plz!!!help me to recognize what is this ....a virus or bot?


Nov 12, 2015
so one person on my facebook friendlist sent me a link "www.sxi<REDACTED>" i thought it was suspicious and might be a phinishing site and then i open the link in tor browser .......then viewed the source code and this is it :

" <!DOCTYPE html>
<h1> What were you expecting?</h1>
var total =" "
for(var i =0;i<100000:i++)(total = total +i.toString();
<!--Hosting24 Analytics Code-->
<script type="text/javascript" src="<REDACTED>count.php"></script>
<!--End of Analytics Code-->

i ask him what it was he answered that it is a zeus botnet and he will steal every thing and all ............................plz help me to recognize what this is

the output of the code is "What are you expecting?" text and nothing else then my browser crashes........

plz i am begging for help

It appears to just be something that crashes your browser.
And record how many people got sucked into clicking that.
And you need better friends.