Aug 8, 2015
So, recently I was having problems with YouTube videos buffering. Some videos would play at 1080p the whole time with no problems, others couldn't even load in 144p. So, I found a guide on how to remedy this, it said to block this specific IP address in cmd that google outsources data to, and it said it would force a more direct connection with the server. And while this fixed my YouTube problems, I believe it has presented other problems.

The most notable problems I have faced are:

Every time I open chrome a Windows firewall alert comes up asking me if I am using a home or public network

I can't download mods on steam anymore.

Everything else seems to be normal. Also, the article seemed legit and I don't think it had malicious intentions.

Also, i'm sorry if I am posting this is the wrong category, none of them really seemed to fit my problem.