Solved! Older Vizio smart TV, No remote, how can i use my smart features?

Jun 30, 2019
I have an older model Vizio smart TV
(Not sure what model or how to find out..)
I haven't had a remote for this tv since i cant remember when, but really want to know how i can connect to Wi-Fi, and use my smart features.
I tried a million apps, none of which worked and I'm super frustrated. I have an android,
LG Stylo 4+ & was hoping somebody could tell me how to use my phone to connect my tv to wifi, access apps to download etc....
It's a Catch 22 situation.
You can't use the phone to control the TV unless it's already on your network so you can't use the phone to get it on the network.
The solution is either to get an original remote or a Logitech Harmony universal remote.