Bitdefender Total Security 2015.... Do i need external firewall or switch to another antivirus?


Dec 31, 2012
I just tried out trial version of bitdefender total security 2015. Pretty impressed with it. But I also tried Norton 360 trial version. And it was great too (both tried on separate virtual machines).
So i looked on internet to see which one was better (even if by slightest margin). And i came upon results that bitdefender has been best one out till today. But i also saw many reviewers saying that its firewall isnt that great. So my questions before i buy it out->
1) Is its firewall really that bad?
2) Is it really the best one out (i just hate reinstalling windows due to viruses, so much to extent that i keep everything at aggressive and remove even false postitives. For me, nothing is more painful than reinstalling windows and all those apps again, so yeah it matters -.-').
3) Should i just use bitdefender and instead get another third party firewall application (like zonealarm or something)? If so, also recommend me one if possible.
4) Should I replace this and instead get norton/kaspersky?

i want an all in one suit, so consider only complete suits-> Bitdefender Total Security/Norton 360/Kaspersky Pure.