Accidentally left my PC in the router's DMZ long term. Need advice

Oct 6, 2018
The title speaks for itself really. I have a techincolor router through my ISP and put my PC into the DMZ a few weeks ago, forgetting to remove it.

I know this can be dangerous which is why I had intended only a brief stay in the DMZ. So my question is, what are some steps I should be taking, other than a basic virus scan, to identify any damage done during that time? Or are the odds good that I was never compromised at all?

Just some details in case they help. During this whole time I have had two antivirus installed (Avast and Malwarebytes) and I've had the Windows defender firewall in place. I've already run some scans which haven't turned anything up yet.

Is there anything else I should be doing/worried about?

Thanks in advance.


Jun 25, 2014
The only other scanning tool I would recommend running is AdwCleaner (which is a Malwarebytes-owned software). If that turns up nothing, odds are you're fine. Generally, businesses are more at risk when running in a DMZ than the personal user. That's not to say that the personal user can't run into trouble running in the DMZ, but it's not as likely.

If you are concerned, changing passwords on your online accounts may be a good idea to ensure that your passwords weren't stolen through some form of wiretapping, but it's really up to you.

Just make sure to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity on your computer or network that could signal some sort of issue.