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  1. Barbg

    Question Remote access

    Hi all! I have a question, I plan to work remotely so I am looking into ways to connect remotely. First and foremost interested in security, of course, and ease of use. I would like to know the opinion of experienced users. I will be grateful for any help!
  2. M

    Solved! What's the most effective way to detect spyware on Galaxy S8?

    I have reason to believe that my son's phone, as well as, mine have been bugged. My ex has access to my son's phone during visitation. And in doing research, I'm seeing that this sorry of thing can be done remotely. In addition to battery loss, freezing up, hot temps and lagging, I often see...
  3. JtbLjb797

    Solved! Older Vizio smart TV, No remote, how can i use my smart features?

    I have an older model Vizio smart TV (Not sure what model or how to find out..) I haven't had a remote for this tv since i cant remember when, but really want to know how i can connect to Wi-Fi, and use my smart features. I tried a million apps, none of which worked and I'm super frustrated. I...
  4. RainOfPain125

    Extreme help pls? Teamviewer is bad now.

    As of late Teamviewer has decided to update it's software to have more rigorous auto detection of users using their software for "commercial use". I have been one of those people and can no longer use TeamViewer privately without buying an entire business license - which I am definitely not...
  5. C

    hacked really bad

    hi! so all of my accounts have been hacked and now the pos has somehow gained remote access to my phone and tv.H has also put me on restrictions to where if i even try to fix it i get blocked off of everything. anyways i had an app called log dog and he watches all your accounts so logdog told...
  6. H

    How Can I Be Secure From Remote Access While Streaming for a Company?

    Someone I know works for a company that uses a stream to teach English to kids in other countries. The company uses a downloaded program in which to stream. Now, she has heard of other people who work for this company who were fired because the company owners sent screenshots of their computer...
  7. A

    Phishing group gained remote access to my mother's PC

    Hi Guys, Yesterday my mum called me with the word's "I <mod edit> up, please help me". She explained the situation to me then: Apparently she had gotten a pop-up in chrome, that locked her on that page stating "Your windows has been locked". In the pressure and adrenaline they put her under, she...
  8. L

    Need advice, post - hacked and now my drive is missing

    Alright so, im just gonna be real here and state that i did in fact have teamviewer on. i had it set to a 'random' password, and thats how they were able to get in - i actually caught them in the process of trying to buy a $1499 iphone x.(like 40 minutes ago !!) VERY fortunately, i was able to...
  9. K

    Unknown unauthorized remote access

    Unauthorized remote access to all my devices feel like I’m being harassed
  10. Lutfij

    How To Remotely Access Your Laptop Using Team Viewer

    Being able to access your laptop from afar takes a new meaning when you can connect to your laptop using remote desktop connectivity. In this tutorial we’ll show you how you can connect to your laptop using TeamViewer. 1. You will first need to get Team Viewer on the laptop/system you wish to...
  11. gigaman

    I need a less expensive alternative to LogMeIn for remote access like LiteManager

    Hello, I have a subscription to LogMeIn Central which I use to occasionally remote into clients' servers and workstations (both PCs & Macs) to provide remote support during working hours and also to do after-hours maintenance. I currently use LogMeIn's "Central Basic 100" plan and when it...
  12. M

    Browsers I didn't open showing when I opened laptop

    Hi crew, This morning I opened my laptop to two Chrome tabs I didn't open. And not just a "new" tab. One was a webpage to PODS Storage, and the other was looking at the "Foreigner" movie on Redbox. Two very specific pages on two different websites. This happened at 6:30 this morning (I accessed...
  13. GoldenBoy99

    Possible Remote Connection to PC. Malicious Amazon and eBay Charges.

    Hello! Sorry to be bothering anyone on this Christmas day, but this happened a few hours ago. Relevant details: Just before going to a Christmas gathering I bought some items on Amazon and then left for a Christmas gathering. I don't remember if I left the "order confirmed" page open or not...
  14. gigaman

    Solved! Search free simple and fast remote control software

    Hello, Pls help, I need free and simple software for remote control PC at home. But Teamviewer no free in use, but i like it and want some similar as Litemanager Free too. Looking free version, simple and fast in using, with any optionals ex. record desctop, etc. Thank you!
  15. D

    Rootkit and rat removal! need some help

    So I just got in a scuffle with a "hacker" meaning that Im not sure anything he said was real, I was playing rust and to join a team he asked that I watch a video with him, so being the stupid I am clicked in a not secure link given thru steam, So anyways, the thing is he said that he infected...
  16. D

    Hacked and a user was added but I can't delete it! Help!

    Hi everyone. I was hacked about a month ago and someone remotely stole my pictures. Not a big deal though because they can't really do anything with them but look at them. Anyway, they added a user account remotely that had the same name as my normal one, but I could tell the difference between...
  17. G

    How to remove a hacker from my system

    How do I remove a hacker from my system that I allowed remote access thinking he was Microsoft partner and now money is missing from my bank account and Loans have been attempted to be applied for an hour name in a place that we do not live and they have been denied so far but money has...
  18. Lukey9999999

    I'm afraid I may have a RAT or Spyware.

    I have noticed some odd activity on my computer and I've read up on RAT's (Remote Access Tools I believe) and I was wondering what my best option would be on scanning for them? Anything helps.
  19. Montego

    ISP Rebooting - A Reality?

    Having some desktop issues (slow downloads, lost info, missing HHD), I ran 'MemTest86' to check my RAM and I discovered that there were multiple boot options available on the UEFI boot screen, options that I had never seen before. In addition to my usual options allowing me to boot from my...
  20. Doc H

    Screen consistenly flashes black for a moment - have I been hacked?

    Hello all, I'm looking for help and all I can offer in return is gratitude - or a 3D print if you'd like! I'm running Windows 8.1 on my Dell laptop and every now and again my screen blacks out, but just for a moment, less than a second, (think screenshot on your phone) and it's really weirding...
  21. J

    lost samsung tablet

    I lost my samsung tablet a gas station I DIDNT have remote access on. Is there any way for me to remotely turn on the cam because according to Google it at my neighbors place.
  22. Z

    I got ratted

    my friend told me to install a program on to my PC and me being dumb listened.The progam was a rat (remote access Trojan) my friend told me that he removed my PC user from his rat program but I don't know if he can get back onto my account. He said the rat he put on my PC was crypted. I found...
  23. H

    Cannot stop hundreds of DOS attacks (an hour) SYN Floods & many others no matter what I try. What can I do?

    Have tried over 2 dozen methods to stop this, including switching modems - but nothing is working? Is there ANY WAY that I can put an end to this? I briefly read up on utilizing a script to allow a handshake to occur and thereby putting an end to the half-handshakes that are occurring, but I...
  24. E

    anti-remote access software

    Is there a software that can counterfeit remote access apps and services for android and windows? Please let me know.
  25. J

    Ransomed PC User allowed remote access.

    I have a computer that the user gave someone remote access to and he proceeded to do the following. SYSKEY turn on. Write protection on a partition of the drive that he created after formating the partition is still there.
  26. S

    Free remote access/support software for business use?

    Hi all! Guys what is free remote access tools do you know ? Need used it for business, unattended remote access 24/7. I found VNC, RealVNC, UltraVNC but it not so easy to use. Very good is LiteManager but it is free only for up to 30 PC. Do you know another one ? PS LogMeIn is not Free...
  27. G

    Can a RAT survive a clean install of windows?

    I recently downloaded a program that contained a RAT, a few hours later i noticed random mouse movement, then my google chrome closing. I immediately pulled out my network and tried to find the RAT but failed. I checked everywhere but i couldn't find traces of it. I believe it was a crypted...
  28. R

    I have been RAT'd (remote access Trojan) recently I need help. Please.

    Like stated in the title I have been RAT'd recently and they did something to my main programs that I use. The icon looks like this and I have no idea what is means Please help. Anything is appreciated.
  29. JeckeL

    Free remote access/support software?

    Trying to give detailed instructions over the phone to family/clients/etc isn't very fun or effective, so I'm looking for some sort of free remote access/support software. I've looked around a little and it seems most of these apps are trial versions with a pricey full version. At my day job we...
  30. W

    Launch an app remotely

    I need an idea how to launch a batch file on a remote PC. I know about the possibility to do a RDP connection and launch an app then. That seems to not work, it could be because I am using a simple Windows 7 RDP option (simply nothing happens). Ideally I would not want to connect to the remote...
  31. T

    Any App help me remote control my phone, so I can use whatsapp on my OTHER wifi only phone at home?

    I have 2 phone (both Android) Main phone: (with phone # , have whatsapp , Wechat ) Alt phone: (NO phone # , just use wifi at home ) Problem : When My Main phone is charging and out of reach !! How can I still able to see and chat using whatsapp, Wechat (using Same Account) on other "Alt phone"...
  32. M

    What can I use now that pcanywhere is no longer available?

    I need to be able to go into a relatives' computer who lives 600mi away and fix some problems for him. What do you recommend for remote access software. Both pc's running windows 7
  33. joujou264

    My friend managed to disable my internet connection via my IP

    But not in the usual way of: cmd -> services.msc -> Connect to another computer... He told me he hadn't used a 3rd party software (of which I'm doubtful, since he has been hanging around in the deepweb), included is a picture of a menu he used while doing it. He called me on Skype before...
  34. A

    remote access for Windows Server 2012

    Hello there, I have a dedicated Windows Server 2012 server, and I need remote access from a PC from a Mac OS X simultaneously. Today, I use Remote Desktop Connection on the Mac and TeamViewer on your PC. The problem is that the PC loses connection when Remote Desktop Connection is closed...
  35. TomTom111

    Looking For The Ultimate Universal Remote

    Hello! I put this thread in Home Theater, so hopefully it's the right place for it. Most of us know how frustrating remotes for the home theater can be. I have a remote for the TV, the cable box, the receiver and the Playstation for media playback. I tried a universal remote supplied by my...
  36. thatmoney

    An apprications that will allow remote access to desktop from laptop.

    I currently interested in pen testing and want to experiment on cracking wifi hashes. The problem is that laptops are not very good when it comes to cracking hashes so, I decided I could offload to my desktop. The problem is that is there any programs that will allow me to remotely access my...
  37. I

    make use of home phone

    How to bring all your home phone to your cell phone and make use of your home phone cheap plans? you have fixed price on calls using your home phone and so you want to make all those call through your cellphone, is there a way ? Maybe a remote access you home phone using internet, like a...
  38. A

    remote access program?

    so a clan member of mine's computer is acting up and he asked me to remote access and fix it for him, thats no problem but i have no clue what program i should use for that
  39. Z

    Best Remote Access Software That Can Also Stream Music?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a remote access app. Here are the features I'd like to have: 1) Safe - an app that has password protected access, and doesn't create a door for hackers. 2) Can stream music. *) Can windows remote access do both these things? Thanks, ZBBZ.
  40. C

    Remote Desktop trouble same network different version OS

    Hi, I run windows 7 and am trying to remote desktop to another computer on my network that runs windows 8. I enabled remote connections on both computers and I still get this error: Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons: 1) Remote access to the server...
  41. C

    Remote Access a PC

    is there any free software that can allow me to access a PC remotely(when its connect to the internet) without them finding out? I have direct access to their PC.
  42. Dominate

    WHS 2011 Remote Access Media Library Alternative

    Hi I need a software to run on windows 7 which can act as WHS 2011 remote web access media library or a software which i can use to host my data and pictures (pictures should be shown on web as they do in WHS 2011 remote web) and i am able to upload and download files and pictures from anywhere...
  43. A

    remote access to laptop or pc not online

    is there a way, either through use of hardware or software to provide remote access to a laptop or a pc anytime the machine is turned on, even if its internet access is disabled and it is not part of a network? where to purchase? how to install?
  44. E

    Remote Access Login Error

    Installed IP Cameras with an NVR. Received Static IP [not dedicated] from ISP. Did port forwardind. Tested for the open ports at and was Successful. But I am getting "login error" when I try to access romotely using TechproSS lite on an Andriod phone.
  45. NduPlessis

    Apple Patents Smart iPhone Remote for Your Car

    Apple patents technology to fully utilize your car from your i-device. Apple Patents Smart iPhone Remote for Your Car : Read more
  46. AtotehZ

    Streaming from one through another to the net

    Hey guys, I have a friend who is streaming a lot of games from his computer to the internet. It is pretty rough on the computer he is streaming from. He has 2 computers and was wondering if he could use one computer for the streaming and the other for the gaming. I've thought of one solution...
  47. B

    Remote access a web server

    Hello, There is a program I used on a previous computer that doesn't work now. I'm trying to find it now. But what it did was let me remotely access a web server and let me edit my web sites. It also had an option for putty. I forgot the name. Anyone have a program of some sort? Thanx
  48. L

    Web cam ip address remote access

    Hello, Can I turn on my laptop's built in web cam remotely and see it on my iphone? it is a lenovo laptop, if so how?
  49. mrfaces

    Remote access to a computer that has a virus

    Is there a risk using TeamViewer to remote access to a computer that has a virus? Will my computer be safe from it?
  50. O

    Kvm remote access

    I have a setup at work with 4 computers connected to a kvm switch. If i access my desktop remotely using citrix or symatec pc anywhere, will it be possible to switch through the compiters connected to the kvm without having to connect to each seperate computer through citrix.
  51. B

    Remote Access (Remote Desktop)

    Just had a quick question if anyone has any info on this! What is the best (Fastest) "Remote Access / Remote Desktop" software? I have Vista Home Premium... so according to Microsoft: 1.) You cannot use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to computers running Windows Vista Starter, Windows...
  52. S

    Remote access desktop from phone

    So I'm looking to get a new phone and I'm no longer bound to any provider, but currently I'm with sprint. I need to have a phone that can remote access my PC so that I can monitor my PC's activity when I am not able to be infront of it. Previously I have used to remote in through...
  53. G

    Remote Access

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I would like to put the Tivo in a basement and control it from the living room using a "infrared enhancer" if there is such a thing. The house is under construction so I can run whatever wiring might be needed and install any hardware...
  54. G

    Remote Access

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I would like to put the Tivo in a basement and control it from the living room using a "infrared enhancer" if there is such a thing. The house is under construction so I can run whatever wiring might be needed and install any hardware...