Spybot Antibeacon & memory Usage


Feb 20, 2017
I started using antibeacon around the last august. when I installed w10. I understand it works by modifying the hosts files. It never occurred to me until recently that my memory usage is around 50~55% during idle (16gb). SO I started looking into it as it might be a malware/rootkit. Mbam wasn't picking up anything and my memory usage was still playing around 50% idle. I decided to get killswitch to check maybe some program's running that not being picked up by task manager and it was all pretty normal. I ran CCE and it found host file, problems. sure enough after "fixing" it and rebooting back down to normal. The next day after a reboot, I noticed the memory's back at 50% idle again, so I ran cce and same result.

So this repeated for a couple days until I remembered antibeacon. Sure enough, after "undoing" the immunization and a reboot, memory usage went back down to around 15~20% idle. So I'm kind of confused here, as I thought antibeacon disabled some services and blocked communication from others. How could this affect memory usage on idle?

I was using antibeacon 1.5 and had everything "blocked" including optional ones.