hacked really bad

Aug 18, 2018
hi! so all of my accounts have been hacked and now the pos has somehow gained remote access to my phone and tv.H has also put me on restrictions to where if i even try to fix it i get blocked off of everything. anyways i had an app called log dog and he watches all your accounts so logdog told me that find my device was checking my location not normal and after that they went to my email my husbands email then my 2 kids email (all synced) then to my samsung account. then i got a notice from firefox saying that someone opened up an account in my name. i finally got tired of it and couldnt figure out how they were getting in and i got a new phone and number i even changed phone companys,but they were still there. now my wifi and mobile data change dns and come and go and i keep getting told im on restriction and cant perform simple tasks and soon as i got close to them in firefox(got 1 account back)they shut me down and now i cant do anything with my phone my apple or samsung.they also tool my domain name for my new buisness.when i put my phone on the computer it wont let me do anything because they have somehow incripted my phone!! This has been going on for about a year and its just getting worse i feel like my buisness is going to fail because i cant hardly ever work since its online and im posative my buisness name and first and last name and number have something to do with it becaus even if im at the librtary abd use any of those things it starts up. my phone company is stumped. Im desperate to get my life back any help would be greatly appreceated. TIA
one issue right now is he logging into your pc and got all of your paaswords from firefox. there may also be a keylogger on your pc. start with changing all of your passwords and place them on index cards not on the pc or phones. change them to something that you or your kids wont use. on your router make sure it has a password for the router to log in and the wifi is locked down. dont call but walk into a local store have a police report of your id being stolen and you being stocking. have them lock all the phone acconts down. with one master password that only you know. also file a report with the credit buro to keep them from making accounts.