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  1. A

    Solved! Lenovo Ideapad 320 rediculous memory usage even when idle

    So I bought a Lenovo Ideapad 320 around 6 months ago, and in the past 2 months it just started struggling doing extremely basic tasks. Chrome would crash 3 or 4 times before i could even get to youtube, and watching a youtube video is just a pure pain. Task Manager even struggles to run when...
  2. N

    Windows 10 x64 Very Slow on new Acer Aspire 3 A315-15 laptop.

    I bought this laptop two days ago. It came with Endless OS (Linux). I installed Windows 10 Home OEM because i can't install Windows 7 or 8.1 (drivers not working). Specifications: Intel Celeron(R) N3350 1,1ghz - 2,4ghz. I clocked it to 2,4ghz. 4gb ddr 1333mhz ram. Hard Disk seagate 500gb 100mb/s...
  3. P

    My new laptop keeps crashing if i keep it on to long

    When i'm on my laptop (MSI GP72 6QF leopard pro) to long like 1.5 days or so it starts to flash the screen and get to insane cpu and memory usage. this time I got more info and it told me my memory is full. what can I do? the video shows you what happened the picture is the usage in TM...
  4. B

    Spybot Antibeacon & memory Usage

    I started using antibeacon around the last august. when I installed w10. I understand it works by modifying the hosts files. It never occurred to me until recently that my memory usage is around 50~55% during idle (16gb). SO I started looking into it as it might be a malware/rootkit. Mbam wasn't...
  5. R

    Nexus 5 memory usage

    when it shows memory used for 1 day, is it just the average for THAT day and does it reset for the next day?
  6. Z

    Stuttering without high cpu or memory usage.

    Hello, I'm currently having an issue I receive dropped fps for about 20-30s at a time and there's nothing that indicates it. I've cleaned my computer, defraged, uninstalled unimportant programs and even switched out hard drives. If anyone could help me, that'd be great.
  7. firebug11

    Limiting the resources twitch can use

    So say for instance i wanted to run 100 or more twitch tabs without using too much cpu usage but remaining a viewer on all of them. So basically a way of being able to run the streams at a lower bit rate than mobile or even a custom rate for each tab. On each tab i would need to be on a separate...
  8. Chugalug_

    Help removing viruses. High usage.

    Hi, Recently i've been getting very high CPU usage and memory usage on my Dell Inspiron 13 in the 80% range slowing down my PC horribly. This causes video streams to lag and stutter, and applications to run slowly. The applications that take up this load consist of core system, anti-virus...
  9. H

    I am using Dell Laptop with 4GB of memory, no application is running but still memory usage is 3.70 gb

    Model: Inspiron N 4010 RAM: 4 GB No application is running but still the performance is very slow. When I open task manager, I see that more than 3 GB of memory is used.
  10. Z

    Maximum Frequency help.

    My power settings for plugged in and on battery says 100% for both min and max but when I go to resmon it shows 29% even when doing extreme tasks, anyway to fix it?
  11. C

    HP Pavillion DV3 1075us CPU Usage 100%

    Hey forum! So I just refurbished my parents old HP Pavillion DV3 1075us laptop (one of those who "if you can fix it you can have it" deals). Well all of the repairs went well, I successfully replaced the broken screen, I reflowed the solder under the graphics chip to keep the black screen of...
  12. S

    Lenovo Y700 (i7 Skylake) - Very slow, high memory usage.

    Heya, so just as title says, I recently bought my GF the brand new Laptop from Lenovo - Y700.. It has 16GB Memory, i7 6700HQ intel processor, 4k monitor and 528 GB SSD Hardrive.. Thing is, everything is just slow, by slow I mean it takes 2 seconds to open My Computer, it also has 40% Memory...
  13. G

    High memory usage 60-80%~ even nothing is open Been experiencing this for the past few days. After 3 hours of fresh startup~ It goes back to normal. I can't play a game(game freezes, fps drops) or do something, it's too slow. Can someone help me? My laptop has 4GB RAM.
  14. S

    Internal memory usage

    Hello, I want to buy a dual sim smartphone (HTC One or samsung Galaxy S4) but the models have 16GB internal memory - about 11 user available. Is that enough considering the fact that I'll add an sd card. What could take up the space of the internal memory? I will download games on sd, all my...
  15. S

    High CPU usage in all apps.

    On my computer I noticed that my cs:go was running kinda weird until it suddenly crashed. I opened task manager onto my second monitor and saw that is was using 90% upwards of my cpu then it would crash. then when i went onto google chrome i noticed that it was also runnning slowly and using...
  16. T

    Recent Computer Issues, Looking for Help

    I've recently come to the realization that something was terribly wrong with my computer. After talking with customer support at many areas, I've narrowed down the issue to my GPU. Whilst playing any somewhat taxing game, my computer completely freezes, crashes, and then must either be left...
  17. G

    CPU Usage stuck at 100% on my Sony VAIO

    Once I start my computer. The usage jumps between 100% and 10% until I open something as simple as Google Chrome and its constantly 100% if not 95%. I do not know how this happened or how to fix it.
  18. Bahazbz

    My Chromebook uses 80% RAM idle

    My chrome book very recently started having trouble keeping tabs open without having to reload after switching. Now, in the last week or so, it sometimes just reloads everything randomly! I obviously became immediately concerned, so I downloaded the "System app" to check my Ram usage( I assumed...
  19. T

    how can i set the default download location to my sd card.i have a htc desire 300

    im running out of internal memory and i need to set the default download location to my sd card.without computer if possible
  20. P

    Laptop using 50% memory usage while idle

    My laptop has been starting to use 50% of my memory. I have 6gb of ram, and it is using up around 2.8gb while it is idle. I have disabled all of the unnecessary startup programs and ran a virus/malware scan and nothing has come up. I have no extra programs running such as google chrome open...
  21. T

    Memory Usage being Drained

    I was able to play Medival Total War 2 yesterday and now all of a sudden it is really slow. Also I noticed I can not play videos or use Netflixs and my Laptops Use Physical Memory is steady between 65-90%. Some Specs Windows 7 HP Pavilion g7 AMD A6-3420 4.00GB of RAM
  22. MasterDell

    Odd cpu usage and memory usage?

    Hi guys I am on an old lenovo think pad. The problem is that whenever the computer is at "idle", it is using about 50% memory and 50% cpu usage. What makes it even more odd is that it spikes from about 1% to 65% usage for both memory and cpu usage. SPEC ARE: 4GB RAM, Intel core 2 Duo at ~2.3GHZ...
  23. C

    S400 Memory Issue

    I have an ASUS Vivo book that has 4gb of memory, however its operaiting very slowly and had around 50% memory usage in system monitor when idle. Wandering if anyone has any advice. Thanks
  24. S

    CPU and GPU monitoring software

    I currently have real temp and GPU-Z. I've seen GPU-Z display current and max data on two separate lines in YouTube vids but for me there's only one data box for each piece of info (temp, memory usage, GPU load etc.) and I have to cycle through min, max, current etc. Anyone know how to change...
  25. S

    how to control memory usage

    How do I control which memory is being used in my camera, internal or card? There are no obvious menu items or controls to designate which memory to use on this Olympus Point and Shoot. Should I care which memory is being used?
  26. K

    Laptop CPU and Memory usage really high!

    Hello, I just got my laptop back from my sister as she was using it for a while - now got a new PC. I just switched it on and i noticed that the whole system was really slow. I added the CPU and Memory gadget to the desktop. My Laptop is overheating really quick, it's been 10 mins and it's...
  27. E

    Need Help .. Want to listen to computer working

    Need help.. I want to listen to my computer working. Is there a program that can turn memory usage, I/O usage, etc. into audio sounds so that I can monitor the computer the audio sounds.
  28. G

    Firefox 13 to be 2.5x Better Than Chrome in Memory Usage

    Perhaps it is just me, but it appears that, with the exception of the recent Pwn2Own contest, browsers have lost quite a bit of marketing traction. Firefox 13 to be 2.5x Better Than Chrome in Memory Usage : Read more
  29. S

    High memeory usage

    Hello, hi i keep getting a message popping up from avg saying high memory usage from internet explorer its warning me what do i do?
  30. chickenboo

    Firefox Memory Usage Question

    Hey all, Got a question about memory usage while running Firefox. I am running Win 7 64bit and every so often AVG will pop up a warning saying Firefox is using 200-300 mbs of memory and to close firefox and reopen it. Is this normal usage, if not what could be the problem? Thanks in advance.
  31. D

    Firefox 7 memory issue

    They said they enhanced the memory usage of Firefox in version 7.01, but firefox takes up 280-310MB of ram when I have 9 tabs mostly toms website. Is this normal? and sometimes I get not responding tabs for 5 seconds. And on my Windows 7 desktop, Firefox startup time is a little slower than IE...
  32. Alucard98

    How to change 3ds max rendering memory usage

    I have around 5,500MB of availible memory but 3ds max only uses around 1,500MB when it is rendering is there any way i can change this to speed up the rendering?I just upgraded my RAM from 4GB to 8GB, I have an intel i7 8 core processor (1.73GHz) and an NVIDIA geforce 310m graphics card...
  33. G

    Bitcomet taking to much resorces?

    i have got this problem. when ever i start a task in bitcomet, my CPU and memory usage goes of the wall, in the sens that if i play a movie while downloading the sound becomes fizzy. 4 GB ram Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz, 3003 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)...