BullGuard - How to completely stop it, without uninstalling it?


Apr 2, 2016

I want to produce music. And I have been told that the various Antivirus/Firewalls out there produce ms/lag (this determines the computers ability to do real-time audio recording).

I have been adviced to TURN OFF Bullguard and pull out the Ethernet Cable when I want to produce music to avoid POPS and CLICKS.

Problem is. Even-though I right click Bullguard in the tray and click close. Then when I CTRL + ALT + DELETE under "Services" it still says its running.

I also tried going into Bullguard and disabling the individual modules such as Firewall, BackupPlanner, System Optimizer.

But when I then hit CTRL + ALT + DELETE again it still shows as "Running" under the "Services".

Is there a way to TURN it OFF without having to install and uninstall it everytime?

When I try clicking on the "STOP Service" it says: Access Denied.

/ Viegaard