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  1. J

    Combo AntiVirus Anti Spyware Firewall Encrypting

    Mates, i would like some recommendations! I wanted a Anti Virus, Anti Spyware and Firewall combo recommendation if possible (2016)! And if possible, a recommendation for an encryption software for my files! It doesn't matter if it is free or not. Thank you very much!
  2. R

    AVG (free) did a "PC Analyzer" report on my system: how reliable is this kind of report?

    Here's the report: although I could not copy and paste it: ---------- Registry errors: 291 errors found (high severity). I cannot copy and paste these, but are application paths, auto starts, file types, firewall, help files, history, shared files, installed software,uninstall. Junk files: 2264...
  3. Commander Matt

    Do I really need AVG?

    Recently AVG has been extremely annoying. Games that it didn't used to flag are being flagged; older games (Star Wars: Starfighter) are crashing because of AVG (Game starts, loads some, AVG brings it down claiming it's a virus, same old same old). Perhaps a recent battle with AVG (my father's...
  4. TheJJBman11

    Best Antivirus for me?

    Hey! I am on Windows 10 and have previously used Norton - which crashed by PC so that's a no go + it costs a lot. I am currently using avast! which is pretty good; however, I need something more lightweight, the price is good and I presume the detection is solid also. I have currently looked...
  5. N

    Cannot install any games at all

    Hi im Natipha. My laptop is not allowing me to install games,and i don't know why. It keeps on telling me to check my firewall settings each time the downloading is nearly finished. Please help me. My laptop is an: Acer Aspire 5742Z
  6. G

    AVG Firewall borked in Windows 10

    So Windows installed another update last night and this morning my firewall in AVG Internet Security will not start up. All other components are fully green and running. It says that the enhanced firewall is not running, and to click "Reset to Default" because the firewall cannot start due to a...
  7. S

    anyone managed to get a free antivirus to work with comodo firewall in win 10

    anyone managed to get a free antivirus to work with comodo firewall in win 10 avira (free) + comodo = says your computer is not safe if you switch off windows firewall panda antivirus (free) + comodo firewall = make my computer run unstable and slow with lots of freezing avast antivirus (free)...
  8. G

    I have windows xp sp3 I use firefox 39, I just reinstalled free avast, does it have a firewall?

    My pc is an old one -- windows xp home ed version 2002 sp2, 3, it updates itself . I use Firefox 39 instead of Internet Exp, It now crashes and freezes a lot.. what antivirus and firewall will help me? I had avast and uninstalled, and reinstalled. SuperAntiSpyware professional said it was...
  9. L

    Hardware VPN Firewall

    Hello: I have a wireless router and a unmanaged switch at home and I would like to add a small VPN firewall on top. My budget is within $100. Any suggestion?
  10. B

    What is a good search replacement?

    I hate Windows 7 search. It does not search on many folders, is slow, and a general pain ITA. I found a good replacement in Voidtools Everything search, but it does connect and upload mysterious data to Microsoft websites. Here is a screen capture: A search...
  11. E

    how to get comodo firewall only , without the antivirus?

    os windows 8.1. i am using free avast which does not give firewall. so i wanna use free comodo firewall (i think zone alarm better but comodo has a desktop gadget buy which i can monitor my outbound and inbound data rate by which i can kill unwanted apps which eating bandwidth , so i prefer...
  12. E

    ERR_Proxy_CONNECTION_FAILED - NOD Security 8.0 control on all windows

    hi, I got new computer [i7 4790K, GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5, Samsung EVO 840 500GB] installed Win 7 64b, till now all working perfectly. i installed NOD Security 8, and all my troubles start - the anti virus change LAN/Proxy settings and disable the option to change any settings there, Anyone have...
  13. B

    I can't update my Kaspersky database tried almost everything didn't work

    my Kaspersky database won't update i have tried by changing update source,i have tried turning off widows firewall,etc i think its connected to this problem that mystartsearch becomes my default new tab, homepage and search engine
  14. S

    Is it safe to use limited account without antivirus?

    Hello. If I don't install any AV or firewall on my Windows XP computer, but I use a "limited account" instead of administrator, is it safe? Thanks.
  15. Steel724

    Avast + Malwarebytes + Personal Firewall?

    So I have Avast and Malwarebites installed on my computer, and I've read that I should set up a personal firewall. Could somebody explain the benefits please and suggest a good one please (preferably free)? Thanks a lot
  16. A

    Buying BitDefender. Which version should I go for ?

    Hi, I am getting BitDefender but confused on what version to get for. I just want my PC to be free from viruses, spywares and hackers etc. So kindly suggest which version should I go for ? I am on Windows 7 now , but will switch to Win 8.1 tomorrow. And also if you guys recommend Internet or...
  17. T

    AVG Antivirus Free Firewall

    Hello I have malware bytes premium lifetime and avg free running on my system. I just realised that avg free doesn't have a firewall. I'm here asking if that's true. If it doesn't come with a firewall than what's the point other than to clog up my cpu? Does anyone recommend a good antivirus...
  18. D

    software privacy protection

    Hello everyone and a newb question here, I understand that a certain software I'm using is 'phoning home' and can somehow indentify my mac address, my ip, and my personal web domain. What protections can I take to prevent this? I'm currently using a firewall called 'Windows 8 firewall...
  19. M

    Recommend Free AV and Firewall App

    Okay, here's the thing. I'm looking to swap out Zonealarm on my XP system; yes I am still using XP.. Now for the Antivirus: The more important thing is I'm looking for something that is fairly lightweight in terms of resources but also offers a bit more flexibility in settings. Bitdefender is...
  20. D

    Windows Firewall exception

    what is exception in firewall? ipsec means what?
  21. L

    how do i block adult content on my browsers

    there should be a way to do it since its 2015 if not i cant believe there isnt any
  22. J

    Bitdefender Total Security 2015.... Do i need external firewall or switch to another antivirus?

    Hello I just tried out trial version of bitdefender total security 2015. Pretty impressed with it. But I also tried Norton 360 trial version. And it was great too (both tried on separate virtual machines). So i looked on internet to see which one was better (even if by slightest margin). And i...
  23. quad777

    Free Firewall Software

    Hi Guys, My Scenario: Small office (10-15 users), 1 x Router, 1 x 24 port unmanaged switch, 1 x dedicated firewall linux pc(not sure what version)with 2 x network cards installed on the pc and smoothwall firewall software installed on it(this was set up by previous IT Guy, I do not know how to...
  24. DukiNuki

    AVAST Free average protection ?

    Hey Guys . I need to choose between Qihoo 360 IS and Avast Free . i need a good free security solution that is much better than MSE . Some Sites Like PCMag say that Avast Free 2015's security is just average . it didnt pass the VB100 Test . AV comparatives scored Qihoo 360 Much higher than...
  25. Z

    I was tweaking my firewall settings (Comodo Internet Security Premium) and I have google chrome. I have a wireless connection

    Windows 7 Google Chrome Firewall Antivirus Commodore Internet Security Wireless connection
  26. viveknayyar007

    How to Configure Firewall Settings in Chromebook?

    Chrome OS provides a built-in firewall that can be used to protect your computer from external threats. The built-in firewall also enables your computer to work as a primary line of defense for the entire network when placed in the perimeter network. Note: In order to use your Chromebook’s...
  27. N

    Google chrome keeps crashing

    I've used chrome for years, and comodo firewall and HIPS protection for some months, but suddenly google chrome started crashing as soon as it was loaded. I tried to reset my user profile and reinstall the program, but nothing changed, and loading it in Comodo sandbox didn't lead to any results...
  28. U

    What is the best Anti-Virus Solution?

    I've heard of combos of using Avast for the firewall, Malwarebytes for their powerful scanner, or maybe some other combo. So what is considered the best virus-slaying solution? Or will all antivirus programs just interfere with each other?
  29. G

    Is Windows Defender & Windows Firewall enough???

    Greetings! I'm on Windows 8.1 and surf using Firefox with Adblock Plus, I NEVER click on random links, nor do i visit untrusted websites. Would Windows defender/firewall be enough protection for someone like me?
  30. J

    Need free firewall program that can run in "super nag" mode

    Hello, everyone! I am currently working on a project in one of my classes in college, and for this project I am looking for a free firewall program that can run in "super nag" mode, by which I mean that it must be able to be configured (as in, it can't just do this by default) such that it will...
  31. D

    I want Endian Firewall OFF my Mac.

    I have a MacBook my dad got used and he put all the memory from my previous laptop into it. I've never come across Endian Firewall before, so the previous user of this MacBook must have put it on here. I can't seem to figure out how to remove the whole thing. It won't let me go to harmless...
  32. T

    Firewall | Ping goes up

    Should I turn off my firewall while playing online games? Because I noticed that when my online game is starting, my ping goes up but when I close the game the ping suddenly goes down again. Why is that?
  33. detroitwillfall

    Help configuring Nod32 AV 8 w/ Comodo Firewall?

    im currently using free versions of nod and comodo and was wondering which features/execeptions do i need to configure to not conflict comodo with eset?
  34. Lumia925

    Will Comodo Free Firewall install along with Avira Free Antivirus on Windows 8 PRO 64?

    The last time I tried, it didn't. I could install them both (ignoring the incompatibility warning) and they would work for a few days (a few Avira updates), but then Avira's real-time protection would stop, and the option to turn it on would be disabled on the tray icon right click menu. On...
  35. H

    My windows7 home premium worked perfectly well until a locker door dropped on the screen. I did change the screen but now it t

    It shut it's firewall and avast anti-virus, I tried installing it with a restart, now it's 2hours still booting, showing only the desk top icons with movable cursor but freezed
  36. A

    Firewall that is just a firewall

    Hello, I am trying to find a software firewall that I can use on a Win 7 machine that is JUST a firewall. If you dont know what I mean, Zone Alarm used to be just a firewall asking you about incoming and outgoing traffic, then after some update a while back it turned into something that was...
  37. Futsfaith

    What programs should I install?

    I just did format to my pc and I don't know what type of security programs I need. I mean, do i need antivirus, firewall , anti-malware, anti spyware? All of them? some of them? Which of them?? Plz help!
  38. L

    best combination of antivirus and firewall.

    I just recentley reinstalled windows after someone gained access to my bank accounts. i changed all my passwords, IP, Etc. I kinda blame this happening on myself because before all this took place i threw caution to the wind and decided to go full commando when browsing the web no firewall...
  39. Rangan Das

    Suggest me a security suite! (urgently needed)

    So, the 2015 versions of the security suites are being released and I am badly in need of one for my desktop. I have tons of projects, college work and documents that I just cannot afford to lose. I was using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware that I purchased long back. I upgraded, but it was not worth...
  40. M

    Any firewall for PC similar to Ashampoo's?

    I've been using Ashampoo firewall all the time and it was the straightforward and user friendly app which meet my requirement. This application alerts me when a new application is requesting internet. I have the option to allow the requesting application and remember my choice for this app. And...
  41. L

    Is McAfee even necessary anymore?

    I'm having issues with my McAfee blocking video games and yahoo links that I know are safe - and I've found myself wondering if I even need it anymore? I already have Malwarebytes, a firewall via my router, as well as the windows firewall. And I don't connect to anything risky from this...
  42. C

    Best Walware, Firewall and AntiVirus?

    I'd like to know great applications for firewalls, malware scanner and an antivirus. Pretty much it! Thanks.
  43. W

    How can a hacker get into an e-mail without knowing my password?

    Hello everybody! May i ask, how can somebody get into my e-mail and Guild Wars 2 account (btw it is a Hungarian mail provider - without knowing my password? I found my Guild Wars 2 password recovery mails open, when i wasn't logged in. They got into my GW2 account as well, but they...
  44. M

    IS there way to scan my actual IP address?

    hi, I use GRC shields up free online tool to scan my computer at least I was expecting it to scan my firewall. i'm using a local router which connects to ASDL broadband and have a single PC connected to it. When I scan with GRC shields up, so far it scanned my ISP gateway, because today it...
  45. J

    Antivirus, Firewall, etc

    Hello! I am getting a new hard drive because I think my old hard drive may be infected. I had it for 3-4 years, and I did some torrenting before. I currently have Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebyte's anti-Malware, but I heard that: Firewall = prevention, and antivirus = cure...
  46. S

    what is the best free AV for windows 8?

    hi friends, im using windows 8 basic edition and im looking for a free AV and firewall for my System. would any one like to recommend any AV and firewalls? please note that the AV and firewall cannot cause these additional issues - Slows down computer - give boot problems - detect clean files...
  47. simmons33

    Recent Steam Error. "Failed to poke Open Firewall"

    So, Recently, with the newest Steam Update, Ive noticed Event Viewer Logging the following - Event ID: 1 / Source: Steam Client Service / Level: Error. Error. Failed to poke Open Firewall. I haven't been having any network problems, and this is logged every time I open steam. Strangely though...
  48. J

    In your opinion, what's a good antivirus for me?

    So what I'd want is an efficient and good AV (with firewall and those kind of things) but good for Gaming. With that I just mean I don't want it to slow my computer or while gaming or give me messages too often, and less while I'm playing. Something like that but yet good and efficient. I've...
  49. E

    Zonealarm free firewall identity and data glitch?

    Hey guys I have been using Zonealarm for my firewall for a while now. But just recently I've noticed that everytime I boot up my pc the firewall part is on but I have to manually click on identity and data. This has been happening very recently for me. At first I thought maybe I could fix it...
  50. ShindoSensei

    Google Chrome Won't Open after I close it?

    So today I closed chrome and tried opening it again, but it kept telling me it couldn't. I reinstalled it a couple times, and deleted its appdata folders to make things run smoothly. To test that it wasn't a firewall issue I turned my FW off and I turned my antivirus off as well. How can I fix...
  51. nazmi10

    The best personal firewall

    Which personal firewall should i use for my gaming laptop? Please give opinion..thanks :)
  52. T

    protecting data from email and other threats.

    Firewall, virus and spyware protection for a small business that is in the public eye and gets lots of mail from strangers? my clients send me lots of personal information that I need to protect as best I can. also I can probably do better with something that is easy when compared to something...
  53. D

    Security for headless seeding machine

    Hi, I've just setup a Win7Ultimate 32bit headless seeding/download machine. Its an old Pentium D 3.2 Ghz 1G RAM. I should need firewall/anti virus/anti malware app but I prefer not to use those integrated resource hungry apps like Comodo (which I am using now in other machines at home). I...
  54. O

    Why is netgear firewall blocking access to websites

    Hello, I don't have a netgear wireless adapter, but netgear is still blocking my access to websites. Why?
  55. C

    Windows 7 vs Vipre firewall

    I have a question and was hoping someone could help me out. I have Windows 7- 64 bit Profess. version. I have been using the Windows firewall. But I also have Vipre Internet Security 2013 which also has it's own firewall which I have not been using. Does anyone know anything on which is the...
  56. J


    Hello, What do you think is a good anti-virus and firewall software? What do you think about Kaspersky? Is there a software, which combines antivirus and firewall? What do you use? Thank you.
  57. C

    Install security updates windows xp failed

    I can not open my windows f.e: defender, firewall, User acct, controls for any user and User profile service. My laptop tells me, I lost my C Windows\system/32 Thank you for your cooperation,
  58. T

    Windows Remote Desktop

    New user here hoping to get some help. Long time IT person so no rookie to using Windows Remote Desktop. Have a strange situation going on today though. Have an XP pro machine set up to run remote desktop and receive inbound traffic from outside my firewall. Ports forwarded, firewall exceptions...
  59. M

    To delete the firewall log in endian firewall

    Any body please help how to delete all logs(proxy, firewall. content filter etc) in endian firewall