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  1. M

    Solved! cant delete Sophos after trial ended

    I tried Sophos antivirus and firewall on a 1 month trial. After the trial was finished I tried to uninstall it but it asks for the password , when i put in my password it wont recognise it as the 1 month trial has finished and it wont allow the use of the password for removal . I tried...
  2. G

    firewall needed now?

    Was using Norton 360 on win7 laptop. I can't afford to renew Norton so I uninstalled it and turned on Windows defender. Do I also need a firewall now?
  3. T

    What is the point of a third party firewall?

    Internet security software often comes with its own firewall unlike basic antivirus.Does such a firewall actually protect better from hacker attacks than windows firewall? Does software firewall is even necessary when router already offers hardware firewall with strong protection and if you are...
  4. J

    Solved! have internet access, but computer shows otherwise

    I have a Acer Aspire E5-575-53EJ that runs on windows 10. I've recently had problems with my firewall and internet connectivity. The firewall has been fixed and is running smoothly, the internet is working as it should. But the problem is before i login to my computer, it shows that i am...
  5. D

    I'm still within 30 days but can't get the refund. I've written to them twice but no response.

    1. I signed up for Nordvpn and many times I wasn't able to connect or it was very slow. 2. I contacted customer service and the representative suggests I disconnect my firewall and any anti-virus-malware I have on my computer. 3. I did this and Nordvpn worked great. 4. I downloaded something...
  6. P

    Solved! Turn offf safe mode

    My tablet is stuck in safe mode having to do with the Wiindows Defender Firewall settings
  7. C

    Accidentally left my PC in the router's DMZ long term. Need advice

    The title speaks for itself really. I have a techincolor router through my ISP and put my PC into the DMZ a few weeks ago, forgetting to remove it. I know this can be dangerous which is why I had intended only a brief stay in the DMZ. So my question is, what are some steps I should be taking...
  8. B

    Help me with my firewall

    Please help me when i try to go open Windows Firewall with Advance Security It keeps on loading and cant open it is there a way to fix this ? Please help me im dealing this problem for months
  9. C

    Firewall with ability to block connections in real-time?

    Looking for a Windows 7/8/10 software that has the possibility to record established and attempts to establish connections with IP adresses, drop connections and restrict a certain program or the entire OS to connect to specific IP adresses in real-time. In other words, a program that blacklists...
  10. Lutfij

    How To Keep Your Data Secure On Windows Laptop

    Although developers of OSes advertise that their latest offering is technologically advanced and the most secure OS that has ever graced the market, there’s no telling what people on the other end of your system are capable of doing. Give them enough time and they can find an intrusion point...
  11. L

    New Router/Firewall Recommendation

    I have a fairly old router/firewall that I want to replace. I'm not concerned about WiFi but am concerned about security. My current router has not had updates available for years. Does anybody have recommendations for something that has excellent security?
  12. P

    I have a window 7 pc firewall security is blocking my wifi how can i fix it to get access

    My Windows 7 pc wont let me go online . Its saying firewall has bocked it for security . Ive tried everthing but i still cant get online. Shared the link and went to setting did everthing. But no success.
  13. AcidElement

    Confusing UDP Firewall Blocks

    Over the past few days I've noticed something odd about my firewall. There is an insane, and I mean unimaginable amount of ARP requests being blocked on my Comodo Internet Security 10 firewall if I have the anti-ARP spoofing setting on, and when its off there is an insane amount of UDP requests...
  14. D

    Wifi won't connect to blu ray

    My blu Ray says check for firewall on router to connect, how do I resolve this issue so my blu Ray is wifi connected
  15. M

    Can't access certain windows functions.

    Hi, It appears my Windows firewall is off and I'm unable to switch it on. I tried to switch it on from the Action centre, but it just hangs, doing nothing. I've gone into services.msc to see that windows firewall is already on Automatic settings, but when I try to start it, it comes up with...
  16. thegamersite1

    Google Keeps Switching to Bing

    So, I been having this issue for the past month. I doesn't happen quite often but when it does it constantly does it. When I search something on Google it automatically switches to Bing. It's annoying and I can't even fix it. I tried looking for any weird program on Control Panel, but there is...
  17. R

    Firewall software that asks you approve every connection an app makes

    Is there windows firewall software that alert on any outbound connection an app makes and ask you to approve it first. I kind of remember something like this from many years ago but couldnt anything modern. Issue is I have a piece of software that the vendor released a bad update right...
  18. R

    McAfee uninstall -> Windows Firewall won't turn on -> Network Reset -> VSS component error

    Hello all, I have encountered an issue on my girlfriend's Windows 10 home laptop (Sony VAIO ca. 2015, i5 8GB ram). It was slow so we decided to uninstall her McAfee antivirus. She is a paid subscriber so we figured we could simply reinstall later if she wanted to. I looked through the installed...
  19. S

    My Asus laptop's keyboard numerical and alphabetical keys are not working. I tried ease of access option but nothing happened,

    My laptop's firewall is also expired and for that I have to renew but I can't login because of this problem of keyboard.
  20. DiamondxCrafting

    Eset Or Bitdefender? Which One Should I Get?

    Which antivirus should I use? Eset Smart Security Premium 10 or Bitdefender Total Security 2018 Ignoring the prices, which is the winner overall?
  21. J

    Do I need antivirus? Turn on firewall or not?

    Do most macbook users have anti-virus, or not? Also, I was looking through the settings and was surprised to see that my firewall was turned off by default. I assume that means I don't really need to turn it on?
  22. M

    windows firewall is preventing connections to your computer

    Hi there.just have a question(title).Recently got a new wifi everything was fine and suddenly this happen.Give me a solution(not an old link).This problem happened in win10.Just tell me how to fix it. Thanks
  23. A

    Should I block Amazon Music Helper on my firewall?

    I am installing updates of amazon music, then my windows firewall ask me if I want to allow or block amazon music helper on my firewall? I am on a desktop at home.
  24. B

    I live in Senior housing and it's a brand new building with self leveling gypsum between our floors, without firewalls between

    Surround sound frequency vibration from tenant below, who is very hard of hearing and refuses managements request to lower the subwoofer. Management cannot detect the issue on a regular basis, as the tenant waers a headset with a subwoofer.
  25. M

    firewall blocking facebook photos

    First of all, this is my home PC, so it's not an "I'm trying to get around Facebook at work issue"' But I cannot post photos to facebook using my pc unless I turn it off. Is there a safer way to create an exception for facebook? I don't see a pop up that asks me anything about it either. I am...
  26. M

    Best firewall on Chrome Web Store

    What is the best firewall that I can download from the Chrome Web Store. I am on a Chromebook so I can't use any Windows or Apple software. I am prepared to pay up to $10. Chrome Web Store Thanks, Anonymous
  27. R

    Avast is blocking my router's ip

    Just about a month ago avast's firewall started blocking my internet completely, internet only works when firewall is disabled. I have tried the following: Resetting my router Disabling "Enable HTTPS scanning" Repairing the program Removing Wi-Fi inspector This has been frustrating me so...
  28. splinter09

    trying to make my pc a firewall

    hello im trying to make my pc a firewall i already have the software but i have a small question correct me if im wrong i will need a network card adapter, the internet cable that coming from my isp will be inserted in my first network slot in the card and the second slot in the card i will...
  29. Sinji58

    Home firewall with server

    I have a server running centos 7 with a seperate NAS that my files are located. Basically what I want to do is have home firewall to make my server more secure but have I'm looking to have a firewall that does everything from vlan, VPN, virtualization and NGFW. Also gigabit possibly dual...
  30. T

    Free 3rd party firewall for Windows 10

    I am using the data on my android phone to create a Wi-Fi hotspot to which i connect my Pc. This as you can imagine drains my data fast. I want to know if i can change the settings for the firewall within Windows 10 in such a way that i can decide what programs connect to the internet and when...
  31. F

    Firewall/Security software for Windows 10

    Hi all, I need a decent piece of software, been blatantly hacked for 6 months or so. Preferably a company not associated with eba*? Any suggestions? I'm in deep and have been hit hard, just wondering... FOB
  32. G

    twitter wont load on my PC but will on my phone?

    hi im having problems with Twitter on my windows 10 home PC, i used to be able to access the website but now all i get is : This site can’t be reached took too long to respond. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics...
  33. djsioni

    does this version of kaspersky include firewall protection??

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2017 - 1 PC (Key Card) looking to buy anti virus for my new computer i need anti virus and firewall protection , in the 20-50 dollar area
  34. PC-4LIFE

    Anti-Virus's disabled windows 10

    I got a windows message saying firewall is turned off, but I payed no attention to it as I could access the McAfee App and that said real time scanning was active and I ran virus scans. It seemed to be enabled just fine. In security and maintenance it said both windows firewall and McAfee...
  35. M

    Utorrent is stuck at "finding peers"

    Utorrent won't download any files instead the status bar shows "Finding peers", I unchecked enable DHT, and my firewall has granted access to Utorrent. What should I do?
  36. E

    How can I get rid of a firewall on a Chromebook 11 (Touchscreen)?

    So my school has these new fancy Chromebooks with touchscreens and stuff; they run on Google. I would really like to know how I can get rid of the firewall the computer has, and if I can't do that, can I at least get rid of the administrator monitoring my computer? Thank you for your time.
  37. J

    Keyboard typing on its own and random links

    my dad got an entire new setup after his last PC was crashed and the firewall got turned off permanently. Installing the main software on his new computer , the keyboard started typing on its own . Before freaking out i put the keyboard in my PC and suddenly it sent me to weird random links...
  38. E

    GE62 Apache Pro Sound/Chrome/Firewall Issue

    Hey all! I just recently bought a GE62 Apache Pro and I'm having issues. The other day, I was just doing a bit of gaming and my sound crashed. In order to fix it, I uninstalled and then rebooted so that the driver would be reinstalled. However, I tried opening Google Chrome right after and it...
  39. A

    Windows Firewall Blocking Internet connection.

    I have a problem with Windows Firewall not allowing me to connect to the internet. I cannot even connect to online help. I cannot get Windows updates. It is very frustrating. The error code I see the most is 8024402C Since trying to upgrade to Windows 10 and rolling it back to Windows 7 (64)...
  40. AcePotato

    Windows Firewall Issues

    I am having an issue where every time I open up Google Chrome or Steam, I get a popup telling me that 'Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this program'. I tried to fix this by adding Chrome and Steam to the list of programs allowed to communicate through the firewall but after...
  41. C

    Do I still need a 3rd party firewall with Windows 10?

    Ever since I used Windows XP, the first thing I always install on a fresh install of Windows is an antivirus and a firewall. However, most modern firewall software is too bloaty, and if I do find a firewall that is compact and lightweight, it's very complex to configure most of the time leading...
  42. C

    Firewall pinged back at port scan I did open port scan, no open ports but the test was failed because they said that my firewall pinged back at them. It hasnt pinged back before, so this made me worried. Is this a sign of malware?
  43. CaptainCrape

    Weird Downloading issues

    So, recently I was having problems with YouTube videos buffering. Some videos would play at 1080p the whole time with no problems, others couldn't even load in 144p. So, I found a guide on how to remedy this, it said to block this specific IP address in cmd that google outsources data to, and it...
  44. GameFreak01048

    Best Free Firewall?

    I use my laptop on BT wiFi with FON and I was just wanting to ask a reliable place about what the community thinks is the best free firewall for windows 10 :)
  45. Stanley112

    How to protect from phishing and skimming.

    Hi, I run a pawn shop with my friends. We search every online flea markets to collect items. Last night, I was browsing through tips to strengthen the firewall settings, when I came across this blog. ( It talks...
  46. R

    Security Configuration for a Noob

    I've only ever had a firewall installed until a few days ago when I got my first known virus (which forced to me to lose everything). So, now I'm thinking I should get one. I've spent half a day trying to figure all this security stuff out and here's what I got so far. Any suggestions on the...
  47. H

    Windows firewall problem

    I uninstalled Norton and am now using Avast but with windows Firewall it sais that it is turned off. I can't turn it back on because it sais it is application controlled by Norton, by as I just said I uninstalled Norton. So what can I do about this ? I am using windows 10. Thanks.
  48. G

    simple firewall for windows

    so I am using Avast Premier, but my subscription is going to end next month, I only use it because of the firewall... what I find interesting on the avast's firewall, is it's simplicity: you open the firewall, application rules and it shows a list full of drop down menus, where for example if I...
  49. itsVance

    Firewall detecting 'suspicious' incoming network connections and blocking them.

    Hello all, I realize there are a lot of people eager to help folks like me, but I ask that you read my entire question before giving an answer. =) A couple weeks ago my AV detected a few trojans on a storage drive and got rid of them. Had no problems until a few days ago when I noticed my...
  50. C

    Comodo vs ESET Firewall Security

    I have trial version of ESET installed on my computer I also have the basic version of COMODO installed. I want to ask that is it ok to enable firewall of ESET or should I switch it off because they might clash with each other and turn out to be counter-productive. Also which firewall is...
  51. Lumia925

    comodo firewall (free)? zone alarm (free)? or something else (free)?

    Please don't suggest Windows Firewall. While this might work for the majority of users, it doesn't work for me. The reason is simple, it's tedious to configure. It will either ALLOW outgoing connections by default, or BLOCK outgoing connections by default. If I select ALLOW, almost everything is...
  52. Terence McCormick

    Computer started talking about windows firewall

    My PC started to talk about my Windows key and told me not to restart my computer or i will lose all my data, and told me something about windows firewall. I need to know if I got ratted or something.
  53. A

    How to I access the inbuilt firewall in chrome OS 50.02661.103 on a chromebook.

    Hi, I am new to the chromeOS, I have connected the chromebook to another server via an LAN cable and a private 10.x address. I can ping the management address of the other server, but I cannot bring the remote management page up in the chrome OS chrome browser. I need to allow the 10.x...
  54. V

    BullGuard - How to completely stop it, without uninstalling it?

    Hello! I want to produce music. And I have been told that the various Antivirus/Firewalls out there produce ms/lag (this determines the computers ability to do real-time audio recording). I have been adviced to TURN OFF Bullguard and pull out the Ethernet Cable when I want to produce music to...
  55. EagleOD1

    Windows Firewall not turning off

    So, I installed ZoneAlarm and want to turn off Windows Firewall, Windows Defender is turned off but not Firewall. I disable everything and turn it off, but when I open Skype for example, it asks me to allow access and then Firewall turns on again. I don't want Firewall anymore and I want to use...
  56. A

    Comodo Internet Security and Avast

    I know that this thread has probably been posted before, but does Comodo Internet Security conflict with Avast? Both are the free versions and I see a a lot of talk about comodo firewall but I don't see a link to download it from on the comodo website. Thank you so much!
  57. M

    Can't access firewall by Norton Security

    (It's dutch) I can't turn on or off (change) a firewall setting It says this is set by Norton Security Does anybody know how to get access? Or do I have to remove Norton... Thanks
  58. MitchMuiz

    Opening port 3569

    In order for Battlefield 4 to work, I opened port 3569 in my firewall. I just wanted to know if it's safe? Thanks in advance
  59. S

    AVG License and Error Issue

    My AVG has worked just fine until a couple days ago, now when my PC boots up it tells me; "AVG License Error AVG is not able to recognize you License Number." I don't think the license needs re upping since my dad buys it for I think 3 other computers excluding mine and hes not getting this...
  60. S

    how good is bitdefender firewall

    as compared to windows firewall? I have Bitdefender Total Security 2016 installed on windows 10 Bitdefender firewall was blocking FTP connections. First I tried through windows explorer, but the issue persisted even after I installed a dedicated FTP app. I read the thread on it at bitdefender...