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    Solved! Lost all Opera open tabs. How do I get them back?

    Today I accidentally deleted all my opened tabs on my Android tablet. (Tried to delete my passports and cookies, forgot tabs and history were preselected) I thought I would retrieve them from my synced account but of course for whatever reason it synced just 90 out of all my ~250 I gathered...
  2. J

    Soap opera effect on LG OLED e7p

    Followed all tips for getting rid of soap opera effect on LG OLED E7P but no luck. All 4k shows exhibit this but the last straw was watching Bird Box---extremely horrible, like a cheap video play. Is there any way to remedy this by forcing 4K to look like 1080 P?
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    Solved! I have 2 versions of opera in my windows 10 pc can I delete 1 if so which 1

    duplication of opera in windows 10 pc
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    Solved! Do different browsers download/upload faster than each other or are they all the same?

    Hi everyone. Do different web browsers download/upload files faster than each other or do they download/upload files at the exact same speed? For example, will using Google Chrome download/upload a file faster than the Opera browser will download/upload the same file? Thank you.
  5. W

    Opera gives me

    Download topics, ran malware ok. What is doing this?
  6. B

    Strange tab appeared on browser

    A strange tab appeared when I opened Opera, it was really strange, the page was blank and the URL was IP numbers, then "/hello" and then random letters and numbers What was that? am I being hacked?
  7. N

    run administrator not working in laptop window

    any app like opera mini,google chome etc not working run administator error
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    Fix Unexpected Error on Netflix on Opera

    Opera browser is still the preferred browser of many people and organizations. When troubles playing Netflix happen, most of the issues have to do with a locked down platform. This guide will show you how to get rid of the unexpected error in Opera by changing the user agent. 1. Open Developer...
  9. N

    Hope to beable to download movies

    I hope you can help me. I'm using opera mini browser, so since I'm using opera mini I have, to, download movies. So when I go into yesmovies.io to download a movie it want let me. Can you help me, with this problem or not?
  10. C

    Youtube get white blur

    Hi people; Have a problem with you that occurs on Chrome and Opera (but it doesn’t happen on Firefox or Puffin). When I watch a video mouse cursor is on the video the colour are vivid. when I take cursor away the video changes like added a filter that makes video whiter (black changes to dark...
  11. A

    Is This Chrome Extension SCAM or LEGIT?

    I came across an extension which is really impressive. But i feel its a scam. [scam link removed] They say you get free bitcoins while using chrome and its also available on chrome store. IS IT TRUE?
  12. J

    Annoying new tab redirects and speed dial openings

    I use both Opera and Google Chrome on windows 10, and recently (February 8th) both browsers started acting funny. With Opera, it constantly opens speed dial tabs at random and with Chrome, I'm constantly getting redirected to the new tab page on whatever existing tab I'm on. I've tried...
  13. K

    I have a Luxor 4K smart tv and I can’t work out if it has picture smoothing aka soap opera effect and if so how do I turn it

    I have a Luxor 4K smart tv and I can’t work out if it has picture smoothing aka soap opera effect and if so how do I turn it
  14. L

    how to remove ciuvo price comparison from 360 total security? I'm on windows 7 using opera and know how to remove 360, but ciu

    I have 360 security on opera via windows 7 professional. I recently added ciuvo price comparison but now realise this is spyware and wish to remove it. I know how to remove 360 but wish to keep this, and ciuvo does not appear on my programs list. Would it be best to uninstall and then...
  15. IvakaS

    PC full of Adware Viruses

    Hello there, two days ago I downloaded some program from the internet and since then I've been having issues when browsing with Opera (just Opera). Many times I click somewhere, adwares like "liveadexchange", "buzzonclick" and many more things redirect me to adds. I searched for solutions...
  16. T

    Is Opera Safe?

    I just got Opera and am really enjoying it. I just wanted to know if it is safe and virus free. Thanks for your help!
  17. J

    YouTube pauses sometimes

    YouTube pauses sometimes. Rebooting Doesn't help. Both Chrome and Opera pause. Speed test says 3.71 Mb download, +1Mb upload MacOs Sierra 10.12.5 AT&T connection CPU usage less than 60% Packets arriving at 120 /sec 16GB of memory
  18. M

    Is there anyone here facing issue with Opera Neon?

    I've been using Opera Neon browser since many days, it was working fine till now but now it crashes immediately when I open it. Is there anyone here facing the same problem? Any help would be appreciated :)
  19. S

    Hisense 40h5b 40" Smart tv

    I bought a Hisense 40h5b Smart TV, that uses Opera not Roku. I have Sling TV service but there is no app on Opera App store. I have checked the OS on the tv through different means and they all say iOS 5.0.1 like MAC OS X. Can I uplevel the os to iOS 8.0 or newer to get the sling TV app? If so how?
  20. M

    New Asus laptop suddenly lagging esp in Opera

    I got the ASUS F550VX back in September and I've been using it for video editing, playing Sims 4 and casual internet browsing Specs: Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz, up to 3.5GHz RAM: 8GB, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950M. Windows 10 I've also got an SSD of 128GB and a 1TB HDD, both are only half filled up...
  21. S

    Has anybody else tried Pale Moon (browser) and had any good success with it?

    I recently downloaded and installed both the x86 version, and XP/Atom version (specifically designed to run on low-powered processors) of Pale Moon after having the browser recommended to me because of its supposedly low CPU-usage – this appealed to me because I am using an older dual-core...
  22. T

    How to fix web browsers

    Not sure if i should be asking this type of question on this site that seems mostly directed towards gaming and computer hardware but i am having a serious problem with chrome and now opera. The problem is it keeps freezing for no reason, i will fast forward on a youtube video and it will say...
  23. D

    starting yesterday chrome has stopped loading upgraded images I have added to my website. Other browsers (Opera, Firefox) ar

    Problem loading revised images with Chrome browser
  24. B

    which internet browser use more memory?

    hi : which internet browser use more memory? chrome,Firefox,opera,edge??
  25. T

    Avast and Opera 12.18 SSL scan

    I dont know how import Avast certificate to this version of opera. It is possible to enable it? I know it is outdated browser, pls dont tell me this. Thanks
  26. Lumia925

    Opera Turbo for PC, and overall opera performance/features

    I used opera a LONG time back, in the days of Windows ME. Since then I switched to Firefox, and have been happy with it so far. I'm now on a very limited internet connection, it's fast, but there's a download limit of 7GB per month, after which the connection is slowed down to 64Kbps(terribly...
  27. A

    Opera vs Chrome Browser

    I've used Chrome for a lot of time , and recently found out about Opera browser , and i gotta say it's pretty good.... What is your opinions...?
  28. M

    Need help with ad-type and tradeadexchange.com

    hey guys recently my browser kept showing up pop-ups every time i click on a link or button i tried firefox , opera and chrome but all of them have the same issue i tried to search for a program responsible for these ads but my program list looks clear i tried alot of ad-ware programs like...
  29. DrRedstone

    is it good to have multiple browsers?

    is it good to have opera, opera next (my main browser), chrome, firefox, and safari, all on my computer at the same time?
  30. Z

    Browser Problems ???

    I have a problem on my computer browsers. I installed some software and an option came up to install partner products and change default homepage but I declined ALL offers and still they get installed. I uninstall them ALL but my default home page is changed in all browsers without my consent to...
  31. T

    Soap opera effect

    Help! I need a smart tv that doesn't make tv shows and movies look like home movies.
  32. S

    forcing gmail.com to show its WAP version in mobile browsers

    Hi guys, I am new, my name is Elio from UK. As per subject, with my android smartphone, I use both opera mini and naked browser as web browser. The version (wap?) of gmail that I get using opera mini, in my opinion, is far better than the mobile version you can get using standard web browsers...
  33. A

    How to Manage Extensions in Opera

    Opera allows users to install extensions that add new features and functions that don’t come with the bare-bones browser. Use the steps below to manage your Opera extensions. Step 1 On your computer, launch the Opera browser and type add-ons.opera.com/en/extensions into your navigation bar...
  34. K

    How to find Opera Browser Command Line

    Probably a dumb question, but where is the Opera command line so I can execute a unix swtich? When opening Opera 25, it opens in a reduced window which it never did before so I want to make if open normally again.
  35. F

    Nothing will load... AT ALL

    2 weeks ago i built my first PC with a friend of mine. So far it has been running fine until a few days ago. My Chrome, Firefox, opera, and even IE won't load pages (Using WIN 8.1). I have already enabled all of them to get past my firewall and i turned off proxy on all, but it still won't work...
  36. A

    no sound on soap opera

    i just have indoor tv antenna with a sanyo hdtv. my soap opera days of our lives has no sound, the sound comes back on with commercials and all other channels have sound. i called days of our lives they could not help me.
  37. C

    Computer freezes in browsers other than firefox

    My computer will hang and freeze quite a bit using certain programs. The disk usage will go to 100% and it will freeze for about a minute or two and then start working like nothing happened. I noticed it will do it a lot if i use chrome, or opera, but it won't do it with firefox. Also it will do...
  38. W

    Will you leave Mozilla?

    With recent resignation of Mozilla CEO will you stay with Mozilla or look for alternatives? While people have feelings on both sides, we do live in a free country (freedom of speech and expression), my question is more for the loss of a valuable programmer (creator of JAVA) and creative...
  39. ColopiX

    Please Help me Before i destroy my PC !!!!

    I oppened goggle chrome and after 10s there is another oppened gogle chrome then Opera Browser is oppened.I closed them all but when i open goggle chrome again after 10s another goggle chrome apear then opera then Enthernet Explorel i dont know what to do ima realy nervous how can i fix this...
  40. A

    Firefox and opera not responding

    Hello, For almost a week now I have been experiencing problems with both firefox and opera browsers. However, they do not react the same way. Firefox takes an awful time to load any page that uses java scripts, while Opera simply can't load anything at all. Windows Internet Explorer still works...
  41. D

    New LG 42LN5300 has soap opera effect, can't fix it --HELP!

    Just bought a LG 42LN5300 tv for a very picky person as a gift. I couldn't be more embarrassed when we turned on the tv and it's clarity is low. The advertisement for this model is that the images can't be beat. But on the contrary the words on the screen for CNN and news channels are blurry...
  42. exfileme

    Rebuilt Opera Browser Arrives on Desktop With User Backlash

    Opera is seemingly starting over with the new browser release, and many users aren't happy. Rebuilt Opera Browser Arrives on Desktop With User Backlash : Read more
  43. NduPlessis

    Opera Browser Now on Android

    Opera releases their full browser on Google Play, featuring Discover Mode, Full Screen Support and Off-Road Mode. Opera Browser Now on Android : Read more
  44. A

    ie vs firefox vs chrome

    I use firefox, chrome and opera. I found firebox as the best and opera is also good, for me chrome is so-so browser, i don't like it much.
  45. Z


    Hello,i want to opera mini but my phone is jad all opera is jar
  46. exfileme

    Opera Software Just Bought Skyfire Labs

    Opera Software has purchased Skyfire for $155 million USD. Opera Software Just Bought Skyfire Labs : Read more
  47. exfileme

    Opera Launching New "Ice" Browser for iOS, Android

    Opera Ice will take a new approach in web browsing on mobile devices. Opera Launching New "Ice" Browser for iOS, Android : Read more
  48. C

    Opera Freezes Computer (when visiting certain sites)

    Hello, I've been having a small problem recently that causes my Opera browser as well as my entire computer to stop responding for a few seconds before unfreezing while visiting certain websites. I've tested another browser, Google Chrome, and the problem doesn't seem to happen with that one...
  49. C

    Best audio and video Recorder for Opera Singers

    Hi, We are looking for the best and easiest portable video and audio recorder device for our daughter's Christmas gift. She is a vocal performance major pursuing an opera career and she has to submit dvds and/or YouTube audio/video recordings for auditions. Audio quality is of the upmost...
  50. E

    Opera bookmarks

    Hey all, I have a hard drive that crashed and will no longer boot. However, i am able to access the drive as a second drive attached to a new drive with a fresh windows install. Anyone know how I can get all of my old bookmarks from OPERA off the old drive. Any help would be...
  51. K

    Opera plugin wrapper

    Comes with Opera 12...what is it? and why does it need HTTP, HTTPS, 1935 TCP outgoing access? Is the 64 bit version available?
  52. JMcEntegart

    Facebook Rumored to be Thinking of Buying Opera Software

    Is there a Facebook browser on the horizon? Facebook Rumored to be Thinking of Buying Opera Software : Read more
  53. J

    Google Chrome Visual Interface

    I use Opera currently and I love it but most of my accounts are on Google and their extensions to check your mail, blogger, google+ among others are so convenient so I am going to start using Chrome for specific things. However I love my visual tab interface when I start up Opera. The only one...
  54. G

    Opera Accuses Apple of Blocking Open Standards Again

    Opera believes that Apple is, once again, using patents to unfairly block an open web specification. Opera Accuses Apple of Blocking Open Standards Again : Read more
  55. S

    FoxReplace but for Opera?

    I desperately need a plugin that is like "FoxReplace" but for Opera. I've been hunting around for something like that for more than a year, but I can't find anything. It's an obvious enough idea that I wonder if someone's just ported FoxReplace itself to Opera somehow. Also, if I wanted to...
  56. G

    Opera cannot find "nvcplui.exe"

    After switching to Opera all is good apart from on initially opening the program. I get a prompt saying that it can't find "nvcplui.exe" which is the Nvidia Control Panel. Even if I locate it, the prompt comes up again. It does this twice before Opera opens properly, and the browser itself works...
  57. G

    Opera Developer Ports C++ Game to HTML5

    Erik Moeller, a developer at browser maker Opera, has just released an HTML5 snapshot of his game Emberwind. Opera Developer Ports C++ Game to HTML5 : Read more
  58. G

    Switching from opera to something else, which browser do you suggest?

    Hi, I've been a big fan of opera from the last 10 years or so. Unfortunately, even after all these years, lots of websites dont display properly in opera. I'm thinking of moving to a new browser, which one would you suggest? I'm thinking of Firefox 5 or Chrome. I cannot install IE9 because I'm...
  59. sagooding

    How to import bookmark from epera to firefox from antoher computer.

    Problem: I need to import bookmarks from opera on computer A to firefox on computer B Specifications: I have a windows 7 laptop that runs firefox(computer B). I also have a windows xp pc that runs opera (computer A) All answers appreciated, My regards, sagooding.
  60. G

    Opera Adopts Browser Rapid Release Cycles

    Opera released a preview version of its next browser, not surprisingly named Opera Next. Opera Adopts Browser Rapid Release Cycles : Read more