How Can I Be Secure From Remote Access While Streaming for a Company?

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Aug 2, 2018
Someone I know works for a company that uses a stream to teach English to kids in other countries. The company uses a downloaded program in which to stream. Now, she has heard of other people who work for this company who were fired because the company owners sent screenshots of their computer for various reasons. One example was of someone getting fired because they had the icon of another teaching company on their desktop, which was pointed out in screenshots. Seems a lot like a violation of privacy, especially since they have no business knowing how many jobs someone has. The person I know does not want their privacy removed because of this job. She has important and confidential information that does not need exposed.

So is there a program or method out there that can prevent remote access by this company?

Thank you for your time!

What are her terms of employment?

Forum rules do not permit helping with work arounds for security measures or hacking into employer provided software.

And it would likewise be a rule violation to help or assist with violating her company's policies.

The implication in your post is that the company streaming software installed on her computer is spying on her and otherwise violation her privacy.

E.g. by sending her employer screenshots of her computer's desktops - correct?

First and foremost: get some facts beyond "she has heard". Then look into the terms of her employment agreement.

The issues may have to be handled in some other manner - the situation goes beyond just technical options.

Barring further information this thread is being closed.

Not open for further replies.