Here's How It Feels to Delete Your Facebook Account


Aug 26, 2012
well, I just created a fake facebook acct, and let everyone know that I wanted to friend me what my fake name is; also, I do not post any personal info, including any pics-even first page pics. so now, I can still join groups that I want to join, etc


Dec 15, 2017
For me, Facebook is useful. We don't have a whole lot of options for communication where I'm at. We have 900 people using a connection that would be considered slow by most home internet standards. So without social platforms and email I wouldn't be able to talk with people back home much or post pictures of penguins. Security on Facebook is all about not posting things that you don't want seen, not saying things you don't want read, and not trusting the people who run or use it. I can't count the number of times I've told someone that I'd reach them in a different way JUST to not discuss something private on Facebook. Facebook is for social interaction (chatting, sharing pictures or dank memes, arguing about mundane things like if Hot Pockets are sandwiches or not, etc.), not for managing your life online. The sooner people realize that the less worried we'll all be about data breaches and other shenanigans. When pictures of cats dressed as tacos are all that we have to leak, people won't care as much about the Zuck and his inability to secure his war chest of people's personal information.
May 20, 2018
I deleted my Facebook account long ago as I felt tired of their privacy problems.
As I've read something new is going to appear, like blockchain-based social network where no one would collect all out information.
Let's wait and see.