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  1. K

    Solved! Kernal Rootkit Removal/Identification?

    I have a root kit installed on my computer, I haven’t got a clue how to find it or remove it. My fear is that it is a kernel root kit and I’m pretty done for atm. If anyone can offer help then thanks. I managed to find a very suspicious file if anyone knows what it is. It’s called 4127879B...
  2. L

    Solved! Has my Sky Router been hacked? Rootkit? Spyware?

    Today i received this email: The hacking was carried out using a hardware vulnerability through which you went online (Cisco router, vulnerability CVE-2018-0296). I went around the security system in the router, installed an exploit there. When you went online, my exploit downloaded my...
  3. T

    Weird stuff happening after game installation (Need help choosing an anti-virus)

    Hello to everyone,i installed a game just a couple of minutes ago,and it all went fine,after that i started an update download for the game,and my music was playing at the time,my pc just froze,music just "froze" but kept buzzing a part of the word that it was stuck on,so i thought alright...
  4. Z

    services.exe rootkit malware?

    Does anyone know what services.exe CPU usage should be looking like in task manager, also what is the normal files size for this program in the system32 folder? I am getting around 10% CPU usage max (mostly around 5%ish), with the usage fluctuating up and down. Any ideas?
  5. R

    Solved! Svchost 50 CPU

    So I have this problem that I think that I have a malware/virus on my pc i have an svchost that has 50% cpu usage + bsod when restarting or shutting down pc / slow startup it all started when I downloaded a hack for a free to play game (dont judge me) I just need help urgently please. Already...
  6. xtcmax

    [SOLVED] Please help to remove "Windows Process Manager" virus/malware/rootkit

    Hello. I just got a virus on my PC and I can't remove it using conventional software like: - Malwarebytes anti rootkit - Malwarebytes anti malware - Hitman pro - Protect Scan Portable I did google the problem, tried some of the advice but nothing worked. Problem: At first I was getting a lot...
  7. A

    Persistent RAT that has infected entire home.

    Dude I am having the most unnerving thing happening right now and I and my dad are DESPAIRING. 1 week ago I stumbled upon some logs and I am always compelled to read them and decipher them when i come across them. SO I read it through and I basically read through a point by point description...
  8. W

    Error messages from Avast Premier about Malwarebytes Premium

    I have been using Avast Premium and Malwarebytes Premium for about 3 years. All at once I'm getting error messages from Avast. It says that I'm stuck in passive mode and won't enable the rootkit. It says I have to uninstall Malwarebytes. Should I uninstall it then reinstall it? I have both...
  9. D

    Rootkit and rat removal! need some help

    So I just got in a scuffle with a "hacker" meaning that Im not sure anything he said was real, I was playing rust and to join a team he asked that I watch a video with him, so being the stupid I am clicked in a not secure link given thru steam, So anyways, the thing is he said that he infected...
  10. F

    Fdsasar.jf3 and Data01.vji Viruses?

    Hey everyone. So my computer has been acting pretty weird for a few days, I can't really tell what changed at what time to introduce the problem. Upon reboot, my browser appears to be hijacked, any/all Chrome extensions are removed and the home page + search bar are both changed to
  11. C

    I keep getting redirected to random website

    I got a new system a few weeks ago. i installed Windows 10 and Avast Free, and proceeded to use my computer as i always do, a few days later, i started getting redirected to random website when i use google or, so i just went and formatted and installed Windows 10 again, after a few days...
  12. 8

    How to find rootkit on Acer Aspire E15

    I have EasyPDFCombine My Way on my computer which I wish to delete, but they do not show in Control Panel Programs and Features. How do I find and delete them?
  13. S

    100% CPU Usage on idle!!!

    This is my relatives cpu, and I was really cocky trying to fix it, like oh man, don't worry just gimmie a couple of hours and it's done, but the problem is more than I have expected. I tried every single antivirus until now, and non seem to detect it, OS: windows 7 home premium sp1 32bit. It...
  14. Z

    Deeply Embedded Rootkit Can't Be Deleted

    Emsisoft Anti Malware program shows me there are some deeply embedded rootkits which are highly risky for Win 7 OS to delete. In safe mode I deleted one. Other one doesnt appear. And cannot be deleted. How can I delete them
  15. G

    Can a RAT survive a clean install of windows?

    I recently downloaded a program that contained a RAT, a few hours later i noticed random mouse movement, then my google chrome closing. I immediately pulled out my network and tried to find the RAT but failed. I checked everywhere but i couldn't find traces of it. I believe it was a crypted...
  16. M

    Root-kit in bios

    I have recently discovered malware on my pc that is undetectable and unremeovable by all anti viruses. Not much has happened other than decreased gaming performance, inability to update windows or download windows 10 and inability to update bios, chipset drivers and install certain anti...
  17. A

    Should O buy Lenovo?

    Hey all, i was in walmart the othe day and they have this laptop on sale for $200!! Now, i checked it and it is on Lenovos list of "effected" computers with the rootkit bios whatever you want to call it. Now ive read that they have a...
  18. A

    Should i buy Lenovo?

    Hey all, i was in walmart the othe day and they have this laptop on sale for $200!! Now, i checked it and it is on Lenovos list of "effected" computers with...
  19. I

    Rootkit/Trojan disabled Regedit, Windows defender and Malwarebytes

    Picked up this particular problem from a non official CTF I attended about a week ago.My idiot friend without my knowledge opened up my network settings on my desktop so he could browse some files on my internal drive and while it was open I am assuming that's when someone else installed the...
  20. P

    Could a Virus/Trojan/Rootkit be causing these symptoms?

    Hello, I have a Window's 7 64 bit computer and I have these symptoms. 1:Sometimes,randomly,my computer will randomly wake up from sleep mode,and run like normal.I have a wired gaming mouse,and it couldn't be causing this problem,as I can't wake up my computer by moving the mouse anyway,and...
  21. G

    Formatting good enough to get rid of viruses?

    I was re-installing Windows for a customer that fell for a phone tech support scam (the scammer had control for quite a while). I was unable to run antivirus scans (on multiple programs, including Malwarebytes Chameleon, it said unable to scan after starting), but had no other visible solutions...
  22. D

    Camara Turns On Alone

    Hi, I know there are several post like this one in this forum, but I couldn't find a fix in them. My webcam turns on alone, randomly while using it or right after booting and the laptop connects to internet. I own a Lenovo Y400. How I suspect I got infected? I disabled Windows Smartscreen and...
  23. D

    Question I really need some advice on virus removal and the detection of possible rootkits....ugh....please help.......

    I recently was using an unactivated copy of Windows 7 and tried to use a third party activator as I was planning on installing Windows 8 in the very near future and did not want to have to buy 2 copies of Windows (I know stupid right). Well the activator installed some adware (YTDownloader...
  24. D


    I am worried I might have downloaded a rootkit.....I downloaded an exe. earlier today that installed 3 adware programs (YTDownloader, Speeditup, and something else) despite me specifically conducting a custom install. It took me a while but I finally got rid of these junk programs using IObit to...
  25. M

    Pure Android on Samsung 4

    I recently got a Samsung S4. To say the least I don't like the "Samsung Elements" on the phone. I would like to remove, not just hide, but completely extricate all of it and just have a pure Android OS on my phone. Can this be done on a model SCH-I545. I viewed there are apps to give the...
  26. TurtleMayhem

    Laptop startup white screen before POST

    Hi, Whenever I start my friend's laptop (hp g70-212em) I just get a white screen, before any kind of POST. The only thing I changed after the last shut down was set avast to do a boot time scan. The laptop in question is absolutely riddled with viruses (which I was asked to clean off!), so I'm...
  27. T

    virus scanner seems stuck on 78% scanning rootkit

    My mcafee 2012 internet security has spent now over an hour on 78% completed scanning rootkit, is this normal (it certainly is not for me) as I have never seen this before. I am running a twin hard disk, system cdriver 80 gig, F drive 300 gig. Just looking for a little reassurance as to whether...
  28. M

    Bootsector virus problems

    win xp sp3 two harddisk (infected) boot fails (available) bad freeze harddisk (available) first harddisk =(total deleted 224gb > 7.5gb be) second harddisk = bad freeze (Delete fail) driver files and Os files == (crashes) crash problems Mcafee rootkit = use (no threat) trend...
  29. JMcEntegart

    G2 Rootkit Stops Owners from Android Hacking

    If you've picked up a T-Mobile G2, the successor to the first Android phone ever sold, you might want to hold off on hacking it. The phone is said to ship with a rootkit that will override any software modifications users make. G2 Rootkit Stops Owners from Android Hacking : Read more
  30. M

    Just need a very quick yes or no to a question!!!

    Hello. I ran Sophos Anti-Rootkit and found 4 items. They were: c:\windows\winsxs\x86_usbport.inf Well, Sophos did not automatically check them to be removed because they are hidden unknown files. My question to you smart guys is, should I check the boxes to delete these files, or should I not...