looking for ms access guru


i'll keep this short and to the point..

i currently use microsoft access to manage my rather large movie collection using tables, forms and reports and while this does work well enough i would like it to have a facelift and a frontend attached.

basically a frontend with three features.
-thumbnail+title browsing screen with sorting option pulldown
-movie details pop up screen
-add movie pop up screen.

a view report button with search option would be an added bonus.

in essence something like what is done on this commercial program except with a better skin, without some of the advanced linking features and previews and completely based on manual input.

yes i do realize that there are commercial programs for this as well as freeware however i dont quite like either how they look or how they are laid out. provided i could get something nice laid out i was going to post it here on the forums as a freebie template.

while i am fairly adept at microsoft office and i understand the basics of access i dont think it will be an easy undertaking to create a frontend without countless hours of research and trial and error. what i am looking for is for someone who can take a database with a table and forms set up and create a frontend for it. since i am proficient enough with photoshop i could create all background graphics and button graphics as well as a photo image showing what i would like the finished result to look like. basically i would need someone to take the information and create all the links within access. i am sure for someone more familiar with access than i it wouldnt be a huge undertaking.

i am currently in the works with updating the tables, forms and reports as well as coming up with some design ideas so i'm not quite ready to proceed. at this point i'm just looking to see if i can expect any good-will help from some experts or if i will need to figure it out on my own.



i am looking for someone who can take an existing access database and create a frontend for it to simplify user input similar in nature to the above photos. if all goes well i would like to post it on toms as a freebie for other movie buffs to use.

at this point i'm just looking to see if help is available or not.


thank you in advance for any replies

however... please do not post "you should just use a free or commercial solution" unless of course you are aware of one like the photos above that uses an editable access database.


was working in photoshop playing around with some ideas and came up with this..

nowhere near done... just a concept.

edit: if i use shelves... i know i can get it to auto repeat but i have no idea how i will use headings for genre.. hmmm



i am making slight headway with a basic access template for a design similar to above...

-i figured out how to make the main user window pop up without any access controls and i figured out what i need to do to control the size. this will need to be fine tuned however its a start.

-i am able to load a form on the left side which i can use for the navigation buttons and also load a report on the right side for display of the movie list. i also figured out how to make only one side scrollable.

right now i'm stuck on how to make a 1x1 inch report design (using simple measurements for the testing version) tile five columns right before it drops down to the next line. i've tried everything i can find and it still insists on listing them vertically. access can be so frustrating.

i was looking into the issue for pulling up a "detailed information" window as a popup when you click on a movie in the main gallery. i think this link might have something to do with it? http://www.baldyweb.com/wherecondition.htm as it is described as creating a link from a "summary" of information to the "complete" listing of information for a given row.


so i did make some progress only to find more setbacks

one step forward, two steps back.

i swear access was coded to be intentionally confusing.
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