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    How can I check if I was hacked in the past few hours?

    I was threatened by someone that he would hack my computer a few hours ago. It is the first time in my life to get those threatened. He is not asking for money (which is probably scammed), because of that , I am so worried. I am using Windows 7 Home and I don't have any firewall installed. I...
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    Critical keyboard/notebook problem

    Hello all! Today I was fixing my internet via my ethernet cable(everything fine till then).Simple as always,I managed to get it working.After some time,I went for testing it on Google and,the most awkward it can get,my keyboard fully glitched out.Every key I stroke simply input a sequence of...
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    So my facebook account is hacked and l cant get it back

    i have this secondary Facebook account with a secondary email account(yahoo) that i mostly use to register on random website that i dont really use or trust(my work and official account is ok). i havent log on my my secondary account for a long time and when i did today, i notice soomeone...
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    I believe my pc has been hacked

    for some time now files and downloads on my pc have been getting corrupted. It has been selective. The files are still there but they are unusable. I can not copy and paste or print anything. Folders now contain allot of garbage including files I cannot open or if I can they are blank. Folders...
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    Credit Cards Hacked

    Ok so, I had 2 credit cards. The first is a secured card, and the very first card I got, through my bank. I got this card just about a year ago. About 6 months after my first card, I got a new, regular credit card. I canceled the secured card a few days ago, in order to avoid the annual fee...
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    someone controlling my steam

    Hello all, So here's the story, I was afk for two hours then when I got back, I start seeing my cursor moving and start to open up steam then start to go through my inventory. Please help thanks.
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    oxliesx got hacked idk how tho was off for a day

    I was off for one day and I come back it logged me out and I was like trying ten times
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    Random youtube videos pop up, chat room, and websites (VIRUS/HACKED)

    These youtube videos keep poping up randomly from WappWapp. Also this chat room is popping up too from the hackers themselves called xat.com/911WasAnInsideJob (dont click). Anyway they can send any link to a bunch of computers. Pornography, loud noises, horse crap, you name it. In the chat a...
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    Steam Support Help??

    My friends steam account got hacked about a month ago and his email got hacked also and changed to another persons email. The day his account got hacked we both sent in a steam support ticket with all the information required in order to recalim the account like address and proof that its your...
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    how can I transfer my contacts from my old phone it was hacked

    I think I've been hacked my windows lumina Nokia phone was hacked I can't do anything .the only thing I can do is answer if someone calls me
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    Should I be concerned my email might be hacked?

    Just logged in to my Comcast email and found an email that was forwarded to me about E-Cigarettes. The email was forwarded form a Comcast email account, and apparently who forwarded me the email received the email from E-Cigarettes. The email simply said "Please see the attached document", the...
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    MMS hacking girlfriends phone

    I am needing to somehow access my gf MMS remotely and undetected
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    tor hacked or tracked

    Will I get tracked or hacked by just browsing tor. I am not doing anything illegal but I know some of the sites are illigal
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    How to become a CEH?

    Hey guys, sorry if this is posted in wrong thread, this is the closest in relation to the topic. Enter me, a late high school student who is really into computers. Since i began to really delve/break/build/fix/blowup computers, I have been on the lookout for possible jobs/carers after i leave...