy Fold Fiasco Is Worst Possible Start to Foldable Phone Revolution : Read more
  59. J

    Solved! Can't format an SD Card

    I'm using an Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL. I want to delete an Android data files leftover because i already uninstall the apps. I tried to remove it by using the default File Manager first but failed, then i tried to use ES File Explorer and it failed too. Then for the suppose to be my last resort...