Solved! Extending wifi over lte but in client mode


Feb 1, 2018

I wanted to ask if maybe anyone succesfully implemented following scenario:

1. There is a device, a camera that acts as Wifi Access Point.
2. After connecting to this AP you can stream video via RTSP
3. In wifi range of the device there is mobile router
4. router connects to the device via wifi
5. I connect to the router via internet and thus am able to watch the stream

So, in other words - is it possible to extend wifi over celluar being only client.

I know that when device we want to access acts as a client it is very simple: you just need to
set up port forwarding or DMZ. This is not what this is about. I want to know if there is a way to extend this connection
when you have only access to the client.

For instance, there is Teltonika router 955 which supports wifi client mode. Unfortunately it only lets you to act as a client
when LTE WAN connection is off. So that doesn't solve problem.

Does anynone know about the device that does just that:

-connects to Wifi AP
-and at the same time allows you to connect to it using cellular (SIM inside)


Maybe I'm understanding things wrong, but are you talking about a WiFi hotspot? You can't extend WiFi over a cell data connection, you would do the opposite. A cell phone connection comes from the provider towers.