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    If a compnay that created their own game used mac address filtering would it portect players from hackers?

    Would mac address filtering prevent hacking and other forms of unathroised access on a created game?
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    Best Laptop under $500.

    Hello. There have already been multiple forms created about this topic but mine is a little different from the others I have read so thats why I still went ahead and created this one. I am a session musician who travels a lot and I need a good laptop that I can take with me on the road. I have a...
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    Looking for used macbook, which is best for me?

    Hello, I may be purchasing a macbook. Size doesn't matter, and neither does it being used, or being old. I just want to be able to watch youtube, type in forms, and browse the web. Any models that may fit this catagory, and are sub $150 used? Also, where should I buy used macbooks? Thanks a lot!
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    how do i set my windows' regional settings to use Greek for non-unicode strings?

    strings like "Ôï ðåäßï 'ÁÖÌ' ðñÝðåé íá ðåñéÝ÷åé ìüíï áñéèìïýò." in an old win forms app that came into visual studio 2015
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    Creating a customized fillable form for mobile phone use

    For reference, I am attempting to create a form that will be used in a healthcare setting. It will have information regarding patient activity, stability, vitals, and grooming. How can I create a fillable form that would mimic our paper form? The intention is for my staff to complete this form...
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    VB multiple forms

    Hi, I have created a VB rpoject with 3 forms. 1 needs to be invisible and the other 2 need to be visible. When I run the project, none are visible, even if I put me.visible = True on the two visible forms. Can somebody help me? Thanks
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    Simple sums in Access Forms question

    I simply want to show a table on an Access form that displays sums for each of the rows of fields and sums for each of the columns of fields. It will appear as a table with sums along the right side and sums across the bottom, and a grand total in the bottom right corner. Is this possible? I...
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    Verizon Wi-Fi Connect App

    This app no longer works since receiving some Windows 10 updates a few months ago. I am getting an unhandled exception stating object reference not set to an instance of an object. It is apparently not getting my Verizon login credentials in order to connect to any network. The details are as...
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    5.1 surround sound cheapest options that meet criteria

    I see many forums asking for the best surround sound but their needs are always slightly different so I thought i would make my own post. I would be very grateful if anyone could chip in. Im looking to set up the surround sound around my PC in the corner of my living room where i will use it for...
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    Program for filtering data

    I need a program to filter data in one of the following forms: Excel XML PDF CSV This is because I have collected data and it can be exported in the forms above. Most of the filtering is numeric, for example I would like to be able to test a row full of numeric values for the values above a...
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    excel split screen

    How do I split the monitor so I can have 2 excel forms up at he same time
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    I get error runing this program?

    Hi, i want to moddify my fifa 15. With software called Creation Master 15. When i run this, and inside program, when i click something i get error. Does anyone understand whats problem? Read the details under. I use Win 8.1. Here is error: "Unhandled exception has occurred in your...
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    Screen Jumping When Filling Out Forms

    This occurs using Firefox browser when filling out website pages. The cursor jumps and words I am spelling do not get inputted.
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    When filling in forms with Windows 7, screen jumps around.

    Upon filling out information in boxes, mispellings occur and typing does not get logged in to form boxes on websites.
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    Multiple Amps and Multiple Speaker Sets

    Lurking around various audio forums I notice that many people have multiple amps in the setups. Without being facetious, why? Do you use different amps for different purposes depending on the input? Do you have a different set of speakers connected to each amp, or do you use the same speakers...
  16. AGx-07_162

    How to Publishing Access Forms

    Not sure how complicated this might be but here goes: I have a small MS Access database that I've built some queries and forms in. What I need to do now is "publish" it in a way that the users can access the forms but not be able to modify them, queries, or tables. I know this can be done (and...
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    looking for ms access guru

    i'll keep this short and to the point.. i currently use microsoft access to manage my rather large movie collection using tables, forms and reports and while this does work well enough i would like it to have a facelift and a frontend attached. basically a frontend with three features...
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    alienware control center error help please

    I'm getting an ANNOYING error for my alienware laptop boughbt in 2009. M15x. It keeps saying the error message below when i try to open alienware control center. See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. **************...
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    Barcode Generating

    I want to generate barcode images in the .NET framework that supports Custom Windows Forms DLLs or Controls. Cause I'm a freshman of .NET, what do I need when I generate barcode images in the .NET Winforms?
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    Nissan 370Z Roadster: Tech To Fall In Love With

    I'll be upfront with you: I am biased about the Nissan Z as I believe that, especially as a roadster, is one of the sexiest cars on the road today. It is one of the purest forms of driving an affordable sports car today. Nissan 370Z Roadster: Tech To Fall In Love With : Read more
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    10 Google Tricks You Didn't Know About

    Get yourself off Google's tracking grid, create and backup online forms, bring Twitter to Google and Gmail, and take back a misfired Gmail message. 10 Google Tricks You Didn't Know About : Read more