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  1. Satish Patro

    Regarding router WAN port speed

    I want a router for 1gbps speed. I am planning to purchase TP-Link TL-WR841N (802.11 b/g/n)which has WAN port of 100mbps speed means I can't get speed of more than 100mbps. How much I will get max value practicaly assumming I am using cat 6E cable. WAN port speed how to find? Is it like b/g/n...
  2. M

    Question not working?

    Want to change the Password of Netgear Router and when i try to access the webpage then it shows an error. Please help me to access the netgear router login page.
  3. L

    Solved! My router went bad and I had to get a new one now my fire stick is saying I’m not connected to the Internet but I am how can

    My router went bad and I had to get a new one after I hooked it up my phone and computer are hooked and working to the network However my fire stick keeps saying that I’m not connected to the network I’ve tried removing the fire stick and hooking it back up still not work and neither will the...
  4. M

    Connect to my netgear router

    I’m having problem connecting my lg blue ray bpm 35 to netgear router
  5. V

    DnsMasq version used by the router firmware

    This new thread is related to the recently closed one "Router DnsMasq vulnerability issue" Someone may be left with the impression that the "DnsMasq heap buffer overflow vulnerability" CVE-2017-14491 is...
  6. H

    Mesh Routers and Sonos

    I just installed an Orbi. Netgear Pro SRR60 with SSR60 satellites. It will not connect to my Sonos. Apparently Sonos only connects to 2.4 routers. I spoke with tech help at Netgear and they were not able to solve the problem. Any ideas on how to solve this issue? Are all Mesh systems like this?
  7. V

    Closed "Router DnsMasq vulnerability issue"

    Why the discussion "Router DnsMasq vulnerability issue" has been closed recently?
  8. D

    Solved! optoma uhd 65 and windows 10

    Ok I am new to projectors but I think I am having an issue with Windows 10, miracast and my new Optoma projector. Maybe this goes in the Windows 10 forum - I am guessing at the culprit. I have been messing with this for 2 hours now and find windows 10 is apparently much worse than windows 7 in...
  9. B

    Solved! I'm able 2 get on the Internet using my galat phine with no oroblem.

    Im.getting g on the Internet with my galaxy phone with no problem. No router just using ohone. Why can't I get on the Internet the same way with my galaxy tablet. With no router
  10. B

    Wi-Fi 6 Routers: What You Can Buy Now (and Soon)

    The next generation of Wi-Fi is here. Get the rundown on every Wi-Fi 6 router that's coming in 2019. Wi-Fi 6 Routers: What You Can Buy Now (and Soon) : Read more
  11. D

    Access Point slowed internet

    recently ran Ethernet cable out of back of my windstream router/modem to another router that i made an access point. plugging said ethernet cable directly into computer i am getting speeds up to 12-13mbps which is what i pay for. so seems that ethernet cable length doesnt seem to be an issue...
  12. D

    Solved! Strong Wi-Fi weak connection Huawei Honor 7x

    I have had this phone for approximately 6 months and really like everything about it except for the Wi-Fi. It shows a strong signal but the internet and everything related to Wi-Fi is horrible unless I am next to the router. It is NOT a bluetooth problem (I have eliminated that as a possible...
  13. Paul Wagenseil

    Feds May Charge Huawei with Stealing Trade Secrets

    Federal investigators are pursuing criminal charges against Huawei for theft of trade secrets, according to a report. Feds May Charge Huawei with Stealing Trade Secrets : Read more
  14. G

    No More Black Spots! BT Complete WiFi Opened Up to More Users

    Signal-boosting add-on set to give wall-to-wall WiFi coverage. No More Black Spots! BT Complete WiFi Opened Up to More Users : Read more
  15. D

    Solved! My window 10 pc can connect to my wife or my neighborhood router but why not hotspot... Earlier it get connected but that too

    I have tried by managing all wi fi names...Forget them..rebooting many time..Pc and phone both. Even reserved oob too in phone setting..But all in vain..Any do plz help
  16. verndewd

    Is this a wifi theft hack?

    PORT STATE SERVICE VERSION 23/tcp open telnet Broadcom BCM963268 ADSL router telnetd 80/tcp open tcpwrapped 443/tcp open tcpwrapped 5431/tcp open upnp Belkin/Linksys wireless router UPnP (UPnP 1.0; BRCM400 1.0) 8085/tcp open tcpwrapped Service Info: OS: Linux 2.4...
  17. G

    A Port-Forwarding Primer

    What port forwarding is, how it can help your home network and how to do it yourself. A Port-Forwarding Primer : Read more
  18. J

    Solved! Tenda AC6 v1.0 router not loading YouTube thumbnails

    As you can see from the title, I have narrowed down to my router that it is not letting my PC load YouTube thumbnails and other (seemingly random) CSS elements. The problem persists no matter if my connection is wired or wireless to the router, but goes away if I connect directly to the modem or...
  19. F

    How to detect the security protocol used by a Galaxy Tab S2 when set as router

    Hello I'm trying to find out what security protocol does my Galaxy Tab S2 use when it is set as router. Is it also changable? Connection \ Router Wi-Fi - Tethering \ Router Wi-Fi Any hint? Thank you in advance
  20. S

    Solved! my wifi is not working properly when i m very close t the router it conncets and show very low signals and when i move just aw

    my wifi is not working properly when i m very close t the router it conncets and show very low signals and when i move just away from router it did not catch any sgnals. But my other devices did connect far away from router. i tried to update the wifi drivers but it wont work. i reinstalled...
  21. Paul Wagenseil

    Most Routers Have Terrible Security, But There’s One That Doesn’t Suck

    Not one of 28 widely used home Wi-Fi routers have anything close to acceptable security, a new report finds. Most Routers Have Terrible Security, But There’s One That Doesn’t Suck : Read more
  22. G

    TP-Link Archer C5400X Review: The Gaming Router to Top

    It may be big and expensive, but TP-Link's Archer C5400X combines first-rate speed, range and built-in security to rule over all other gaming routers. Long live the king. TP-Link Archer C5400X Review: The Gaming Router to Top : Read more
  23. T

    Solved! Old magnovox tv

    I have an old Magnavox flat screen TV it's not a smart TV. How do I get WiFi going through the router from FiOS? No cable just want to stream from my phone but I do have internet with a router?
  24. S

    Solved! Will my Sharp Aquos 60LE640U work in Europe?

    Will my Sharp Aquos 60LE640U work in Europe? In Hungary I use an Amazon firestick or a Roku stick and stream US TV through a router. We don't use local TV via cable or satellite. I know I will need a plug adapter, but those don't handle any voltage or hertz issues. We are moving the rest of...
  25. Z

    Solved! Hacked router? Vulnerability Catalogue ID CVE-2017-14491

    While on my computer this morning, I noticed a small area at the bottom of my screen that said "Connecting:" and after that it was running through a bunch of words/phrases really fast. My first thought was that I've been hacked, so I ran Avast security scan and found an issue with my router...
  26. I

    Solved! How to install Ethernet to one room?

    I am currently building a gaming pc and will put it in my room. My router and modem are downstairs. Is it possible to install and Ethernet port in my room so I could have a wired connection? How much would it cost? Also, what router would you recommend for fast speed (I have 400/20) and will be...
  27. F

    Solved! x96 mini problems with streaming

    i have router and an extender 150/150 4 - x96 mini boxes if more than one box is on - the streaming stops on both txs i have tried everything including putting 2 tvs on each router - so they are not on same router at same time. we mostly only watch 2 tvs at a time what can i do to stop...
  28. P

    Solved! Is it ok if my wireless soundbar is within 3 feet of router?

    I just got a Logitec 2.1 Channel soundbar which I believe uses bluetooth to connect wirelessly to a subwoofer. The instructions say to make sure both things are at least 3 feet away from things like routers, microwaves, etc. The only place I can put the bar is about 2 feet from my router. Is...
  29. C

    connecting router to modem/router

    how to connect a netgear router to a netgear modem/router? i have a netgear c3700 router/modem connected now to the internet, but i have a bunch of cameras also and other wifi devices connected to this router and i get dropouts. so i got a netgear wifi router r6300 unit. but for the life of me...
  30. F

    Solved! Looking for a WIFI router suggestion for 40 ft boat application

    Have a 40 ft boat and need a wifi router: for TV, tablet, phone (android). suggestions? Have a WIFI extender antenna. Just looking for BEST wifi router suggestion to use on boat to connect my devices to (I assume since it is a relatively small area my needs for some features are not great).
  31. G

    Netgear Orbi Voice Review: Mesh Favorite Adds Alexa

    Among the best-performing home-networking devices available, Netgear's Orbi Voice performs a trick that no other mesh network kit can: It combines Alexa voice control, data and audio in an extension that sets the pace in performance and music. Netgear Orbi Voice Review: Mesh Favorite Adds Alexa...
  32. G

    Solved! tp-link router attack

    I have the tp-link archer c2300 router based on recommendation here. I keep getting attacked from cha cha type attacks. So far nothing has got in but it is consistently happening. What do I do. I hate to return it.
  33. L

    Solved! Has my Sky Router been hacked? Rootkit? Spyware?

    Today i received this email: The hacking was carried out using a hardware vulnerability through which you went online (Cisco router, vulnerability CVE-2018-0296). I went around the security system in the router, installed an exploit there. When you went online, my exploit downloaded my...
  34. Z

    My WiFi is not for my social media apps only even provider changed the router too?

    Any suggestions plz.My WiFi is not for my social media apps only even provider changed the router too?
  35. J

    How do I reset my router

    I’m sorry... but I’m sooo not tech- savvy! It’s just... connected to my Lenovo laptop?? I’m not even sure where the effing Router is!?? What does it look like? lol Sorry... but this is all I’ve got for you ... any help would be Greatly!!! appreciated ;) I do know that I originally set it...
  36. G

    Netgear's New Routers Have Badass Looks, Insane Speeds

    The looks of these beastly routers match the specs. Netgear's New Routers Have Badass Looks, Insane Speeds : Read more
  37. M

    Laptop windows 10 wifi cant connect router,its connect mobile hots pot but cant connect any router.

    I have three routers in my network, I have already 30 user work on this routers but only one laptop OS is win10, its connect easily with mobile hotspot.cant connect any router i have doe all the process drive update,delete,ipconfig/renew etc still can't connect. please let me know what I do..?
  38. A

    Solved! Slow internet speed via ethernet cable.

    I have a Huawei HG8245H router with a 500mb fibre line. Using the appropriate cable I am getting 450Mbps+ through my laptop via ethernet. However, I have a Leelbox Android TV box and the best I am getting is about 95Mbps with the same lead. The quality while streaming is pretty poor and is...
  39. D

    Solved! Wifi authetication problem

    I have a new gal s8. A new router, and a new extender. I have been using all for about 2 weeks, with no problems. Now it will not connect and is telling me authentication error.
  40. G

    Solved! I have wifi interent and i need to hook up an antenna to get stations. I noticed the cable that hooks up router is in the ante

    How to hook up antenna when internet is hoomed up to back of tv?
  41. K

    Solved! In home wifi connectivity issues.

    I am having wifi signal locations in my room and i can not find any reasonable explanation for it. I have a strong router, and the wifi signal on my phone reads strong connection. But the connection times out instantly when trying to use it in certain rooms. This is a normal problem for most...
  42. D

    Solved! When using WiFi, does moving a laptop closer to a router improve download/upload speeds?

    Hi everyone. When you use WiFi, does moving your laptop closer to the router improve download/upload speeds? I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this question anywhere. Thank you.
  43. T

    my tablet gets wifi but so many feet away it goes out

    My tablet wifi goes out after i get about 25 feet away from the router
  44. L

    Solved! Extending wifi over lte but in client mode

    Hi, I wanted to ask if maybe anyone succesfully implemented following scenario: 1. There is a device, a camera that acts as Wifi Access Point. 2. After connecting to this AP you can stream video via RTSP 3. In wifi range of the device there is mobile router 4. router connects to the device via...
  45. C

    Accidentally left my PC in the router's DMZ long term. Need advice

    The title speaks for itself really. I have a techincolor router through my ISP and put my PC into the DMZ a few weeks ago, forgetting to remove it. I know this can be dangerous which is why I had intended only a brief stay in the DMZ. So my question is, what are some steps I should be taking...
  46. G

    Motorola MX1200 AC1200 Wi-Fi Extender Review: Incredible Value for Whole-House Wi-Fi

    The Motorola MX1200 can inexpensively help fill in Wi-Fi dead zones with the combination of reasonably good performance and an easy setup routine. Motorola MX1200 AC1200 Wi-Fi Extender Review: Incredible Value for Whole-House Wi-Fi : Read more
  47. N

    authentification problem for wifi

    Need to reset an old router for wifi connection on RCA Viking Pro Tablet
  48. douglasrcjames

    Sony HTST7 Wireless Subwoofer WiFi Interference

    For years I have had this Sony HTST7 HD Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer, and I would find that my WiFi would occasionally go to near 0mbps. I then started noticing the subwoofer would occasionally go out. After trying to replace the routers many times, I realized the problem was with the...
  49. T

    Solved! New router needed!

    Please find me a GOOD/GREAT/EXCELLENT wifi router that can accommodate up to 8 devices in my house and will last at least 5 years.
  50. B

    can I back up an iPhone wirelessly to an external drive plugged into our router?

    I know I can back up to iCloud, but I was wondering whether I can plug in an external drive into our router's USB port and back up an iPhone (5S) to it wirelessly. Thanks!
  51. R

    How to Fix a Roku that Fails to Connect to the Internet

    Turning on your Roku to discover that it cannot connect to the internet can be annoying, especially when your favorite program is being aired. There are two reasons why this can happen but if you’re sure you inserted the right password for your router, the fault is not from you. Here’s what to...
  52. A

    I can't access into wifi router. It says denied access to network

    I can't access into wifi router it says denied access to network
  53. D

    Is it possible for an APP to deactivate wifi connection?!

    Hi. I have installed an app in my mobile phone (samsung note 5) called POF (it's a dating app). The incredible thing that is happening is that while I'm using the app my wifi is turned off for about 2 minutes. That happens every 5-10 minutes while using the app! How is that possible? The wifi...
  54. D

    Router & Modem Security

    What is the security issue we are all trying to break in our devices?
  55. G

    Phicomm K3 Router Review: Big, Beautiful Speed

    Phicomm's K3 is not only one of the fastest router's we've seen, but one of the rare ones that has a screen that shows its activities and its current speed. Big and smooth, the Phicomm K3 comes with a two-year warranty. Phicomm K3 Router Review: Big, Beautiful Speed : Read more
  56. G

    TP-Link Archer C2300 Review: The New Performance King

    Fast, cheap and secure are the watchwords for TP-Link's Archer C2300. The router excels in Wi-Fi performance and is among the least expensive available routers that include antivirus protection. TP-Link Archer C2300 Review: The New Performance King : Read more
  57. Marshall Honorof

    How to Choose the Right Cable Modem

    Once you know the terminology, you can narrow down dozens of cable-modem choices to the perfect model for your home. How to Choose the Right Cable Modem : Read more
  58. Paul Wagenseil

    How to Factory-Reset Your Router

    The Russian VPNFilter malware infects many home Wi-Fi routers. Here are reset instructions for the most popular router brands. How to Factory-Reset Your Router : Read more
  59. T

    I have an authentication issue on Amazon Fire HD 10. I have restarted my Wi-Fi router and tablet

    Authentication Fire 10
  60. G

    Netgear Nighthawk XR500 Pro Gaming Router Review: Fastest Router Ever

    Netgear's Nighthawk XR500 Pro Gaming Router lives up to its name by delivering the online goods for serious gamers with a low-latency, high-performance design. The XR500 leaves other gaming routers in the digital dust. Netgear Nighthawk XR500 Pro Gaming Router Review: Fastest Router Ever : Read...