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    Question Archiving Voicemail?

    I'm afraid the answer is "there's no good way to do this" but here goes: Our daughter died and my mother, her grandmother, wants to archive a Mother's Day voicemail our daughter left her. The message is on Samsung Galaxy A51, but my mother dials in to get her VM. Is there a way to back-up the...
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    Solved! Lost all Opera open tabs. How do I get them back?

    Today I accidentally deleted all my opened tabs on my Android tablet. (Tried to delete my passports and cookies, forgot tabs and history were preselected) I thought I would retrieve them from my synced account but of course for whatever reason it synced just 90 out of all my ~250 I gathered...
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    Question Huawei Honor 8 lite Safe says two of my videos do not exist

    Hello I have saved a lot of videos to the Safe archived folder on the default file manager on my honor 8 lite and for some reason I can't access these 2 videos that are still inside the Safe. I have videos, older and newer than them encrypted in there and they work fine. I can see all the...
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    Batch recompress zip archives?

    I am looking for a software that can batch recompress alot of zip archives. Just to clarify what I mean with this: I have alot (30.000+) smaller zip archives. Many of them are zipped with different programs, using different parameters, compression levels, etc. I want the software to UNZIP all of...