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  1. P

    Solved! Why won't Bitdefender work with spybot and does Bitdefender do what spybot does??

    Why won't Bitdefender work with spybot and does Bitdefender do what spybot does??
  2. S

    Solved! S-1-5-18 windows accounts on spybot S&D?

    I am using Spybot search and destroy feature that allow you to disable cookies on windows accounts, but when I select to disable there are many profiles that showed up for selections (other than my own). They have names like s-1-5-18, 20, 21.....And I don't rememeber uninstall windows that many...
  3. T

    Malware hunt gone wrong... Help!

    When it happened? I had just finished restoring immunizations from recently added "Spybot" (I'll explain why later), and because I know next to nothing about what was quarantined (from yesterday's scan), I opted to restore that as well (note: they were all usage tracks, nothing more), when...
  4. M

    avast clean up spybot

    Hello. On a recently purchased HP Omen (open box) i went for a free trial with avast with clean up, having fixed about 200 registry errors which in itself baffled me on a new system, avast is suggesting i sleep spybot as it is supposedly slowing my system severely. as spybot was added by me for...
  5. V

    Help! Suspected Botnet

    Greetings! I let my mom used my computer for a day since her laptop needs fixing and I'm off to work. When I logged my computer this morning, these things keep on popping up like about every 5-10 seconds. I tried troubleshooting such as having my anti-virus scan my drives and deleting my...
  6. AreeSoothsayer

    adsstore.club can't find it

    I've scanned with Avast. Spybot. Went to google and manually looked in the locations it said to find it. There was no sign of it everywhere. But for the past few days I get that thing popping up 2-3 times daily. I shut it as fast as I can but I need help getting rid of it and Herd Protect isn't...
  7. E

    Can i Install these 3 different programs?

    Hello, im sure everyone hates viruses and malwares and every anti malware/virus/etc are different. Some can detect some malware that other cannot. Therefore im thinking of installing these different programs : Malwarebytes , Spybot 2 and SUPERantiSpyware while Avast is running . All of them are...
  8. B

    Spybot Antibeacon & memory Usage

    I started using antibeacon around the last august. when I installed w10. I understand it works by modifying the hosts files. It never occurred to me until recently that my memory usage is around 50~55% during idle (16gb). SO I started looking into it as it might be a malware/rootkit. Mbam wasn't...
  9. D

    spyware or background process slowing down overwatch and battlefront

    I ran spybot but it froze up i havent rerun it yet. I tried to run selective startup. I hit apply after unchecking load startup items but then when I open msconfig again its somehow reset back to normal startup. Nothing else is slow because its not using the whole cpu but my games are...
  10. tfitch11

    Looking for AV/Malware Protection after possibly being hacked/keylogged

    Hey Toms! Recently I had a lot of accounts randomly compromised, including Facebook, Amazon, Netflix + more. Per the message I received from Amazon, a list of emails + passwords was published somewhere, and I was one of those emails on it. I am in the horrible habit (which I'm trying to...
  11. G

    spybot search and destroy 2.6 for windows 10

    is anyone out there using it with windows 10. if so how is it working
  12. A

    plz!!!help me to recognize what is this ....a virus or bot?

    so one person on my facebook friendlist sent me a link "www.sxi<REDACTED>" i thought it was suspicious and might be a phinishing site and then i open the link in tor browser .......then viewed the source code and this is it : " <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <h1> What were you...
  13. H

    Avira won't scan

    My avira won't start any kind of scan. But when I use spybot s n d it scanned no problem.. am I infected? spybot snd only turned up some low level threats detections...
  14. G

    redirects: zwiiky and gosearchme... in Firefox...

    I admit defete. The bastards that created these should die. How do I get rid? I've tried full cookie cleans etc. Malwarebytes, spybot.. AVG.. Safe mode.. They are making me very ill. Please help.
  15. G

    How do i get read of this phantom music thats on my lap top?? is it from an add? whenever i turn it on the music pops out, som

    Im having trouble with my lap top, it starts some short rap thing - music every minute.Doesnt matter if i have browser open or not.I cant watch or listen to anything.Tried scanning and using spybot.Nothing helps.Advice, please?
  16. B

    Ads By Adsalert (Need help to Removal) *NO UNINSTALLER!! D:*

    Hi, guys I tired to remove "Ads By Adsalert", but there is No Uninstaller program, i did follow some steps from webpage to removal, Adwcleaner dosen't Detect any Ads by Adsalert, I tired Spyhunter, ( during after removal scan, some-what made my HDD broke so Running HDD in IDLE mode) So is...
  17. L

    opinion needed on hacked / bullying email and how to fix

    last night ran spybot and malwarebytes and Kaspersky on my friends machine. I also looked through task manager and the running services. i'm far from an expert but there were no obvious issues to tell how someone got my friends email. my friends " friend/ex" (who also maintains her system for...
  18. Darkrose

    Removing Kodak Easyshare leftovers... HELP!

    So every time I boot, I get a message about a bad link or whatever to Kodak Easyshare that I uninstalled months ago. I've tried the free tool Kodak made to remove it, and have used MalawareBytes, CCleaner, Spybot S&D, all with no luck... Searched for files manually and can't find anything...
  19. K

    Computer (laptop, connected to larger screen) running slow. Used Spybot a few days ago. Found usual adware and cleaned it. Sti

    Looking for solution as to why there is no picture and the computer (laptop, connected to larger screen) is not booting up. Checked connection to large screen. Connection fine. Tried four hard boots, a few hours apart. Only fan apparently working. No access to bios. Computer was sluggish prior...
  20. G

    Botnets: What They Are, and How They Threaten Your Computer

    We often hear about 'botnets' formed by countless 'zombie' computers herded together by cybercriminals. But what exactly is a botnet, and what danger does it pose to the average computer user? Botnets: What They Are, and How They Threaten Your Computer : Read more
  21. Mr Burns

    spybot search and destroy 2.2 error - cannot start update service

    I've just installed spybot search and destroy 2.2, the one with the new interface. Everythings working fine (internet protection full), except that I cannot start the updating service. I go to start center > settings > system services. The scanner service is working fine, which is responsible...
  22. J

    Win32.downloader.gen virus help

    Spybot recently picked up on a virus called Win32.downloader.gen. I ran Spybot in Safe Mode and it reportedly got rid of the virus but when I restarted the computer it was back. I've run Malwarebytes and Super Anti-Spyware but neither of them pick it up. MS Security Essentials and Avast didn't...
  23. J

    Anti-Spyware Alternatives

    What's a good alternative to Spybot - Search & Destroy the interface has became unbearable and I can't take it lol
  24. G

    How To: Spybot 2 Free Step-by-Step Guide

    Spybot Search & Destroy is an old hand on the anti-malware game. Take a tour through the new Spybot 2 release inside! How To: Spybot 2 Free Step-by-Step Guide : Read more
  25. B

    infected with a Redirect virus Search-results.com, please help

    Hey guys i having some real issues with a redirect virus that i just cant get rid of. Its called Search-Results.com and its really annoying and bogging down my system and I need some help. I have run Avast, spybot, and Malware bites but still nothing, the results turn up with no infection and...
  26. Dark Lord of Tech

    Spybot Search and Destroy 2.0 in Beta

    It has a nice looking GUI ! Check it out ! When it becomes an official release will you try it ? For more info on this beta release , click link below ! http://www.safer-networking.org/en/home/index.html Thanks for your time ! :hello:
  27. tcfraz

    Makemesearch hijacker

    Something kept re setting all the passwords on our network so i searched out computers and found a makemesearch hijacker... i tried deleting it but it says im not an admin but i am the spybot search and destroy detected it. What else could i do to get rid of this shiit Thanks
  28. J

    Antispyware selection

    What antispyware, etc. for detection (not using the real time protection.) do u suggest other than SpyBot and MalwareBytes? Is these two enough. --Thankx in advance Using: Windows XP (SP2) AVG 8.5 Firefox Windows XP firewall
  29. G

    The Spybot You Can Control With Your Mind

    Exercise some REAL control The Spybot You Can Control With Your Mind : Read more
  30. joe2cool

    SpyBot's -SD Resident?

    Hi just wondered if it is worth while having the SD resident (tea-timer) running on start up? Thx __________________
  31. F

    Laptop has slowed down with Spybot

    OK, I know I don't have much memory on this laptop, but it was working ok with the last version of Spybot S&D. Now it seems like the new version is running all the time or something, all my programs are verrrry slow. I have a 37 gb hd, with 10 gb free. I have a 1.3 ghz processor and 224 RAM...
  32. mikekazik1

    spybot search and destroy

    I heard a lot of people talk about how spybot was a really good tool. What makes it so much better than any other tool. The Teatimer feature keeps popping up about 20 times on my computer. I mean it does a good job of detecting some threats, but is that it? Or does it have another trick up...
  33. V


    Just out of curiousity, is ThreatFire in-line with Spybot or AVG Anti-Virus?. I have all 3 on my system currently, and was wondering if ThreatFire could replace one of them? I've always had great luck with the SpyBot/AVG combo. ThreatFire seems to work alot like SpyBot and Teatimer.
  34. J

    Spybot 1.4 Integrated Updater Question

    I just installed Spybot 1.4 for Win XP but I'm having trouble connecting to an update server; I keep getting a "connection time out" error. Is anyone else having/had this problem and can offer any solutions? Thanks. <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by joe1138 on 06/12/05 11:14...