Windows 10 PC can connect to Wifi router, but not the internet


Oct 5, 2017
So, last week there was a storm and my internet went out. My signal to the modem was wonky, so a technician came out to fix it. After he retuned the signal booster and got me a new modem, I still wasn't getting any internet. After trying various options with no success, he tried a router he had in the work van. It worked fine with my PC, phone and tablet, so we concluded that my router was also in need of replacement. I got a new router, which is working fine, as my phone and tablet can access the internet through it with no problems.

Unfortunately, my PC is not able to access the internet with it via wifi or Ethernet cable. When trying to use wifi, I can connect to the router. The PC just isn't able to detect an internet signal. When connecting directly from the modem to the PC, it's as though it's not connected to anything.

The Network status troubleshooter says, "The DNS server isn't responding."

The Windows Network Diagnostics says, "Your PC isn't set up to connect automatically to this network. Select Apply this fix to connect automatically when the network is in range. If you'd rather continue connecting manually, select Skip this step." and severs the wifi connection. I do in fact have my PC set to automatically connect, and I've repeated this diagnostic several times. After I select Apply this fix, I get three problems found. "Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (DNS server) is not responding ", "This computer is set to manually connect to "my router name here"", and "Wifi doesn't have a valid IP configuration "

I have scoured the Internet forums for these issues, and found loads of recommendations. None of them work. Help me Obi Wan Tomsguide! You're my only hope!


Jan 1, 2014

Let me ask what type of modem etc DSL or cable? It seems,the modem is not configured correctly what company is service with?

Next I would like you to open a terminal type cmd and tham select Command Prompt.

Type in this window

ipconfig /all

Please post back the output. This will tell me what is the issue etc.
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