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    Solved! Weird characters show up in emails


 characters are showing up with a few recipients of an email blast to our email list. We've determined that when we copy and paste the Word document, they must be hidden there. We then go to that spot on the word doc and you have to backspace multiple times to delete a space, so there is...
  2. G

    HTML/ScrInject.B trojan ESET warning on Wikipedia link The above link is to an article associated with China's foreign debt policies. The Wikipedia article is fine, going to that page is safe. However, if you search down into the footnotes you will find that I edited in a warning that one...
  3. M

    Solved! Asus black screen It is impossible to enter the bios of the laptop works. The asus logo is not displayed. Earlier, such a screen was also displayed, but with the lid open, the laptop turned on and now it does not react Asus kc56b
  4. G

    Solved! Trying to bring up the inspect element menu so I can change HTML code in my browser

    Trying to bring up the inspect element menu so I can change HTML code in my browser
  5. A

    Solved! HTML/CSS problem, Can someone find my mistake?

    I have just began coding in HTML and I am getting ready for my first exam but I have already found a problem. I can not align side div to the left side, two divs are acting as one even tho I have chosen different classes. Also I do not now how to move up Contacts and About tab a bit. Here it is...
  6. L

    Hello guys im new to coding with a question thats been bugging me

    How would I make php work in a 1 page website?
  7. L

    Query regarding responsive website design

    Hello. I am currently working on a responsive website design(newbie) Is there a reason why during inspection of responsive websites in google chrome, the iphone 6/7/8 and the Pixel 2 phones show the desktop version of the site but the other phones/iphones show the mobile version?
  8. A

    What do programmers learn during the career?

    I'm trying to learn computer programming so I can get a job in the industry when I'm older. I was looking at Java's version history, and so many thing have changed over the years. Do programmers have to relearn stuff everytime a new version comes out? Could you have to relearn a language...
  9. V

    amp or preamp

    friends i have ZY-DTS8HD 7.1 Channel Decoders Decode Board DTS AC3 3D HDMI 1.4 DTS Decoders with power supply url: What should i do next? Please guide...
  10. J

    I cant seem to get my chrome extension to work!

    I want to make a extension that can open links when clicked on, exactly like this one: http:// But I have more then one account so it creates the doc on my home email, not my school. The fix is to make the doc create link like this : They have it...
  11. mangaman

    HTML: RedirME-inf Trj

    So after avast scanned my PC, it found a virus called HTML: RedirME-in Trj in chrome. I don't use chrome that much so I'm not sure where it came from. After deleting the virus, I rescanned my pc using avast, hitman pro and malwarebytes and came up clean. My question is how dangerous is this...
  12. K

    HTML;Paypal-B [Phish] threat blocked on Firefox

    So I clicked on a link and the page didn't load, and I didn't download anything. However afterwards Avast kept popping up saying its blocked a threat: HTML;Paypal-B [Phish] with the web shield periodically when opening new tabs. I don't have this issue on Chrome and it only...
  13. K

    Extensions for auto saving documents in .html

    Hello my friends, it is the first time I write here. I couldn't find the right forum for my question. I am looking for an extension for firefox or google chrome, which saves specified pages into a folder as .html file. I had been using "auto save document" for a while, but now firefox has...
  14. P

    I have made a web page through html but cant access it throught my mobile or anyother mobile its show access denied if anyone

    I have made a web page through html but cant access it throught my mobile or anyother mobile it shows access denied if any one of u can help me then plz help me
  15. G

    can i use the mini html port to power. my regular port is broken

    i have an insignia tablet that i love somehow i broke the charging port. is it possible to use the mini html to actually charge the tablet
  16. D

    Help in CSS and HTML

    Hello!, so if you all don't know there is this new text to code app called MACAW, it will be free to download and use forever forever until tomorrow. Basically I had an assignment in my class which was to create a website with MACAW extract the code and analyze it, I made the website, can...
  17. G

    EqualizerAPO Issue. No sound with HTML 5.

    I downloaded EqualizerAPO to make my microphone louder than windows allows me and it works fine on that part. However i noticed if i install APO on the primary microphone, some HTML 5 players have no audio. For example i get no sound from Twitch HTML 5 player (flash works fine) and also if im...
  18. S

    Solved! Youtube Horizontal Tearing

    So for some reason when I watch videos on Youtube, there is some horizontal tearing. I am using the new HTML 5 player but for some reason it only tears for Youtube video. I can watch other videos that use HTML 5 perfect that have no tearing. The problem also seems to lie with the Chrome browser...
  19. alanps

    Export Excel as HTML

    Hey everyone, I need to place a few Excel cells and formulas into a website with the capability of showing the output when you change some data. I've read that I'd need a javascript addon or something but I don't understand quite much. Any ideas? Thanks.
  20. S

    How to fix overlapping?

    Hello! I have created an app that deals with a few troubles. I have attached some pictures below that I would really appreciate if you would take a look at. For some reason the numbers seem to overlap. I believe I have tried everything, why I am now reaching out to you guys. Thank you so much...
  21. A

    IDM wont download

    Hi, I have multiple files ending with .rar ( and I am trying to download them via IDM but IDM only catches them as html downloads and the downloads wont happen. What to do? Also RAR is already there in the file types in IDM but still it wont download. Any other...
  22. S

    HTML Editing another HTML

    I want to make a html document that when runned (or button clicked) sets off something to edit another html document. The point is I want to use a modified school program to change everyone else's program to make it look better, without requiring other stuff. I want to be able to add code from...
  23. M

    I need help with html bug PLEASE

    Hello I have a essay due in 4 day's and I was just starting now and I was wondering in the text how to make the <p1> go farther down from the header.
  24. joe904

    HTML File Upload Issue using PHP

    Hey guys, I am trying to implement a simple upload form and I am having some issues with the functionality. I found a simple form at, but when I run it, the file never ends up in the folder that I set-up. I have 2 separate web pages and a "uploads" folder to store the uploaded...
  25. G

    What can I do with a smart TV?

    I just bought a Philips TV (this one, I think: ), and it turns out it's a smart tv. It has failed to play flash and HTML5 videos so far, so I'm wondering if there's anything I can do about that? can I install...
  26. M

    how to create a login page

    how can i create my own login page that will direct users to different website on my server?
  27. M

    accessing music files on an html website

    i want to develop my own private website on a remote hosting website (eg. godaddy) where i can host my own music, video and picture files. i want to be able to be able to listen to my music and watch video i am going to create in html on my own on a remote hosting source like godaddy for...
  28. W

    i've a problem with my blog HTML

    i have a blog [link removed] i want to change the black menu bar (under my logo) but in the HTML i founded </ul> <ul> and <li> </li>. im trying to change it, after i changed it my blog messed up. i don't know what is that. Please help me
  29. R

    Making sense of a Google video html

    just wondering how to make sense of a google video html?
  30. A

    plz!!!help me to recognize what is this ....a virus or bot?

    so one person on my facebook friendlist sent me a link "www.sxi<REDACTED>" i thought it was suspicious and might be a phinishing site and then i open the link in tor browser .......then viewed the source code and this is it : " <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <h1> What were you...
  31. B

    Website Blocked by filter?

    Every time I open up certain websites it shows up as a black screen and says, "Website Blocked By Filter" I checked and, no I do not have any parental controls enables. I went to DNS and I looked under advance settings and I un-checked some things that might be the issue. But it wont work. I...
  32. O

    What virus is this?

    I went on rcmphc com A page with a popup that can't be closed popped up instead. These are the websites. I scan my PC every week. I don't have any viruses as far as I know and now...
  33. Hentoad

    Bitcoin Shop HTML

    I want to create a website shop that I can use to sell my artwork for Bitcoin. Does anyone have any HTML code that I could use to setup a shop that's not janky. I want it to where the person transfers the Bitcoin and then immediately get emailed the full size image they wanted. Please help a...
  34. Jakefett98

    HTML shut down

    As part of a class I'm taking, I need to build a website with custom HTML coding. My goal is to shut down the computer accessing the website. How would I do this? Is this possible with different languages? Thanks.
  35. L

    Blue Snowball without the 3 Switch Settings

    I bought my blue snowball over a year ago but recently i start to actually use it for recordings and videos and realize I sound very quiet in them,my mic isn't too far away from me I was told to use the 3 settings in the back but I don't see any settings on it,am i suppose to access these...
  36. MultiCofy

    Opening adds instead of hyperlinks

    Hey guys, I've recently come across a rather (to me) unusual problem - sometimes when I click the links (or open anything HTML related, like Steam), I get redirected to weird sites (namely Reimage Repair and utrack), which I find reeeeally annoying. I've tried running an antivirus (original...
  37. G

    HTML coding teaching software offline?

    Are their any free HTML + CSS coding teaching software that I can download? And it has to work offline because I have no internet.
  38. razerg

    Starting with web programming

    Hi, I want to start with programming and was thinking of HTML as the simplest one (is it?). I found this website where it is explained in chapters about different things. So I have questions, how is CSS connected to HTML and what is a good html program...
  39. R

    HTML code Help

    I use Visual studio 2013 community edition because I have a project to do ,so I created a website but in my menu I want to have buttons which on clicking will open a new page but I want it to open the new page not in a new tab but in the same tab ,if anyone can please write me the code or direct...
  40. Bikklo

    How Can I Remove the "Most Visited" Tiles From Google Chrome?

    Hello All, So I have been using an extension to black out my new tab page so I dont see the annoying search bar and ever so scandalous "most visited" tiles, but I have been wondering if it was possible to just modify the html of the default new tab page to not show those things anymore. The...
  41. I

    How to connect HTML/PHP to MySQL server?

    I tried to make a simple login from, and here is what I have. But whenever I try to open the file on my site, it gives me a 500 error. Code: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <title>Login</title> <body> <?php $host = "localhost"; $user = "(My username)"; $pass =...
  42. I

    HTML prompting and displaying

    Okay, so I don't do much with JS in HTML... so I want to ask this question. I want to make my website prompt whoever is visiting my site, and then whatever the answer in the prompt, I want that to be displayed. Can someone give me a little tutorial or sample code to get me going? It would be...
  43. A

    Looking for budget hearthstone/school laptop

    Hey! (: I decided to buy a laptop for school. I don't really want to spend more then needed on it but I would like to play some hearthstone on it too. It will be mainly used for HTML c++ php and so on. I've tried searching by myself but there is overwhelming quantity online. It definately will...
  44. P

    Sharepoint WebPart query

    Hello, I have query related to WEB Part in sharepoint. Below is screenshot before adding Web Part- This web part should load website whose all the web pages are stored on document library folder. After adding a link to index.html webpage the preview page zoomed out- What I wanted to know...
  45. M

    CSS/HTML Coding Help?

    So, I can not find a forum for this nor a section on here so I found this to be most fitting. I'm looking for just a little bit of coding help. Not sure if anyone here would be willing to help or the very least know a forum I can look for help? Thanks! EDIT: Alright, well, I'll just throw my...
  46. S

    Virus though HTML email ?

    Hi! Funny thing lately i was boasting to ppl about how i am virus-free for years, then today i got an e-mail that looked suspicious. The sender was "Suzanne" and the topic was related to dating and i was sitting there for like 5 minutes thinking before opening the email. I NEVER OPEN ANYTHING...
  47. joe904

    PHP Code Will Not Stay Hidden... Please Help!!!

    I am unable to figure this issue out and it is driving me up a wall. I am trying to write code for a members only area for my webpage, but the PHP code that I am using keeps showing when I go to the page. 1) I originally saved the file as a .PHP, and *NOT* an HTML. 2) I have tried restarting...
  48. A

    How to add facebook like box at blogger.. .

    I can't add my facebook page on my blogger .. though I copy and paste that html code from facebook developer page on the blog and it doesn't work for me also I'm not getting that Iframe option on that facebook developer page ... help me ... asap... thanx in advance .. :)
  49. nebulasurfer

    Site Not on Google - Desperate Search Engine Optimisation Help?

    I never thought trying to build a decent website was so damn difficult. I've been using GoDaddy's Search Engine Visibility suite to try and maximise exposure for my website, yet even now if you try to Google 'Friends on Kik', being the name of the website, not even that very explicit search will...
  50. B

    Software for Web Server

    Wasn't sure where this question fit in, but anyway... I am trying to set up an IT Maintenance Request page for end users in several store locations to fill out so I can better organize my support requests. I have coded the page, but actually implementing it is a problem. I have a computer with...
  51. bindlimani1

    Whats Doctype HTML

    Its been a time since i started learning HTML.Im new so dont get me wrong.When i create a .html file i write <html> first.But i recognized in some stuff before <html> there is this: <!DOCTYPE html> I dont get it and i have no idea what its about.If you could help me that would be very helpful...
  52. S

    Uses if id and class in html5?

    HTML5, the id and class attributes can be used on any HTML element.
  53. hans_pcguy

    html java laptop

    I was asked to help pick a laptop for a student who is going to be learning html and java. Least expensive preferred. My questions are: Will he be wanting a touch screen? Are they writing touch screen programs in either of those languages? Power of processor and RAM? As I understand, this...
  54. FrankJaeger

    Why won't images display on my website?

    Here's my website: I made it in adobe's DW. Domain brought & hosted via godaddy. I can't seem to get the images to display. Can someone please tell me where I've gone wrong? Homepage: <!doctype html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Jed Trently Productions</title>...
  55. G

    Web Design Help and Advice

    So I've been out of the web design scene for a long time. I used to script basic pages on bluehost using basic html along side very basic java-script back around 2005 or so. I decided to get into visual basics programming and then I got my first real job and never had a chance to pursue much...
  56. C

    Which laptop should I choose.

    I have been researching laptops and I have come across two that are similar and need advice on which one to get. The two laptops are
  57. T

    Stopping HTML 5 Video from auto playing?

    It has now become epidemic that web sites are autoplaying advertising videos using HTML 5. Is there a way to disable videos in HTML 5 or am I going to have to abandon the web?
  58. F

    Dreamweaver div tags overlapping?

    So im trying to design a basic website for my school coursework, I am using DIV tags to created the basic layout. Im using Dreamweaver CS5 Im having a problem with the way div tags are displayed in my dreamweaver file and the way they actually look when previewing them in the browser. photo...
  59. G

    Why doesn't this work

    <doctype! html> <html> <title> My test "game" </title> <body> <script> function Myfunction() var x = prompt(" whats is your age?."); if (x <13) { alert.("You may play the game but i take no response ability"); } else { alert.("You are old enough to play ...