Nov 4, 2009
Hi Guys,

My Scenario:
Small office (10-15 users), 1 x Router, 1 x 24 port unmanaged switch, 1 x dedicated firewall linux pc(not sure what version)with 2 x network cards installed on the pc and smoothwall firewall software installed on it(this was set up by previous IT Guy, I do not know how to use Linux). Each employee has static IP Addresses assigned to them.

Linux Firewall crashed cant get it started again. Main purpose of this firewall was to monitor bandwidth/internet usage by employees, firewall was an added advantage. Network card 2 is on the 192.168.2.xx network and network card 1 is on the 192.168.1.xx network. Network Card 1 plugs directly into the router and network card 2 is plugged into the switch to which all other pcs connect to.

What I Require:
Software that will be able to act as a firewall and also a "proxy server" where i will be able to monitor all employees bandwidth usage.