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  1. R


    Do I need to uninstall the several malware programs on my computer before I install a software firewall? I also have microsoft security essentials running.
  2. JohnD212

    Need firewall suggestion

    I've been using just a router as a firewall for quite a while but recently had to eliminate the router while Time Warner diagnoses some issues on their end. Without the Router I am left relying completely on Windows Firewall and i don't suspect that is the best choice. So to better secure my...
  3. Dark Lord of Tech

    ZoneAlarm Antivirus + Firewall is now Free

    * ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall :D :D :D
  4. Valmordius

    How do i remove Endian Firewall Community relase 2.2.1 0- Console

    I have a tower given to me that Boots to Endian Firewall Community relase 2.2.1 0- Console how do i remove it so i can install Windows?
  5. G

    Neatgear Firewall is Blocking my film sites

    fim site blocked by netgear firewall how do i dissable it
  6. S

    How to disable sygate personal firewall

    Hello, how to use Sedate Personal Firewall
  7. N

    What is FIREWALL?

    Plz explain me Firewall?
  8. W

    New laptop

    i am starting an apentiship with microsoft next year as a firewall teqnition. they have offerd to buy me a lap top but to be honest its rather poo. they have said that they will put £300 towords a top and i can pay the rest if i wish too any advice on which root would be the best #i will be...
  9. D

    Zone alarm causing slow down

    Hello, After installing zone firewall, my computer slowed down to an unaceptable crawl, especially when signing on to the internet. Why is this happening
  10. tjosborne

    Avast question

    ok i just installed avast free. i noticed it dorsnt have a firewall and adware protection and the like. i have no problem paying $40 for two years coverage, but is it worth it or is there other freeware that works as good or better? if so let me know but like i said if the avast complete package...
  11. H

    Business Firewall for Windows and Mac Laptops

    Hey all, I'm hoping you can give me some guidance with this problem. I'm in charge of creating and maintaining a firewall that will be used accross 200 or so Windows and Mac laptops. Some information that might help: -We have our own domain -Users are allowed to take laptops home -We currently...
  12. Dark Lord of Tech

    Free Software Links

    Free Software Links Updated : 2\15\2016 Antivirus and Antispyware * Bitdefender Antivirus FREE Edition * Microsoft Security Essentials * Avast Free Antivirus...
  13. abar92

    Avast! free av,comodo firewall and win xp sp3

    Hello, I am using windows firewall now,but just hear about third party firewalls like comodo firewall.It sounds good after knowing benefits of it from forum.Now I am using Windows Firewall(win xp pro sp3),Avast!Free Antivirus.Here I have some questions: Does it work without problems with my...
  14. M

    A free security software which does everything for me?

    Hello,i look all over, and im so confused. I need an FREE anti-virus and firewall, but all these settings seem very confusing, and the same goes for all pop-ups asking me what to do, aint there any out there what makes it own decision to keep me safe and runs super fast which uses hardly any...
  15. exfileme

    First Dynamic Firewall for Android Released

    A developer has created a dynamic firewall for Google's Android OS. The drawback is that it only works on the Nexus One and Nexus S phones. First Dynamic Firewall for Android Released : Read more
  16. L

    Help what's going on, makes no sense

    Hello!! On my pc ( soon to build a new one ), I had windows xp firewall and Internet security, also a symantec antivirus. While on the Internet I received a message from windows saying my firewall and other security has well pretty much crashed and uploaded 29 viruses like a stat counter and...
  17. V

    ZoneAlarm alternatives?

    Hi folks, Are there any other freeware firewalls comparable to ZoneAlarm? I've been a long term ZA user but it doesn't seem to like my new build very much (keeps on stalling at "Protection up, initializing UI"). I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium 64, using the Windows firewall at the moment which...
  18. A

    No fire wall

    Hello, in addition to not having a firewall my resident shiedl is not active . online shield is partially functional can you help me
  19. C

    KIS 2011 firewall problem (Win 7 & Vista )

    Hello, Problem Report ====================================== Problem Event Name: BEX Application Name: avp.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 4cd05f34 Fault Module Name: MSVCR80.dll Fault Module Version: 8.0.50727.4927 Fault Module Timestamp: 4a2752ff Exception Offset...
  20. L

    McAfee freezing computer during downloads

    I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this issue - or has any thoughts about why it is happening. I've got a PC running Win 7 and McAfee's Firewall Plus program. Anytime I do a lengthy download of any sort on this computer ( and if I have McAfee running ), the computer just freezes and...
  21. TopGun

    AntiVirus and Firewall needed for parentals...

    Hey guys, I've been reading some reviews and it appears like Norton AntiVirus 2011 and BitDefender AntiVirus are among the most consistently top rated AV programs for 2011. My girl's parentals are about to have their Kaspersky subscription run out in 10ish days. I'd say their main concerns are...
  22. G

    How Come with Windows XP you Can Run Two Firefalls?

    I used to run Nortons Firewall and Zone Labs Demo! With Newer OS you are allowed to run only 1 and its a software issue and conflict even with Todays Multi-Thread Chips? I used to run This Set-up with My Athlon XP PC in around 2003 after i got my Network+2003!
  23. Andon48

    What to allow through firewall?

    My subscription to Norton Internet Security just ran out, and I'm sick of paying for their crappy program so I decided to go with free alternatives. I started with a fresh install of W7 X64 and settled on Avast! and Comodo firewall. I have no idea what I should do about incoming connections...
  24. Z

    Best antivirus/firewall

    I'm building a pc soon with windows 7 , so I need a security software. I'm open to suggestions between free and paid. The importants things are definition updates to keep viruses out, firewall that keeps threats out, real-time scanning, and low system resource usage. The software doesn't need...
  25. exfileme

    ZoneAlarm Using ''Scareware'' to Sell Firewall

    ZoneAlarm's developer is using scareware tactics to force free-version clients into purchasing the full suite. ZoneAlarm Using ''Scareware'' to Sell Firewall : Read more
  26. A

    Is this good enough?

    I am running win7 and was running windows defender and the windows firewall. Is that good enough? I then started to run kaspersky 2011 suite in lieu of the aforementioned and was wondering if it really makes a difference? The resource usage with the windows defender was almost nil, but I...
  27. bloodcrane

    Which is smarter

    I was wondering would i be smart to get a anti-virus and a firewall separate ex. ESET&(STILL DECIDING ON THE FIREWALL,any suggestions would be good) ...or is it safer/better to get it in one suite? ex. Trend Micro Suite
  28. E

    Netgear blocking sites

    Hello, how do u unblock net gear firewall from face-book, so you can go on face-book? xx Emily
  29. JMcEntegart

    Porn Star Inspires Chinese to Jump Great Firewall

    Thousands of Chinese web users are said to be circumventing the country's "Great Firewall" just to see the tweets of a famous porn star. Porn Star Inspires Chinese to Jump Great Firewall : Read more
  30. Bruceification73

    Firewall Suggestions

    Hello, I have Windows XP Home edition with Norton Anti-virus and windows firewall, and I am having some problems. First of all, the Windows Firewall periodically turns off, about every fifteen minutes, but I have scanned with three different anti-virus softwares (Norton, Kaspersky, and an...
  31. treefrog07

    Comodo's latest free AV/Firewall drives CPU to 100%

    Problems with the 3/24 release of the free Comodo Anti-Virus and Firewall. I was using the x64-compatible version on WinXPx64sp2. -- It has a bug that -- Causes 100% CPU utilization after it loads on Start-up. This slows everything else (processes and programs) and drove my CPU temp from the...
  32. H

    Looking for firewall

    Hey, I'm looking for a good free firewall program to protect my new desktop. I've been using Comodo on my (failing) laptop but periodically noticed large slowdown for 10-20 minutes. It could be the laptop or domodo isn't as good as advertised. Should I stick with comodo or is there a better...
  33. S

    HP G71 358-NR

    Help! Somone just tell me how to set this up. as in plug into elec., put in a firewall...just give me the step by step and I'll do it. Also do I have to buy a router and hook that up first or not??
  34. Y

    Mcafee Firewall

    help me to enable Mcafee firewall
  35. P

    Virus scanners for network storage

    Hi all, I use ZoneaAlam Extreme Security as a firewall and virus protection. However it doesn't allow scans of network storage drives. Can anyone suggest a good alternative that does? Warren
  36. exfileme

    Second Life ''Enterprise'' Now Testing at IBM, Navy

    Linden Labs announced an Enterprise, "behind-the-firewall" version of Second Life. Second Life ''Enterprise'' Now Testing at IBM, Navy : Read more
  37. S

    Frostwire and limewire doesn't connect

    my frostwire and limewire doesn't connect :o usually when i click on one of the two programs it connects automatically but it doesn't it just stays at "starting connection" and nothing happens. :cry: first it was my firewall that was the problem but now for some reason its not (i guess)...
  38. Fuster33

    Panda Antivirus Doesn't Want to Update!

    Well, automatically at least. Have to update my Panda Antivirus + Firewall 2008 manually! How to resolve?
  39. H

    Vista compatible open source firewall / antivirus?

    x64 if possible. any suggestions?
  40. Q

    Neatgear Firewall is Blocking

    i just got my new laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525) and just a few days ago I tried to go on myspace and it showd a red and black site saying that my Netgear Firewall has blocked the site. So does anyone know how to unblock it??
  41. B

    Best software firewall

    Just curious, what is considered to be the best software firewall for desktop computers on the market today? I'd appreciate many responses. thx
  42. G

    Most People Ignore Security Patches, Turn Off Firewalls Says Sophos

    Boston (MA) - Most people apparently ignore security updates and turn off their firewalls, according to a new survey by the anti-malware company Sophos. Most People Ignore Security Patches, Turn Off Firewalls Says Sophos : Read more
  43. G

    Best Anti-Virus and Firewall for gaming?

    I was wondering what the best Anti-Virus and Firewall programs were for use with gaming? I play mostly WoW and Everquest. I use Mcafee Security Suite now. I am happy with its performance on security, but think it may hamper gaming(I could be mistaken though). Was looking for the best "free"...
  44. G

    China’s Great Firewall to Remain Up During the Olympics

    China is refusing to guarantee it will not censor Internet access during this summer’s Olympic games. China’s Technology Ministry offered the assurance that the international media will still able to continue to function as they normally would. Over the China’s Great Firewall to Remain Up...
  45. I

    most effective ANTI-VIRUS/FIREWALL software package for a Windows Mobi

    Whats the most effective ANTI-VIRUS/FIREWALL software package for a Windows Mobile ver 6 HTC Mogul phone? Please don't suggest Symantec anything as the last Symantec A/V I installed on my desktop PC missed several Trojans even with current A/V definitions. Thank you gentlemen.
  46. B

    Is a firewall actaually needed?

    I have not had a firewall for over a year so do i need one or are they just overrated? I have an anti spyware and anti virus so isnt that enough?
  47. fishquail

    IS windows Firewall good enough or do i need to buy one?

    If i use AVG antivirus and AVG Anti-Spyware with Windows Firewall will i be ok? Do I really need to pay for the securtiy suites that have there own firewall?
  48. slim142

    Serious Help! Cant Update Spyware Doctor!

    Hi I have this weird problem that I cannot update Spyware Doctor. I have XP firewall desactivaed since I use NVIDIAs firewall ActiveArmor or whatever. I dont think thats whats causing not to update because everything ( i mean everything) else works and updates fine (my other programs and...
  49. A

    Better Firewall Software (Using Free Version of ZoneAlarm)

    I'm currently using the Free Version of ZoneAlarm. I don't like it. I use NOD 32 for my Virus Protection and I love it. Anyone have any suggestions for some better firewall software? I'm looking for something with advanced features that's very customizable. Thanks!
  50. H

    Top 3 Firewalls?

    I quit zonealarm for being buggy, same with outpost, currently i run norton firewall and already hate its interface. Dont know what to install now, what are top 3 firewalls?
  51. L

    norton firewall

    i was sent a virus it cant close my dvd drive is norton firewall any good against such kinds of threats? ty amd64 3000+ 1gig ddr pc 3200-400 ati 9800xt 250 wd 7200/8mb cache hd dvdrw plextor 708A k8 albatron k8x800 mobo
  52. J

    A bug in CE OS allowing the bypassing of firewalls...

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.handheldpc,microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) There has to be an explanation as to why my CE machine can access computer shares in the network, that Resco File Explorer cannot. At the moment resco tech support is clueless. I know that many...
  53. G

    Help needed for IVS ...settingup router/firewall (SMC2804W..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I use a Motorola SURFBoard SB4100 Cable modem along with a SMC BarricadeG - SMC2804WBR (wifi). I am trying to follow the following instructions but can't figure out the steps involved. Video Sharing Inbound Port#: 1024 "In order for...
  54. G

    What port to enable for using MS Net Meeting.

    Need help.. I wonder what port I need to open up to enable MS Net Meeting to work from behind a firewall. Would be real grateful if anyone can tell me.
  55. R

    Good firewall software

    I'm looking for a firewall prog that offers good protection against malicious behavior but at the same time allows me to run my internet software without hitches (IRC client, FTP server and clients, AIM, etc). Ease of use would also be a plus, but not at teh expense of functionality. Does...