Messenger account, made using a phone number, is broken after using same phone number for new facebook account or tinder

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Dec 11, 2018
My messenger works on my phone through my phone number. It is not connected to a Facebook account. People cannot send me messages anymore, and if i send one, it shows that it's not sending. The "waiting for connection" banner shows up for 5 seconds and then disappers.

This happendend after i did these two things:

1. signed up for tinder with the same phone number, or
2. verified a new facebook account with the same number

I've thought about deleting the tinder account, or unverifying my phone number from the new facebook account, if that's possible. But i would like your suggestions first.

Please say if you know what to do, or have experienced this before. I really need to use my messenger account.

Thank you so much.
Not open for further replies.