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  1. L

    Why is the recording time only one minute

    I like to record songs on messenger for friends but when it gets to 1 minute, it stops.
  2. A

    Can't open messenger

    My messenger says it is installed,but will not open
  3. M

    Solved! Get my Emerson tablet stop freezing up

    Emmerson tablet freezing up on Facebook messenger how. Do i fix it
  4. M

    How can we spy on whats app & facebook messenger calls

    Does anyone know best app or spy software without any spams to spy listen & record whatsapp & facebook messenger calls on andriod phone. Note: I am after voip calls spying only at the moment. I check other software they r giving too much information.
  5. M

    Solved! Linking options for internet based messenger apps

    Do all of the internet -based messenger services require you link all of your contacts to their app? Can you hand pick certain contacts and leave your main contacts unlinked?
  6. Z

    Messenger account, made using a phone number, is broken after using same phone number for new facebook account or tinder

    My messenger works on my phone through my phone number. It is not connected to a Facebook account. People cannot send me messages anymore, and if i send one, it shows that it's not sending. The "waiting for connection" banner shows up for 5 seconds and then disappers. This happendend after i...
  7. A

    Solved! Doesnt recognize my phone number or email

    Messenger login won't allow me to recover by my phone number or email and when I put in my name it doesn't show my account but I know I still have one. How do I recover it?
  8. S

    Hacked messenger account

    My messenger is hacked
  9. S

    Hacked messenger account

    My Facebook has hacked
  10. L

    Solved! Facebook says the app is download on my galaxy tab 8.4 but isn't it's only on cell phone nit mytablet

    Facebook and messenger disappeared from my samsung galaxy tab 8.4 I tryed reinstalling again but it says it's already installed, I cannot find where it is, When I hit install I only get the option to reinstall on cell that shows up all the time, I do not get the option to reinstall on my...
  11. R

    Hacked Facebook Account

    it all started when i click a link, then suddenly i received a notif my Facebook and messenger has been session expired or it log out itself. at this moment when i try all the means to recover it but i cant. my username/email, password, recovery phone number and email address has been changed. I...
  12. G

    Sms / messenger recovery

    Hiii i would like to ask something about my android phone...i deleted my texts (sms) and i wonder if there is a programm that i can recover them...;(one more thing if there is something to recovery messenger messages)thankssss
  13. A

    Why can't I see when someone was last active on Facebook Messenger after unblocking their messages?

    Why can't I see when someone was last active on Facebook Messenger after unblocking their messages?
  14. G

    I can't open my Facebook messenger

    I can't open my Facebook messenger message
  15. Paul Wagenseil

    Facebook Fights FBI Over Encrypted Messages: Report

    Facebook is facing contempt-of-court charges over its refusal to decrypt Messenger voice conversations, according to a report. Facebook Fights FBI Over Encrypted Messages: Report : Read more
  16. D

    Next book keeps turning off on its own

    The only apps I have are Facebook, messenger, Hulu, YouTube & weather. The rest were already on my next book. I hadn’t messed with for several months. I had it turned off & stored in its box until these past few days. It’s fully charged but every time I turn it on, it shuts off on its own. By...
  17. M

    How do I find it if it's battery is dead

    My tablet I black it has my Facebook and messenger account on it I lost it In my house
  18. J

    Messenger ap has disappeared and Facebook page

    Android Samsung Galaxy Tab A. When l opened up the tablet today Thursday 12th July the Messenger ap has disappeared from my screen and it will not let me back into it via Facebook.
  19. A

    Can't reply to this conversation on messenger problem

    We used to chat for many days but one day she accidentally deleted the chats and from that day I can't reply to her. It shows you can't reply to this conversation. I am sure she has not blocked me. And even I can't check her profile. it shows the person isn't available.
  20. S

    How do i Hack Phone/Hike Messenger

    Im in a Hurry my Partner Comes online texting me only once, Staying Online for further 10-20 Minutes without texting me Again, I want to spy her, Shes having an Android Device, I have Access to her Google Account which is Signed onto her Device. The Problem is I don't have Access to her Device...
  21. B

    I'm trying to share a contact with another contact but won't let me send on messenger it comes up unsupported file format

    I have a ZTE blaze I'm trying to share a contact info with another contact.But when I select it in messenger and hit send it will not allow it to send,and comes up unsupported file format.Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I was able to do this task before but now I cannot
  22. K

    Looking to prove my case

    How do I prove that the Facebook and messenger apps were already downloaded on my phone from the factory?
  23. S

    Deleting Contacts in Facebook Messenger

    Does anyone know how to delete contacts in FB messenger (iPhone or iPad). I don't have any visible conversations, just a bunch of contacts I am no longer friends with.
  24. M

    problem in sending the messages in facebook messenger

    why the same messages is sending automatically to other person chat box,even i m not sending that message to that person? So please help me with this issue.
  25. E

    Why can't I use Messenger & Facebook when I am out shopping? I have a free wifi connection ,no mobile data allowance left..

    Should I be able to use Messenger outside in town using free wifi .I have a Samsung j3 phone.. on EE pay monthly. Why can't I log in &send msgs with free wifi? I use SkyQ wifi& broadband at home&I can browse Internet. Why can't I do it when I am in town shopping?
  26. C

    I have done all options for overlay on s7, still have the problem help

    I had a Facebook messenger problem. I couldn't send pics and did this 3 step fix, my phone is still read out overlay detected and fix in settings. The only thing I can't fully do is my build app won't turn off now.. Just says its on.. Hope u can help.. Frustrated
  27. Y

    please i need help

    i have signed to messenger with my mobile number and i have lost my card now i cant open my account please help
  28. D

    I was trying to post a picture from messenger but couldn't do it when I looked at my picture gallery all that was there was do

    I was trying to post a picture of a lion from messenger onto Facebook but couldn't do it was off my zedge app when I looked at my gallery next day all my photos had gone and been replaced with a few of the zedge post wat happened can i retrieve the pictures
  29. S

    How to move apps back to LG Stylo from sd card

    I moved Facebook and messenger to the 1st card, and I want to move them back into the phone
  30. M

    Does anyone know how I can sync my old fb account as well as my gmail accounts, if not syncing the accounts I would like t....

    Can't remember my passcodes, so i created new accounts,only to run into problems with someone undesirable obtaining it,. Once again I had to change it. Now the phone is lost and so am I w/out my accounts (facebook & messenger) it is very depressing and my friends have no way of contacting my...
  31. B

    Looking for software to send sms messages from PC

    With AOL messenger going away in December, I am looking for another program where I can send sms messages to my friend's mobile phone from my PC, preferably free. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  32. T

    How did Andriod phone send FB msg w/out action on my part?

    FB messenger did something entirely on it's own. Really! The phone was in my slacks front pocket, with all apps closed except one, while I was walking and watering the lawn. I was using the Tune-In app to listen to a radio station. I always close all apps (except Tune-In in this instance)...
  33. C

    Is there a limit to how many names that can be in a group in messenger

    Is there a limit to the number of members in a created group in messenger.
  34. S

    How to attach mp3 file to messenger text android

    Need to send some tunes using messenger. I can attach them and play them at my end from the text, but he can't at his end. I am sending from android and he is receiving on an I Pad.
  35. J

    how can i veiw my messages in messenger if im on an administritve block from facebook

    ive been blocked by facebook for seven days yet need to see my messages in messenger
  36. K

    looking my old message

    I want to see my old message on messenger
  37. L

    i have a messenger on my laptop, i want to clone it. so that i can have dual account on the laptop. how do i do it?

    i have frim messenger on my laptop, i want to clone it so i can open it with two accounts.
  38. G

    Facebook Messenger Lets You Split the Bill Among Friends

    Facebook's new Group Payments feature lets you split bills among multiple friends through its Messenger app. Facebook Messenger Lets You Split the Bill Among Friends : Read more
  39. V

    how do i get to my photos on my sd card

    I have a new J5 and it keeps telling me my storage is almost full so I delete my messenger msgs and sms msgs and photos and clips and videos on whatsapp all the time, but it is a headache, so I decided to put some photos on the SD card and I still do not know how I manged to save them there, but...
  40. D

    Deleted fb mess

    If you delete fb messages on your laptop messenger app will or can the be retrieved on an android phone?
  41. Lumia925

    Cannot install FB or FB messenger on Android 7.0?

    Okay I got this phone just yesterday, it's the HTC One A9. It came with marshmallow, and right after setup, it offered an update to Nougat. I went ahead and installed Nougat, everything seems to be working fine except for these two apps. FB and FB messenger came pre-installed on the phone and I...
  42. M

    Just tell me how to do it!!;

    Can't down load directly to my memory stick . Messenger
  43. L

    Huge battery drain (Galaxy J5 Marshmallow)

    What is the problem? My problem is that I have a HUGE battery drain going on right now. It started during forenoon when I told my friend I have unusual amount of battery left (never below 50%!) Well I came home and plugged in cable so I could load battery. Here is the thing: it loads so slow...
  44. A

    How to press enter for send on Messenger for Android Tablet PC?

    I use one of those Android tablet PCs (I don't know the actual name) and want to use Enter for send on the Facebook Messenger app but it always just creates a new line.
  45. E

    my phone only downloads one app

    My phone allows me to only download one app (messenger)
  46. M

    Will I lose conversations on messenger if I clear the data?

    Clearing data on Messenger app? Also, if I clear data on my contacts, will I lose those contacts? New to this, my phone is older Moto G Android and cannot add more storage except to clear cache, data or uninstall apps.
  47. S

    logitech subwoofer noise

    Hello. I got out my x240 sub, last used it like a week ago but it was in a box. When i play a certain song, when there is a kick it sounds like its bottoming, but im not sure. Other types of songs work well... Maybe someone could tell me whats going on? (sorry for bad quality, was filmed in...
  48. W

    How can I send pictures by messenger

    I can't send a photo by messenger it show something go app setting and allow storage setting to acces
  49. sheikhhridoy

    How to send messages by hitting "enter" in messenger for facebook app

    Hi I'm using Remix OS and in messenger, after writing my messages I have to click the send button with my mouse every time. Hitting "enter" key only makes another line. I would really like it if I could send the messages by hitting enter. Thanks.
  50. M

    How to move an MMS to Messenger

    Is there a way to send, via messenger, a long text, which I first sent by MMS but which has not, for some reason, been received by the recipient, despite telling me it was 'sent'. Thank you for your time, really appreciate any effort to help me.
  51. W

    Facebook messenger app high CPU usage and I/O Rate

    I am using the official Facebook Messenger application for Windows. When the window is closed (but the app is still open) it's constantly trasnfering 42kb/s of data. When the window is open, even though I am not using it it can go up to 15% cpu usage. Sometimes yes, sometimes not.. Anyone has...
  52. D

    Facebook chat status confusing?

    I chat online with a friend, and they use facebook messenger on iphone. However, the chat statues really confuses me. There are normal times where the green shows next to them and they are online, and I message them, they see it and reply. However, there are some strange things. Sometimes, there...
  53. A

    how can i download whatsapp on my iphone when i dont have ios

    want to download whatsapp messenger
  54. R

    Why can't I down load yahoo messenger .

    My messenger said I couldn't open I could not do anything to make it open so I tried to reload it now I can't do this said it is not available outside USA help please
  55. C

    Can Everyone See Messages?

    Hi, if I have been in a groupchat for a long time, and I was to add someone new to the chat, will that person be able to see all previous messages? This is for Facebook Messenger.
  56. A

    how can i get old messages off of facebook if they was deleted and not archived?

    I need to find out how to get back old texts from Facebook that I deleted and didn't archive
  57. W

    How can I send a not-live recorded audio file using facebook messenger, but have it play in the app?

    I've recorded a song for someone and I want to have it play in the messenger app for the person receiving the message, just as if I recorded it live. I have the file recorded in MP3, WAV, and FLAC, and have the capability to convert it to just about any format it needs to be. The important part...
  58. T

    facebook messenger for IOS 6.1.6

    hi all i am after anyway of getting facebook messenger for IOS 6.1.6 if i go to the app store and try to download it fails any help would be good
  59. viveknayyar007

    View Received Messages without Using the Facebook Messenger App

    In order to view the received Facebook messages without using the Facebook Messenger app on your Android smart phone, your phone must be connected to Internet. Assuming that your Android smart phone is connected to the Internet, has a web browser, you can use these steps to see and respond to...