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    wifi distribution using a router

    i am receiving long distance wifi via a very effective home built yagi antenna that feeds an Alfa AWUS036nh (200mw usb wifi adapter so the wifi in is USB). The wifi is perfect on my acer aspire AZ5600. My question is: I now need to wirelessly distribute the wifi I am receiving to the small...
  2. Z

    How to detect incoming traffic when someone is trying to hack router?

    Recently I have noticed that my network kind of slows down and if I try to access my router, it has maxed out login attempts. I have ■ TP link router, TL-WR841N ■ WiFi network is hidden ■ I have disabled WPS from start ■ The password to control panel is long and complex Contacting my provider...
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    - Router disconnects after few hours

    First off all sorry if I didn't chose the correct category. Hello, I have a problem that isn't THAT bad but it's frustrating Once N hours my router disconnects me from the with * either laptop or phone, from everything * and it shows the Wi-Fi normally and tells me to connect, but when I click...
  4. K

    Help me to choosing right router

    i couldn't decided yet which router is right for me i have asus ac68 usb ac1900 wifi adapter. These are i would like to buy 1) Linksys wrt32x (Expensive choice i don't know if it worth) 2) Asus ac86u 3) Netgear r7800 i also wondering 160mhz router or Qam1024 which is more important for...
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    How can I completely block a website so I can no longer access it???

    Hello everyone, I need to block a website so I can no longer access period. I have tried the trivial things such as blacklisting it in my router and creating an openDNS account and adding the website name to exclusions AND tossing the password for openDNS so I could not remove the site...
  6. C

    Connected but still can't find proxy,,?

    New router. Phones up. How the proxy is found? Do I need to change the password here too? It found my new router,
  7. A

    My laptop is not connecting to the net despite the router working.

    I have a Dell Inspiron 3521. My laptop is showing a strong internet connection yet none of the browsers are connecting to the internet. I tried all the command prompt commands given on the Windows web page and still no luck. I even tried using my mobile data on the laptop through USB and even...
  8. G

    Solved! Can I plug a phone cable into the router and into laptop phone port?

    What happens if I plug a phone cable into the router and into the laptop's phone port?
  9. P

    Avast says I have a"wanna cry" intrusion on my router

    I need help. I a not very tech savvy though I am doing my best to learn. Evidently I have a "wanna cry" invasion on my Acer aspire 2014. I have rarely used the laptop.I have been ill and generally use a smartphone. I have att as my isp.. Att gave me a modem/Router combo. Motorola nvg510. I...
  10. L

    Why is the internet light not lighted on the router

    My Netgear router is R8000. Why is is internet light not lighted . However , there is connection.. kindly advise.
  11. P

    Help with Reconnecting to the Internet.

    Hi all - I'm not sure that this is the right place to post this, but I can't see a better alternative. Firstly I must say that I am not, in any way, computer literate when it comes to the 'back-room' stuff concerning settings and that sort of thing. So if you are good enough to try to help me...
  12. P

    At&t special techs said couldn't help

    I believe someone has managed to get control of my AT&T moden/router and has changed browsers on my tablets and android phone. My location on them doesnt even show the correct townn but a town that is not close vicinity of where I live..
  13. G

    Aluminum Foil Can Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

    A little aluminum foil goes a long way. Aluminum Foil Can Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal : Read more
  14. G

    Norton Core Router Review

    Not only is the Norton Core a high-performance router that pumps out the data, but it inspects every data packet entering your network. Norton Core Router Review : Read more
  15. E

    asus laptop N551 JW-CN097D dropping wi fi

    hello, I have asus laptop N551 JW-CN097D it is dropping wi fi. Problem is not in router. Because other laptops work fine and my notebook drops wifi everywhere. My friend put an external modem (usb modem; sorry I am not very good with computers) - it works when I am near it, but if I go to...
  16. G

    F-Secure Sense Review

    By combining a router, security appliance and local software, F-Secure's Sense can add extra protective layers for your home network, but the router has limited customization potential and lags on performance. F-Secure Sense Review : Read more
  17. O

    Noob needs help, TV to external HDD via router

    Hey, I never been a TV guy, watched every movie on my PC but I moved now and need a TV in my bedroom. Here's what I wish to do: I want to download videos directly to an HDD that the TV can recognize, so I was thinking to get a router that has an USB port and connect an external HDD to it (mount...
  18. M

    How do you change you password for the router on the tablet

    How do you change the password of your router on you tablet?
  19. P

    Fire HD 8 Internet

    Alright, so my internet is on, obviously. Router and Motem Working fine, am on my computer, work fine, phone works fine, Using Fire HD 8 at latest OS, it has the wifi icon, but with a ! on it, I've tried everything!
  20. G

    Portal WiFi Review

    Ignition Design Labs' Portal WiFi is the rare piece of networking gear that combines easy setup with good performance at an inexpensive price. Portal WiFi Review : Read more
  21. Marshall Honorof

    How to Update Your Router's Firmware

    These instructions should help you update your router, which is vital to securing every internet-connected device in your home. How to Update Your Router's Firmware : Read more
  22. Marshall Honorof

    Protect Your Router from KRACK — If You Can

    Some manufacturers have already released patches for software and hardware affected by the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability. Protect Your Router from KRACK — If You Can : Read more
  23. edlynntb

    Windows 10 Wifi Connection Problems

    On a clean install of Windows 10 Pro on an HP Pavilion 17 (about 2 years old) with all drivers up to date, I have nothing but problems when connecting this laptop to my brand spanking new D-Link AC3200 with the latest firmware installed (previous firmware also a problem). The Windows 10 laptop...
  24. C

    How to find web address software is accessing

    As title said i want to know application which is present in my PC connecting to which web address to download particular files. OS - windows 10 x64 1703 Router - D-Link DIR-803 Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router
  25. W

    Windows 10 PC can connect to Wifi router, but not the internet

    So, last week there was a storm and my internet went out. My signal to the modem was wonky, so a technician came out to fix it. After he retuned the signal booster and got me a new modem, I still wasn't getting any internet. After trying various options with no success, he tried a router he...
  26. N

    netgear router 1970 date

    netgear router shows 'Thu Jan 01 00:00:46 1970' and constant DOS attacks
  27. A

    Unable to connect my wired desktop PC to my wireless Smart TV

    Hi guys, My desktop PC is connected to my router via powerline ethernet, and my TV is connected to the router wirelessly. I was able to connect my laptop to the TV (using add device in settings). Both computers are running Windows 10. My laptop is connected via WiFi so I assume the issue here...
  28. P

    Investigate router or access points

    My network status says no Internet access, it shows my computer-netgear23-and no internet. I run the troubleshoot and it says investigate router or access point issues. I also get unidentified network. The cable company says something is wrong with my computer. Someone suggested it was an issue...
  29. P

    Solved! Investigate router or access points

    My network status says no Internet access, it shows my computer-netgear23-and no internet. I run the troubleshoot and it says investigate router or access point issues. I also get unidentified network. The cable company says something is wrong with my computer. Someone suggested it was an issue...
  30. Marshall Honorof

    D-Link Router Fails at Security, Researcher Says

    The D-Link DIR 850L router is rife with flaws, from top to bottom, and the security researcher who found them told the public directly. D-Link Router Fails at Security, Researcher Says : Read more
  31. B

    Secure WiFi Router

    What is your "rating" of the "all-new Norton Core (TM) Secure WiFi Router"?
  32. T

    Streaming 4K Router

    At the moment I have a TP-Link Archer C9 which I stream Netflix&Amazon Prime to my Vizio M43-C1 or our Hisense 40H4C1.I don't have smart phone but we do have 2 amazon fire tablets 2 Desktop Computers.Should I upgrade my router to one that sends a higher Mps? Own my cable modem Arris Surfboard...
  33. C

    Router cutting WIRED speeds in half

    Linksys e2500, wired download speeds tested several times go from 100Mbps (on modem alone), to about 50Mbps (with router). Have already tried: Different ethernet cables, different speed tests, factory resetting router, firmware updating router, disablling QoS on router, and different MTU...
  34. G

    Why i got high ping on my ps4 when gaming online?

    i am saudi and i have this stupid router that provides high speed but high ping. so i have an horrible experience on my ps4 and not just that. it also disconect me on very important match like overwatch
  35. S

    Router - Powerline Suggestion

    I have a Netgear N300 WIRELESS ROUTER (JWNR2000) which is used as a primary router and also have TL-PA8030P to extend the signals within the house and the second Powerline adapter is connect TL-WR841 (accesspoint) as a wifi Now my N300 Netgear is not working Whats your suggestion? is it better...
  36. I

    Dell Studio 1555 WiFi Upgrade

    Hey everyone, I have a Dell Studio 1555 that I've managed to keep going. Upgrades include: HDD to a SSD 2GB RAM to 4GB. Since the upgrade to Windows 10 though I can't do anything on the internet anymore, its incredibly slow and freezes. Router: Netgear NightHawk X4S AC2600 w/ 2.4/5ghz Dual Band...
  37. E

    Samsung smart tv connects to my network but not the internet

    I can get my tv connected to my secure wifi network and see that I have been given an IP address, but I then get the message that it cannot get out to the internet, I'm assuming through my router. I have a configuration with an AT&T router and two other routers also connected to it. I have...
  38. C

    Security, virus, capability

    So many "security" apps and services there must be overlap but I'm not certain: Router with WPA or other security; Bitdefender Box-type security devices; Bitdefender app antivirus; VPN; etc. How do I fully understand the capabilities and limitations of the different offerings; what features...
  39. P

    Modem Router Combo for Charter Spectrum

    What is the best Modem/Router Combo to use on Charter Spectrum Cable TV?
  40. N

    Asus won't stay connected to wifi outside my home

    My Asus is about a year old. It was fine for 6 months. I travel a lot and rely on it to re-book air tickets when things go awry (as they do with air travel) It now won't connect to wifi unless I'm practically on top of the router - fine in people's houses where I can see the router and move...
  41. L

    Laptop not connecting to internet

    My Hp laptop won't connect to internet . My wifi works and I also have a cord that goes directly from my wifi router and connects straight to my laptop and still nothing , I need help !?
  42. R

    I have input my password for WiFi connection but it's showing authentication problem. please help

    My device is not got authenticate by WiFi router even after inputting correct password
  43. M

    Extremely Strange Complex Virus.

    Hey guys, Now before I get into this I would like to start by saying that I was very confused as to which forum to post this in, so forgive me if this is the wrong one & I am also very limited in my knowledge of this so In a desperate call for help and to make people aware of this I decided to...
  44. S

    Nextbook doesn't like my router?

    I have a Nextbook tablet (NXABQC116) that seems to have a grudge against my TPLink router. It worked fine before, and still occasionally gets a little bit of Internet. The tablet connects to other networks just fine, and no other devices have trouble connecting to the router. It does...
  45. G

    the icon on my window of laptop says that the no connections available although the router is on and connected on my phone, no

    The wifi in my laptop isn't working. I tried several things checked the adapter settings. still it doesn't seem to work. The wifi icon on the screen appears to be disconnected i have turned it on still it isn't working the icon on screen laptop indicates that the no connections available...
  46. A

    laptop network error

    when i connect to my router lap is restart. there showing error massage as a driver_irql_not_less_or_equal (rtwlane.sys) please help me...
  47. J

    Solved! WiFi works occasionally. Either working or not working after turning on PC.

    Laptop : Samsung NP300E5V-S02IN Driver and router are fine as sometimes when I turn on PC, WiFi is working fine. But most of the times when I turn on PC, it functions like there is no WiFi hardware in my laptop. No setting, just ethernet symbol shows. I noticed this in windows 8, then...
  48. R

    Avast is blocking my router's ip

    Just about a month ago avast's firewall started blocking my internet completely, internet only works when firewall is disabled. I have tried the following: Resetting my router Disabling "Enable HTTPS scanning" Repairing the program Removing Wi-Fi inspector This has been frustrating me so...
  49. G

    Internet Speed Tools and Apps Ranked Best to Worst

    We test-drove all of the internet speed test options so you can easily tell whether you’re getting your money’s worth from your ISP or wireless carrier. Internet Speed Tools and Apps Ranked Best to Worst : Read more
  50. G

    Netgear Orbi RBK40 Review: Great Mesh Router for the Price

    Netgear's second-generation Orbi mesh-router system is smaller and cheaper than the original, but nearly as powerful and just as reliable. Netgear Orbi RBK40 Review: Great Mesh Router for the Price : Read more