Solved! Has my Sky Router been hacked? Rootkit? Spyware?

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Sep 4, 2014
Today i received this email:

The hacking was carried out using a hardware vulnerability through which you went online (Cisco router, vulnerability CVE-2018-0296).

I went around the security system in the router, installed an exploit there.
When you went online, my exploit downloaded my malicious code (rootkit) to your device.
This is driver software, I constantly updated it, so your antivirus is silent all time.

Since then I have been following you (I can connect to your device via the VNC protocol).
That is, I can see absolutely everything that you do, view and download your files and any data to yourself.
I also have access to the camera on your device, and I periodically take photos and videos with you.

At the moment, I have harvested a solid dirt... on you...
I saved all your email and chats from your messangers. I also saved the entire history of the sites you visit.

I note that it is useless to change the passwords. My malware update passwords from your accounts every times.

I know what you like hard funs (adult sites).
Oh, yes .. I'm know your secret life, which you are hiding from everyone.
Oh my God, what are your like... I saw THIS ... Oh, you dirty naughty person ... :)

I took photos and videos of your most passionate funs with adult content, and synchronized them in real time with the image of your camera.
Believe it turned out very high quality!

So, to the business!
I'm sure you don't want to show these files and visiting history to all your contacts.

Transfer $841 to my Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet: 1GXazHVQUdJEtpe62UFozFibPa8ToDoUn3
Just copy and paste the wallet number when transferring.
If you do not know how to do this - ask Google.

My system automatically recognizes the translation.
As soon as the specified amount is received, all your data will be destroyed from my server, and the rootkit will be automatically removed from your system.
Do not worry, I really will delete everything, since I am 'working' with many people who have fallen into your position.
You will only have to inform your provider about the vulnerabilities in the router so that other hackers will not use it.

Since opening this letter you have 48 hours.
If funds not will be received, after the specified time has elapsed, the disk of your device will be formatted,
and from my server will automatically send email and sms to all your contacts with compromising material.

I advise you to remain prudent and not engage in nonsense (all files on my server).

Good luck!

Doing a quick search i believe this is a phishing scam but what’s now got me thinking is:

1) Can my sky q hub be hacked / infested with a rootkit program to view all my photos and see my passwords or is this impossible?

2) I done a quick search on the web on ‘Cisco’ because i’d never heard of it and it appears to be a router manufacture, so my second question is: Do Cisco make sky routers?
I don’t know what a (CVE-2018-0296) refers to but when i looked it up in the web it appears in June Cisco had a Major attack on their software.

So unless this is a complete coincidence my router has been cutting out allot, freezing, videos. it loading, slow internet which makes me worried somone is attacking or gaining data from me some how by infecting my router.


I've received the same e-mail. It's a scam all the way around. In my case I don't use a Cisco router, I run a self built firewall/router, though it does occasionally sport the MAC address of a Cisco PIX ;) (strike 1). Connecting to any PC behind my firewall via VNC? HAH!! There are no VNC clients installed on any of my machines (most of which are running Linux) (strike 2). But the kicker is that there is a complete lack of specific information as to what this individual has purloined from your machine/s (strike 3, YOU'RE OUT!!!!)

Just toss it with the rest of the trash.
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