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  1. C

    Solved! IPhone is locked with 4 digit pen

    IPhone locked with 4 digit lock got phone out of old junk car
  2. kikani.kautik

    Solved! How to configure RAID 5 in Dell PowerEdge RS240 Rack Server

    How to configure RAID 5 in Dell PowerEdge RS240 Rack Server. I want to also install windows server 2016 in RAID5 RAID5 is safe for OS ?
  3. codietheangrybird

    If i Restore my PS3, will i still have my LittleBigPlanet account?

    I just restored my PS3 system. And now I have to sign back into PSN. But If I sign back into PSN, will I still have my LittleBigPlanet account? Is my LBP account stored on the LBP servers or will it be deleted?
  4. M

    Ok my 40"Hisense tv is connected to my acer liquid zest phone but I can't connect to the Netflix server why?

    Why can't my phone connect to the Netflix server?
  5. antigeekess

    Solved! VPNs - Any FREE with U.S. Servers/ISPs?

    Just trying to shop on U.S. websites from Tijuana. Downloaded "Hide Me" & it stuck me in the Netherlands - You only find out that U.S. is an "upgrade" after downloading. Plus, I don't think I've successfully deleted it from my computer now because I keep seeing references to the Netherlands &...
  6. S

    How to fix cannot connect to server

    All my options other than apps and setting are not connecting to server
  7. R

    Error connecting to Apple ID server

    Why doesn’t my Mac book let me log into my ICloud or iMessages. And keeps telling me it has issues connecting to Apple ID server
  8. R

    Solved! email receiving automatic server

    I have a program that can automatically create excel csv files of business data and email to a specified email address. Is there any servers out there that automatically receive these emails and store the data for Tableau or some other to view?
  9. A

    Solved! NordVPN number of servers?

    Hi, On Apr 10, 2018 tom's guide published an article,review-4494.html about nordvpn where the number of servers were 4,000, another fresh nordvpn review was posted on August 27, 2018 and total number of servers is...
  10. S

    Ethernet can´t connect to game servers?

    Hey. My family just got a new router today, but when i plugged in my ethernet i could not connect to any game servers? I can easily browse the internet and download/update games, but when i try to pay, i can only play offline. I tried connecting with the wifi and it worked fine so it is only a...
  11. C

    Solved! No Internet but Google

    I have a wired connection (happens on wifi too). Now I have tried all the ideas I found for this problem changed IP settings, made sure network connectors can't go sleep mode, and disabled anti-virus (temp) IPv6 DNS servers: 2001:4860:4860::8888 2001:4860:4860::8844 IPv4 address:
  12. D

    batch file using FTPS in schedule

    [Moderator note: moved post from Networking to Applications General Discussion.] Hello. I bumped into a problem with Windows Task scheduler... So i made a batch file that is supposed to upload files of certain file type to external ftp and then move the files from the local folder to another...
  13. S

    Samsung smart tv

    My samsung remote has partially stopped working and tv not connected to Samsung servers. My sky HD still works. Help!! no YouTube for my daughter is causing more problems than you could imagine.
  14. V

    Services not respond

    Getting a message as above and can't deliver a crash report and logs. This just me, or is there a problem with the servers? You try to find the service to support travelers who want to visit by applying Vietnam visa online and they can get it within 2 working-days. You can also book a hotel room...
  15. M

    NUC as a Music Server

    Hello Guys, This is my first post here and I would like to get your ideas on this. Thank you in advance. I have a collection of just under 1TB of music that I have collected from CDs (some Ripped in MP3s, some in FLACs) that came my way over years from my family - when they moved to the...
  16. Q

    Cant download from google play

    Error retrieving info from server DF-DFRH-01 can not down load anything from google play just get this message
  17. M

    What is RPC server

    What is an RPC server
  18. suryalord

    Can Word send my documents to a third party server?

    Hi there I installed Microsoft Word 2016 from my school's microsoft page for free because my school payed for a license. It works all good but I just have on question about it: Could Word send the documents I write in Office to my school so they could look at it? I only want to know...
  19. S

    TX3 pro help

    My android box TX3 pro help won˙t update to a new version, it says something about server error. Youtube app doesnt work it says that it isnt compatible with android version (6.0). I tried factory reset, same situation. I sent mail to TX 3 pro manufacturer, they haven`t respond anything. Is...
  20. T

    Help with changing DNS Servers

    Hello, I have a 50Meg (Down) DSL line. I recently learned about changing DNS servers to enhance speed and privacy. My question is what would be best, to change the DNS server settings on my DSL modem or just my wifi router? Not sure if the following would be helpful, but to avoid a double NAT...
  21. D

    I'm having trouble accessing the TS channel I use for gaming

    I'm having trouble accessing the TS channel I use for gaming... This is the response I get every time I try "Disconnected from server (the time difference between server and client is too large)" What's the problem and how can I rectify it?
  22. R

    There was a problem communicating with google servers, Try Again Later

    Hello there! I have bought 2 new 4k Smart T.V. from an unknown brand, which has Android 4.4.2 on it. On one of the T.V.s, I could access the Play Store - simply logging in with an existing account with no problem. On the other, second t.v. - I keep getting this error message when trying to...
  23. F

    I get an error when I open Microsoft Sql Server 2008 R2 on Windows 2008 Server Standard SP2.

    I have just uninstalled SQl Server 2008 due to error when I saved a Maintenance Plan. Then I reinstalled SQL 2008 Server R2 on this Server but I get the error when I open it. Please I will appreciate very much your help with this issue!
  24. D

    Gyazo or ShareX?

    We're having a debate in our Discord server if ShareX or Gyazo is better Which one is better?
  25. M

    Media box with hard drive

    I want to store 50 DVD'S on a media box for my main TV. I don't want a NAS or server. Do I need a media box such as the Zidoo X10 or the Himedia Q10 PRO where you can install a 4TB hard drive inside it. I really like the Nvidia Shield but I'm not sure if it can handle a large external hard drive...
  26. A

    high hits on server

    We have less than 600 downloads of our TV App on Google play,, yet our analytics is recording 900,000 hits in a month, how is it possible
  27. T

    Plex server on Raspberry pi 3 B+

    I only have 1080 or 720p movies, no 4k, and there will be max 2 devices who are watching at the same time. Will the pi3b+ with heatsink work for that?
  28. K

    Why when I put in my email & password it says can't connect to server

    On my RCA tablet ,i follow all the proper steps to make the Google account and it comes back and says can't connect to server
  29. H

    sync Outlook 2007 and Hotmail pop3

    Good morning, I have several email accounts for business and personal emails. Syncing Gmail and my website to Outlook 2007 was actually easy. Hotmail is entirely different. It seems the issue comes down to the Outgoing and Incoming Mail Servers. There are numerous different suggestions or...
  30. R

    Moving Windows Home Server 2011 to a new domain

    Hi Guys, I have WHS 2011 on domain I would like to move it to a which I already own but am not using. Could some kind soul explain how this should be done? Thanks in advance.
  31. E

    Malware issue in my server

    can someone help me?. i have a windows server 2003. whenever i connect my system unit in the network it shows that there is an error in the lsass.exe that forced the Windows NT to shutdown. when i searched for that type of error i pertains to a sasser virus and i tried to delete it using...
  32. I

    Online poker deposit.

    I cannot get money into my poker account, I hit cashier and go to message 404 server erorr. Iam using samsung galaxy s2 android very frustrating.
  33. V

    unable to connect to proxy server

    I tried the steps mentioned earlier but in my laptop after opening proxy settings under connection tab my LAN SETTING button is disabled . I cant click it.So i cant proceed forward. pls help. I even tried ding the same in safe mode but problem still exists.
  34. S

    How to Setup a Plex Media Server?

    Plex is a media server which can be installed on your computer and will allow you to access your media from anywhere, on any kind of device. The media server allows the users to sync their devices and access their audio and visual data from anywhere. This article is going to teach you how to set...
  35. K

    Best hypervisor or cheap windows server software

    I just got a Dell tower server and want to run a few different vms on it. What is a good cheap supervisor, or does anyone know a cheap way to get windows server?
  36. tjones9163

    repurpose old Dell

    Hello, below is a link to an old Dell . with these specs can I smoothly run a NAS server. Thanks
  37. S

    Services not responding

    21:16 , 13th February 18. Getting a message as above and can't deliver a crash report and logs. This just me, or is there a problem with the servers?
  38. J

    Server error application

    I keep getting server error I have to have a server application figuration on my television How do I get back on the internet Help x
  39. B

    Headset mic stopped working

    To start off, no idea if this is in the best section. So i was joining a friends Gmod server and my mic cut out as i did for no apparent reason (to us at least) and has not worked after. Before that it was fine and joining it before was ok but its just stopped working. the settings seems to be...
  40. A

    When we link iOS to android does it change from game centre to google play server?

    I want to get my iOS account into android by linking device option in Clash of clans.Does it change my game progress stored in game centre to Google play games server?
  41. T

    delete content of packages directory

    I have to recover space on a server. I can delete the contents of the packages folder?
  42. P

    is there a cheap and easy way to

    convert, update, whatever from windows 7 home edition to windows 7 pro.
  43. M

    I need a laptop for coding an app and a website where I need to install a lot of coding applications like xampp server but I d

    which is the best laptop to use for programming purposes
  44. A

    local host:8888 , The server is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later!, why?

    local host:8888 , The server is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later!, why? Is there problem in the install or in the web
  45. L

    I unable to change in lan connection in my laptop

    Please help me to fix proxy server settings
  46. R

    Server not found error

    I havery a Samsung smart TV. I think it's a unh6500 or similar about 1 year or so old, I have no issues with Amazon instant video or browser but when I try to call Logan to teambeachbody.come it changes the URL to and says server not found. Try the followingame Try again later...
  47. O

    Proxy Virus help

    I apologize first if this has been posted but I have not been able to find any answers that help. Yesterday I found out i had a proxy server error. It automatically checks the use a proxy server under lan settings on windows ten. I have deleted it under advanced clicked ok and ok and as soon...
  48. tjones9163

    VPN and Proxy?

    Hello, I currently have NordVPN and I also know how to use a proxy server in google chrome from a website like which lets me choose different proxy servers in the U.S. I get how both VPN and Proxy work individually but can I stack them together and...
  49. R

    How so I recover my emails from an account that has been not receiving emails for 5 days. It says connection to server is los

    I am having trouble with my subaccount email. IT says the connection to server is lost and the emails that were there are gone. How do I get these back along with the folders and start back receiving emails. It is my business account. Or should I start another one? Please advise.
  50. 1

    Proxy server lan problem

    Hi. I stay at residence at my university and we use a lan cable which supports a proxy server. After my laptop updated , after I open up any browser its asks for my authentication as usual and the internet works for about 5 minutes before it stops completely and says "this site cant be reached"...
  51. A

    how to connect my Sony w772e to 2003 server

    i have 2003 server in my school, and buy a new sony bravia w772e with internet port. how can connect with browser
  52. S

    Using Wordpress on Xampp Local Server From Different PC?

    Hello. I hope this is the right discussion for this and someone can help me. I have been using "Xampp" program to launch a local server to build websites on wordpress. Recently i had to wipe out the laptop that i was using it on so i could sell it.. but i did not backup all my files because i...
  53. R

    error sending help

    An unknown error has occurred. Subject 'Kittie Byrne', Account: 'Gmail', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 465, Secure(SSL): Yes, Error Number: 0x800CCC0B
  54. T

    VMware esxi 6.5 hotkeys-help please

    I have Windows Server 2008r2 on a remote VMWare Esxi 6.5 server. I'm having trouble loggin to my guest os because the standard ctrl alt del key combo normally used to log in to server 2008 r2 WILL NOT log me in! it keeps defaulting to my desktop host os. i'm connecting to the server remotely...
  55. R

    I am trying to connect to some servers but I can't because it says failed to connect and the server is online. any suggestion?

    some specific servers I try connecting to, fails for me. I tried doing a tracert and it was succesful, and i re downloaded the teamspeak app. any suggestions?
  56. A

    Ransomware used clients computer

    I have had a call from a customer explaining that one of their servers has ransomware on it. It apparently printed out a sheet of paper with the words "What Happened?". I haven't heard of this before and neither has my adviser. All help is greatly appreciated.
  57. Z

    TeamSpeak - Failed To Connect To Server

    Hi, I have been suffering from this problem for ages now and it is getting annoying, I re-installed TeamSpeak many times, flushed my DNS and change my DNS to Google DNS, please help.
  58. O

    how to quarantine virus remotely using a server

    antivirus management using server. thus i want to scan and remove viruses without particulary going to every desktop
  59. T

    Solved! How can I make my program accessible on a Windows server by other end users

    The simplest is to put your application on a server, then map a workstation' drive to that location, and creating shortcut for the user to access this location. But if you want multiple users to work with same set of data (eg two users entering order details), you need to think about your...
  60. S

    Server Costs of Running AR Server

    I am new to AR so excuse newbie question Does anyone have a rough guideline about the potential costs of running a cloud server with AR content for a large body of gamers?