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  1. ankvaria

    Question Laptop black screen after changing settings in BIOS - UEFI to Legacy with secure boot on

    Laptop model: Sony Vaio SVE15128CNB OS: Windows 10 Changed in BIOS Setting for format HDD: Secure Boot : ON Mode: UEFI to LEGACY Virtualization: Enabled (For run Docker) Not able to anything on screen so not able to enter in BIOS and change setting. Everything working fine just before...
  2. Dzoelx

    Question Dell latitude 5289 charging issues

    Hello, I own a dell latitude 5289, sometimes it doesn't charge when the system is off I'll have to switch it on to start charging and switch it off (charging continues), I once tried charging it but it wouldn't charge until the battery goes beyond 35% ,this happened twice, next time I tried...
  3. J

    Question There is light in the computer and the fans are moving but nothing appears on the screen

    I bought clevo p670sg gaming laptop with nvidea gtx 980m and intel i7 4710hq about 5 years ago. It have had some troubles where there was light in the diodes and the fans would move but it took everthing between 1min and 2 days for it to turn on. Two days ago i accidentally turned it off and...
  4. Mr. Colgate

    Question I need advice for buying a new laptop

    I'm looking for the best laptop I can buy online my budget is 500 usd and I want it for doing everyday tasks but mostly I want it to watch movies so it needs to have great screen resolution and at least 13 inches . I looked around for a bit and found these two options 1: ASUS VivoBook...
  5. preetamsinghvi

    Solved! Asus ROG GL552VW won't turn on

    Hey All, My Asus ROG GL552VW won't turn on suddenly today. I have had issues in the past with the power button, but with just some patience it would work. A day ago the power button stopped responding hence I removed the button and cleaned it with just plain air. When I put the button back on...
  6. K

    Question I have some questions about laptop LCD cables.

    First, for some background, I'll copy my message from a different forum here. That will make my reasons for the questions clearer: "My laptop's screen won't turn on while the laptop itself does. I don't know how relevent it is, but my model is a toshiba qosmio. It started when a portion of...
  7. leonhk

    Question Laptop doesn't turn on

    So, I have a problem with my Lenovo Thinkpad L430 (3 years old) It sometimes turns on and sometimes doesn't. When it doesn't turn on, the power button lights up but there is no display on the screen. However, sometimes it turns on if I try and works smoothly like it is supposed to. But, will...
  8. I

    Question Gaming PC suddenly extremely slow during boot (No startup programs are allowed) - Please Read All

    Hello, I have a Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICH gaming laptop. Recently, particularly after a Windows Update caused a black screen desktop (ironically fixed via another Windows update) boot times have been upwards of 4-5 minutes, when it was previously near 45 seconds. I have no idea what the...
  9. S

    Question HP Envy x360 13´´ doesn’t start

    Hello everyone, I need you help guys. I bought a HP Envy x360 4 months ago and it does not start anymore. Well it starts, as I can hear the fan and can see the keyboard lighting up for a couple a seconds, but nothing more. The screen stays black. I was thinking about doing a hard reset on it...
  10. K

    Question Does my Laptop Supports SSD?

    I have Acer ASPIRE E 15 E5-522G-84AK. I wanted to know if My Laptop Supports SSD? If Yes, then which one? SATA II, III, m.2? Also, is there any way I could simultaneously use HDD and SSD both? Thanks :D