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  1. G

    Www name of the new series on ait

    Hello, please can anyone tell me the name of the new soap opera on AIT Nigeraia showned from mondays to thursday 10pm to 11pm..Thanks
  2. G

    Royale Opera Time-Piece Sells for $1 Million

    This isn't just steampunk; it's steam-opulent. Royale Opera Time-Piece Sells for $1 Million : Read more
  3. exfileme

    Opera Mobile Hardware Accelerated for Android

    The first beta of Opera Mobile is coming to Android complete with hardware acceleration and pinch-to-zoom support. Opera Mobile Hardware Accelerated for Android : Read more
  4. Q

    Enable autocomplete in Opera 10.53

    Ok, so I bit the bullet and switched my web browser from IE8 to Opera. After hours of familiarizing myself with the new app I was able to browse the net with one little complain, Autocomplete. Spent several hours on tinkering with Opera's settings and I still cannot find an option on enabling...
  5. ionut19

    Firefox not responding

    :hello: Hi guys. I use Firefox and opera. Opera works great until now but Firefox keeps blocking and it it shows program not responding. Before i write mails(or posts..ha ha ha..) with words that only i understand on their forums i want to ask toms community if is there a way to fix this? I am...
  6. exfileme

    Opera CEO Says We Don't Need Silly Flash

    With HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the Internet doesn't need Flash. Opera CEO Says We Don't Need Silly Flash : Read more
  7. Marcus Yam

    Opera Mini for iPhone Ruling the App Store

    Opera Mini: a better way to browse on the iPhone? Opera Mini for iPhone Ruling the App Store : Read more
  8. exfileme

    New Versions of Opera, Google Chrome Released

    Just after Microsoft launched its browser choice screen, Google and Opera release new versions of their software. New Versions of Opera, Google Chrome Released : Read more
  9. requiemsallure

    Firefox, I.E., Opera, etc.

    Would anyone know the answer to my problem? i cannot seem to get to www.newegg.com for a while now. about a week, on any browser. it just sits there and says transferring data from newegg.com, and then never gets anywhere. i don't understand why this would happen.
  10. ram3500v8

    Tiger WG6

    Does anyone know if the Tiger WG6 is any good? It says it has wifi and opera mini, but I don't know if it really works. http://quad.china-direct-buy.com/v/4/product_detail/6292405/Tiger_WG6_quad_band_dual_sim_cards_dual_camera_TV_mobile_phone_with_WIFI_JAVA_CE.html If anyone owns this phone...
  11. VivaDaDiva

    Best Digital Recorder for Opera Singers

    Dear Readers, I'd like to ask advice on Digital Recorders and what will ultimately work for Recording an Opera Singers voice. I have many Rehearsals and Voice lessions and would like to record these in order to listen to them and learn faster. What would be the right course of action for me...
  12. r_manic

    Anyone Here Use Opera?

    Opera 10 beta's out, but I probably won't pick it up. To be honest I've never used the browser for a significant amount of time, trying it out about a couple of years ago. Even though Firefox's bloated as heck, and Opera supposedly runs leaner, those damn add-ons have kept me hooked on...
  13. exfileme

    Opera Using Secret Sauce for Speed

    Opera Software is struggling to gain ground on the browser front, so now the company is digging in, coughing up a chunk of "mystery code" in order to increase browser speed. Opera Using Secret Sauce for Speed : Read more
  14. R

    Two New SecuROM Lawsuits Filed Against Electronic Arts

    The SecuROM soap opera continues as GamePolitics.com reports that Electronic Arts was hit with not just one, but two completely new SecuROM related lawsuits. Two New SecuROM Lawsuits Filed Against Electronic Arts : Read more
  15. Jake_Barnes

    Opera 9.5

    Opera 9.5 — out now Excellent update!
  16. G

    Opera Launches Mobile Browser Update

    Oslo (Norway) - Cell phone owners can now download version 9.5 of Opera Mobile, the company’s latest specialized browser that includes Flash support and new website navigation tools. On the list of features for the new Internet browser are the ability Opera Launches Mobile Browser Update ...
  17. G

    Opera 9.25 Released

    Oslo (Norway) - Opera, the other browser company, released version 9.25 of their browser late last night. Opera has been benchmarked and shown to have the fastest Javascript execution of any major browser. Opera has mouse gesturing, tabs, a speed dial Opera 9.25 Released : Read more
  18. G

    Opera Files Complaint Against Microsoft

    Oslo (Norway) - Niche Internet browser company Opera has filed a complaint against Microsoft, alleging its tie-in of Internet Explorer into Windows violates European Union guidelines. Opera says Microsoft needs to give users a choice of what Internet s Opera Files Complaint Against Microsoft ...
  19. E

    what's up with Opera?

    Is Opera browser on the brink of extinction? I still use it very often because it manages memory usage better than any other browser. _________________ Free Software Downloads Email Notifier with auto-login for Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail
  20. J

    New Opera 7 - Bork Edition

    I saw the first article on ZDNet this morning, and picked this <A HREF="http://www.opera.com/pressreleases/en/2003/02/14/" target="_new">link</A> orr of Opera's website. I'm definately going to download this version, if nothing else but for a good laugh and to make sure my webpages work...
  21. M

    Opera browser?

    Have any of you good people heard of Opera Browser.This query was posted on one of my local forums. Just a question to tickle the mind a bit. I see a buncha 'puter literates post here frequently, and am curious about what browser you prefer. I have all three, and have had zero problems with...
  22. B

    98Lite, Opera 5.12 and Hotmail

    Man, I hope I can get a reply about this. I installed Windows 98SE using 98Lite's Micro install. I'm trying to achieve more speed and stability. After installing Opera 5.12, I wanted to make sure that I could check my email @ hotmail. But, I can't get into it. I checked the support page <A...