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  1. truegenius

    Excel like spreadsheet in html web page

    Hi, I made an Excel spreadsheet with lots of data (class record) and saved it in excel format but i want to convert it to HTML file. Q. So how to convert it into html file with following conditions : 1. It should run on all the browsers (like mobile browsers, desktop browsers, browsers...
  2. viveknayyar007

    How to Create List and Insert List Items in Dreamweaver?

    In HTML, list are mainly of two types which are ‘Ordered’ and ‘Unordered’ lists. These list are used on the webpage according to your requirements. Ordered lists are the lists in which ordering is available in the form of numerals, whereas the unordered lists are not ordered according to...
  3. viveknayyar007

    How can I Insert a Table on My Web-Page Using Dreamweaver?

    Some tables may have variables, numerals, characters or even images that are to be displayed on the webpage. You can very easily implement and categorize the data in rows and columns of a table. While using Dreamweaver, you may have come along a task to add a table on your webpage. You can do...
  4. P

    Costco HP Envy 15t or 15z

    Which computer should I choose? I run some engineering programs (ie AutoCad, Ansys) 15t i7-4700MQ 2.4GHz 8GB Memory Intel HD Graphics 4600 15z A10-5750M 12 GB Memory AMD Radeon HD 8000 Series Graphics Backlit Keyboard Everything else is the same. Thanks in advance!
  5. D

    Word to HTML conversion software like dreamweaver

    I am attempting to convert word to html. I was originally having issues with borders not actually showing up. I have resolved that with a little adjustment to the converted HTML with converting a few =0 to =1. But now my issue is alignment of boxes with borders. I 3 boxes that are supposed...
  6. G

    Core i5 (1gb graphics card) or i3 with 2gb graphics for a web developer.

    so guys i have an option as 1. 4th gen core i5 4200U /1gb amd / dos 2. 3rd gen core i3 3217U /2gb/amd /win8 .. which one should i buy.. i am a computer science engineering student. all work i need to do is handle a website .. practice c java .net etc . i am also planning on learning animation...
  7. nebulasurfer

    Help Me With HTML Editing

    I'm not exactly sure where to put this post considering I haven't found a proper HTML or editing sub-forum on here but I need some help editing some HTML. I was muddling around with my theme on Tumblr last night and I must've accidentally changed something to do with the space between images...
  8. A

    What is the best laptop choice for a frequent traveling gamer?

    There are two laptops i have in mind and my budget is around 1,500 dollars i was thinking either getting the MSI GT60 2OC-022US or a Sager NP8250 but i don't know which one is better overall price/performance value. MSI:http: // Sager: http...
  9. C

    Preventing Access to HTML Code in WordPress

    I have a wordpress site on which I am putting an embedded Google spreadsheet behind password protection. I only want the embedded spreadsheet to be viewable and accessible be people with an account and password, and I also don't want to be able to link to it. Is there a way to format the...
  10. A

    Spacing in code?!

    I have been coding for a while and have never known how or when to space/tab on certain lines. Sorry if this has been asked before, I was searching for it for about an hour and a half. For example: ( ) = Not in the HTML <title>Create a new thread - Tom's Hardware</title> (space)...
  11. W

    Can someone be a legend and help me with this HTML code

    It is for college, and this is just a crappy basic layout, i was wondering if someone could make it look amazing on a random subject (preferably computing). You would be amazing if you did thanks <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <h1>First heading</h1> <p>My first paragraph.</p> <p> This is...
  12. R

    Javascript not working on any browser

    I have facing the problem in html coding for table ailegnment in different Browser Plz suggest
  13. Mrsquirreleo

    Still a learning material? Or a 1000 page weapon?

    So I forgot where I found it but I appear to have an old book that says it can teach you HTML, the problem is that it's from around '97 and for mostly 3.2 with some coverage of 4.0 The question is if this has any educational value nowadays or if it would be better used to hunt small...
  14. The Stealthinator

    Necessary to learn HTML before I learn HTML5?

    Just a plain question: Is it necessary to learn HTML before I learn HTML5? Thanks.
  15. D

    How do you make a website like tomshardware?

    They have a new content every hour and sometimes every 10 minutes. Do you edit the entire home page of the html file or is it done differently and much simpler and faster? I want to make a website where contents are always updated. I just want to know some overview on how it is done, I will try...
  16. S

    How to unlock a hardware lock html executable

    Hello, I have a hardware locked html executable file how can I unlock it? so that I can use it on different machines.
  17. S

    PDF generated by web form

    Hi people! I need to set up an HTML web form to generate a .pdf using submitted text and a .jpg image. Most of the .pdf content will be standard and already there, so the user is just adding an image and some text. My first thoughts were wkhtml2pdf and maybe Imagemagick if the submitted image...
  18. D

    Web site design// want to study need guidance!!

    Hello, I recently finished my A+ ,N + and 6192A Win 7. I would like to get into programming. Which books would you recommend for starters. Also dose it have to fall into an order to learn , 1- HTML 2- MYSQL 3- PHP 4- Java And which languages should i learn what would be the difference i...
  19. S

    JQuery click function

    Hi people, can you tell me what I'm doing wrong here? The following is opening in a Fancybox iframe lightbox: <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript">...
  20. G

    Which laptop is better?

    EDITED TO ADD LINKS -- Dell m5040 - [...] lt,pd.html and Asus x53u [...] lt,pd.html Am looking for something that is good value for money, that will basically be used for browsing.
  21. exfileme

    Mozilla Launches Tool for Learning HTML, CSS

    Mozilla has launched Thimble, a visual editor for creating and publishing web pages in a browser. Mozilla Launches Tool for Learning HTML, CSS : Read more
  22. jappe66

    Why my content isn't getting the background?

    I'm making a simple website and I got a background image for the content part of the site but it won't print out to my screen when I view the site. I have 1 big div-element that holds 2 smaller div-elements inside itself (2 columns). The divs that are inside the bigger one will just use the...
  23. J

    How can i make a social network website without html or java script

    hi there i want to make a social network site like facebook or myspace without html or java script is there any otherway ?
  24. alrobichaud

    Pls help with uploading .html files to a thread

    Hi. I wasn't sure where exaclty to post this. I have some saved .html files on my computer that I am trying to either upload or somehow link to in this forum. Any thoughts on how to do this or what program I can use. I have tried using photobucket to upload so that I can just link to them...
  25. ashutoshgupta

    Virus-Please help me

    HI; I made too many web projects(websites), and as we all know that websites has too many html files. I had stored these projects on my pc. After sometime when i installed an antivirus (AVG, Avast), I was surprised. I saw that all html files stored in my pc are detected as virus by my antivirus...
  26. huntsman

    Html code, need help aligning head banner

    Hey everyone not sure if this is in the right place, but i need help with aligning my banner. Its currently to high up and i would like to bring it down so its next to kz komputers. take a look at it so you know what im talking about. <center>[<script...
  27. blackacidevil

    Program to organize / preview 1000s of HTML templates I have. Any program? othe

    Hello, I have a pile of HTML templates on a couple drives, these are also for designing web pages for customers that i ocassionally get. But I have to double click and open each one in explorer and then it opens internet explorer. Theres got to be a program, that can preview the files. With...
  28. al man

    HTML/CSS: Hover declarations will make other elements to move down.

    Hi there! I'm a rookie on HTML/CSS on & I'm learning on the road. I'm doing ULs: They're displayed in blocks, & the padding increase when hovered, along with other funny changes. Thing here's that the other HTML elements, like a <P> will go jump down a few pixels/lines when hovering a...
  29. G

    How to modify html code of websites

    There is a website that I visit frequently that has a design that doesn't sit too well with my webbrowser (FF5) and screen configuration. The problem is that the html file that defines the frameset of the web page has a header that is too high and the header frame is set to "noresize". The...
  30. K

    Programing Dictionary website

    Hi all I wanna programm a Dictionary website with HTML but I don`t know how to do. Could any one help to program it?
  31. G

    Google Translate Gets Voice Input

    Google Translate has become the first application that uses Google's HTML speech input API. Google Translate Gets Voice Input : Read more
  32. D

    Extract HTML file from current runnning executable

    Hello, I developed a mFC application havind a Menu Item "Help".Also,I am having an HTML file in the resources folder in the solution Explorer.While clicking the "Help", I need to op0en that HTML file in IE. I am able to open it by giving the path of the HTML file in my system. BUt what I need is...
  33. I

    Starting with Java

    Hello, I've been starting to learn HTML and CSS, but my teacher said it would be better to learn Java. So I was wondering if anyone had any tips or a link to a tutorial for starters. Thanks Heaps, Caius
  34. S

    How to verify a specific html file exists in a chm file.

    Hello, How do I verify in code (C++) that a chm file contains a specified html file?
  35. G

    5 Places You Didn’t Expect To See Flash

    Think HTML 5 is killing Flash? Actually, Flash is showing up in more and more places – phones, tablets and Blu-Ray players 5 Places You Didn’t Expect To See Flash : Read more
  36. N

    HTML/Script Question - Websites & The Print Screen Button

    Hello, I know its possible to disable the right click button and the print screen button on web pages so no one can take your artwork & such, but is it possible to know when the user presses the print screen and to know which part of the page the page they pressed it on? Or is that just a...
  37. Gandalf

    Read HTML email in Outlook 2003

    Since Win7 does not include an email program like Vista's Windows Mail, I'm using Microsoft Office 2003 Outlook. The help files tell me how to create a HTML email, but not how to read one. All I see in the viewer is the code. Any ideas? Thanks... P.S. - I miss Outlook Express. :cry:
  38. P

    Adobe Web Premium CS4 Prerequisites

    I am thinking about getting Adobe creative suite to make a website but am not sure how much knowledge of HTML and other things you need to know before you can really use it. Any suggestions?
  39. A

    What languages can be used to write a webpage?

    The only one I know is HTML!
  40. A

    IE throws 'Can't find File' prompt

    Whenever I start IE, I get 'Cannot find C:\Windows\Secure32.html' error message. I tried resetting my home page to my website, but the change doesn't get saved, and I get the same prompt again and again. Please help.
  41. G

    Safari 3.1 Adds HTML 5 Audio and Video Tags

    Cupertino (CA) - A new version of the Safari web browser for MacOS X and Windows platforms made its debut today. Safari 3.1 Adds HTML 5 Audio and Video Tags : Read more
  42. G

    tie together many different programs with html?

    Hello, I am looking for an easy fix to a aggravating issue. Where I work, we build high end broadcast and add insertion servers. Because of the huge amount of parts on hand, we use Oracle for our database. Oracle is great for the bean counters but horrible in manufacturing area. We also...
  43. M

    How to print doc and html in command line

    Hello All, Is there anyone know how to print doc and html file in command line? thanks. MK
  44. B

    html broswer

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.sprintpcs (More info?) anyone know of a good html browser for a vga1000? I know the phone comes with one but there has to be something better. Thanks for any help.
  45. I

    Can anyone recommend a better HTML editor?

    I've come accross this neat little prog. called BlockNote.NET when looking for an HTML editor. Some info is on I am planning on buying it, and I am just wondering if anyone can offer me something better?!
  46. G

    simple web help

    For my job at a small non-profit organization, I have to build a simple webpage. As I am intermediate with Java and just learning html, it is an interesting experience. I've been able to layout and design the webpage with ease. However, my boss wants me to make it easy for her to update the...
  47. camieabz

    HTML question

    I'm starting out on the HTML stuff. I'm trying to set up a page containing two frames. Each occupying half of the screen. Now that much I've managed. I tried to have a heading (<h1> etc.) in the <head> section, before the <frameset> section, but it ignores the frames if I do this. How do I do...
  48. R

    Background for html

    I am planning to put a about 4X5 size picture on my website as a background. I would like to have it fit perfectly on the page and I want to make sure that the website will fit in any monitor with any resolution. I am using a 19" monitor and with 800X600 or 1024X786. I want to make sure that the...